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DJ Hero


Tara Long vs. DJ Hero 2 and DJ Blakey

Sep 28
Activision held a press event last week to give all us gaming types the chance to fiddle around with their upcoming DJ Hero 2. While there, we ran into DJ Blakey, who was one of the DJs responsible for making the mixes you p... read

Freestyling in DJ Hero 2

Sep 27
The latest video for DJ Hero 2 shows off how you'll be able to freestyle in the game. Now everyone can pretend like they're actually making sick beats by randomly scratching and no one will be the wiser. DJ Hero 2 will be ou... read

Pre-order DJ Hero 2 and get free remixes from Amazon

Sep 23
DJ Hero 2 is coming out next month on October 19th, and for those of you who are patiently waiting for the release I have good news for you: Amazon is offering a pre-order bonus in the form of two remixes. These exclusive son... read

Kanye vs. Metallica: DJ Hero 2 mixes revealed

Sep 21
I'm already planning a party at my house for October 19. That's when DJ Hero 2 ships, and that's when I'm going tear the ceiling down around my family with 83 original mixes. I'm not going to, you know, actual mix any of them... read

DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero 6 demos available on Xbox Live

Sep 07
The Hero games are invading Xbox Live Marketplace, with demos available now for both the upcoming DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. The DJ Hero 2 demo will feature four mixes: Pussycat Dolls Featuring Busta Rhymes ... read

Of course RZA's in DJ Hero 2

Sep 02
This was a given considering RZA has a Twitter account and likes to talk, but today it's been confirmed that the producer-rapper will appear as an in-game character in the upcoming DJ Hero 2. He's the final character announce... read

DJ Hero 2 soundtrack is 105 songs strong

Aug 26
Activision has revealed all of the songs that will appear in DJ Hero 2, and as you would expect, it's all over the place. From 50 Cent ("In Da Club") to Sam Cooke ("Chain Gang"), Metallica ("The Day That Never Comes") to The... read

Rise to the top in DJ Hero 2's 'Empire Mode'

Aug 14
As with everything in life, you never start at the top. You have to work your way up and that's what you'll be doing in DJ Hero 2's "Empire Mode." Here you'll be picking your brand, club, DJ and more and building up your car... read

Check out the multiplayer experience of DJ Hero 2

Aug 04
Multiplayer is going to be a big addition to DJ Hero 2. After all, the game is coming in a SKU with two turntables, and FreeStyleGames and Activision really want to make this a proper party game. I mentioned them a bit in my... read

Back when the first DJ Hero released, music games were at a cultural high, selling hundreds of thousands of units; games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band proved that peripheral-based music games could not only work, but be very... read feature


Creepy digital Tiesto to appear in DJ Hero 2

Jul 30
Activision continues to work towards completing Bobby Kotick's collection of digital DJs and musicians, this time with the addition of Tiesto to the upcoming DJ Hero 2. The Grammy-nominated producer/DJ will have a (somewhat ... read

Dev reckons DJ Hero increased sales of real DJ equipment

Jul 27
In the same way that Guitar Hero and Rock Band can help gamers discover new artists and gain a new passion for music, one developer believes that DJ Hero actually increased sales of real-life DJ equipment. Freestyle Games bel... read

DJ Hero 2 song list to include 2Pac, Stevie Wonder, more

Jul 14
Prior to E3, DJ Hero 2 developer Freestyle Games' Jamie Jackson said that the sequel would feature a massive artist list, packed with even more popular artists than the first game. The barometer for this popularity he said, w... read

What? DJ Hero sales: 1.2 million since launch

Jul 07
I saw DJ Hero on sale yesterday. At three places. And then I went to the used game store that I check weekly. They had a ton of controllers on the shelves. It looked like a DJ Hero graveyard. I wanted to take a picture, but I... read

Pre-order DJ Hero 2, get a stylish Puma bag, be cool

Jul 02
As if being able to totally bring the house down with fat beats isn't enough incentive for you to pre-order DJ Hero 2, GameStop and Activision are sweetening the deal a bit. Those that order the DJ Hero 2 "Turntable Bundle" o... read

