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10:30 PM on 03.07.2011

Twenty years of Blizzard: A retrospective

Strap yourselves in, readers. For it's Blizzard's "extended" 20th anniversary, and the studio has come bearing gifts. Namely, a shockingly in-depth retrospective video. Grab a tasty beverage, pop that popcorn, and give it a w...

Jordan Devore

8:00 PM on 02.21.2011

Neat built-in 3DS StreetPass games and options detailed

There's some built-in games that use the 3DS' StreetPass pass-by communication functionality. One is called Street Pass Quest, and it's a turn-based battle game where you'll work to rescue your Mii. You'll actually use Miis y...

Dale North

7:00 PM on 02.21.2011

Want to party with Destructoid at PAX East?

PAX East takes place in just under a month! Nerds Handsome intelligent people with alternative interests such as gaming from around the world are descending upon Boston, Massachusetts. The expo is open from March 11-13 and gi...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

6:30 PM on 02.14.2011

Old but good: YouTube hides Snake game in embedded video

Fancy a game of Snake? Simply hit the down direction key on your keyboard when you see video buffering in an embedded YouTube video. Try it on the one above. Old? Who cares! It's Snake! First, click play. When you see the ri...

Dale North

5:20 PM on 02.04.2011

PAX East 3-day passes expected to sell out soon

Thinking of attending PAX East 2011 next month? In that case, heads up -- Penny Arcade believes 3-day badges for the convention will sell out in about 16 days "based on current trends." And, since they made it all official-li...

Jordan Devore

8:00 PM on 01.29.2011

Original Sound Version picks the best soundtracks of 2010

Our friends at Original Sound Version have posted their Original Soundtrack of the Year awards. Those in the market for some smooth tunes, take note -- you'll want to dig out your headphones in a second. The site covered not ...

Jordan Devore

9:20 AM on 01.03.2011

Sonic, Puyo Puyo turn 20 this year, 'projects' are coming

SEGA has revealed that it has several "projects" in the works to commemorate the anniversary of two well-known franchises -- Sonic the Hedgehog and Puyo Puyo. Both games turn 20 this year, and SEGA aims to celebrate both birt...

Jim Sterling

11:00 PM on 12.05.2010

Doctor Octoroc's new chiptunes album is magical

After These Messages is Doctor Octoroc's new chiptunes album, and it's unbelievably good. Granted, if you are at all familiar with his prior work, it's not that unbelievable; this is the man who brought us 8-Bit Jesus, after ...

Jordan Devore

3:00 PM on 10.08.2010

An extended interview with Monaco's Andy Schatz

Trying to play Monaco at PAX, let alone talk to the developer at length, was a practical impossibility if you didn't have a lot of time on your hands. The small booth housing Andy Schatz's IGF-winning title and Chris Hecker's...

Sean Carey

9:00 AM on 09.22.2010

Ninja Theory: Old Dante isn't cool anymore

The announcement of DmC was completely overshadowed by the revelation that Dante had been given a complete makeover, complete with darker hair, darker clothes, and a twink face. Many people called the look "emo" because they ...

Jim Sterling

10:30 PM on 09.08.2010

PAX Prime 2010 pulled in 67,000 attendees

If you were at PAX Prime this year, you don't need me to tell you how successful the show was. Merely walking around the packed show floor -- or anywhere nearby downtown Seattle -- told you everything. You literally couldn't ...

Jordan Devore

3:40 PM on 07.07.2010

The Indie Fund is now open for business

That picture never ceases to freak me out. As previously brought to our fine pages by way of Anthony, the Indie Fund is a system in which a handful of successful, kind-hearted independent developers help fund up-and-coming in...

Jordan Devore

Review: Sumo Gigantor Giant Bean Bag photo
Review: Sumo Gigantor Giant Bean Bag
by Hamza CTZ Aziz

When I watch TV, play games or do anything that involves sitting down, I can never get comfortable.  Perhaps it's the shark blood running in my veins, or the fact that I drink 5000 fluid ounces of tea before noon. Whatever the reason, my body can’t stand being still for more than a few minutes and I will shift an endless amount of times in a vain attempt at trying to get comfy. My name is Hamza Aziz, and I have a problem.

Well, I had a problem: By sheer luck I think I finally found a solution: the Sumo Gigantor Giant Bean Bag. Of course you expect a bean bag to be comfortable, but the Gigantor is more than just that. Really, it feels like you’re on a cloud, except it's red, like bloody murder.  The gallery speaks volumes.

Read on past the jump to see why this is the greatest thing in the universe, ever, as is having a job where I'm tasked to vegetate on this thing for hours and write about it.  Jealous yet? Read on.

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So much indie: ModDB's latest creation, IndieDB photo
So much indie: ModDB's latest creation, IndieDB
by Jordan Devore

The team who brought us ModDB -- one of the best online resources for finding videogames mods, in my opinion -- is at it again with IndieDB. As you probably guessed, this new