Pre-E3: DJ Hero 2's artists have serious YouTube cred

Jun 10
Earlier this week, Activision dropped the first details on DJ Hero 2, the sequel to what its claims is the "#1 selling new IP of 2009." The title brings with it a slew of new features, including support for vocals, and drop-... read

DJ Hero 2 confirmed for October

Jun 08
Yeeeeah boy! DJ Hero 2 has been confirmed for October, and will feature music from the living pantomime that is Lady Gaga. Activision has revealed that the game will have a new "social" element, featuring not one but two turn... read

DJ Hero gets house, electronic mashup DLC this week

Apr 27
Amidst rumors of an upcoming DJ Hero 2, Activision is still pumping out the downloadable content for the original title. On April 29, three mashups will be available for download, packaged as "The Domination Mix Pack": &ldqu... read

RZA hooks up with Activision, does mocap for... something

Apr 26
Hip-hop legend RZA is in cahoots with Activision. The Grammy-winning artist recently tweeted that he had completed doing motion capture work for the publisher, but provided no details on what game it was for. "Great team of g... read

DJ Shadow will be mixing beats for DJ Hero 2

Apr 25
Time to pretend like I'm down with the sick beats, yo. As we all pretty much assumed, DJ Hero is getting a sequel, although it hasn't been confirmed. We've already heard that DJ Qbert and David Guetta may be involved with the... read

DJ Hero 2 teased, 'incredible musicians' promised

Jan 20
We found out yesterday that DJ Hero was 2009's highest grossing IP, so it should come as no surprise that DJ Hero 2 is already shaping up to be huge. FreestyleGames' Chris Lee dropped some tease on the sequel this week: "We'r... read

2009's highest grossing new IP? DJ Hero

Jan 19
If I had to guess what the highest grossing new IP of 2009 was, I probably would not have picked DJ Hero. Nothing against Activision's game or anything, but I didn't think it made that big of a dent last year. It did, though.... read

DJ Hero 2 basically confirmed

Jan 15
Oh what a surprise! Activision has broken the habit of a lifetime by announcing a sequel to one of it's music games. The evil publisher has never released a sequel or spin-off in its life, so we're all very surprised here. Un... read

DJ David Guetta confirms work on DJ Hero 2

Dec 30
42-year-old DJ David Guetta loves him some DJ Hero. His music has appeared as part of downloadable content for Activision's recent title, and it won't end there. Guetta claims he'll be working on the sequel, which he calls "t... read

Standalone DJ Hero turntables now available

Dec 01
Activision is now offering standalone DJ Hero controllers for the first time, in case you wanted to mix it up with a friend, multiplayer-style. I don't foresee a ton of people taking this offer up at the current price of $69.... read

Here's the new DJ Hero DLC in glorious moving pictures

Nov 25
The welcoming party for the first DJ Hero DLC mixes wasn't entirely welcoming. Heck, they were carrying torches, pitchforks, and the like. I think one of them might've even scowled for a second there. Up now for download, th... read

Expect fewer 'Hero' titles from Activision next year

Nov 13
No doubt about it -- a lot of Hero games came out this year. The list, in full: Guitar Hero: Metallica; Guitar Hero 5; Band Hero; DJ Hero; Band Hero for the Nintendo DS; Guitar Hero: Modern Hits for the DS; and this Dece... read

DJ Hero, Assassin's Creed 2 Avatar clothes on Xbox Live

Nov 12
Really? DJ Hero? Really? Another day, another batch of useless digital clothing that we're expected to pay good money for. In addition to a whole batch of DJ Hero stuff, you can now buy Assassin's Creed 2 gear as well. Great ... read

Here are those DJ Hero DLC mixes in action

Oct 30
A little late, but Activision has finally decided to let you hear the mixes you could have downloaded for DJ Hero since yesterday.   The two mixes -- “All Of Me” by 50 Cent featuring Mary J. Blige ... read

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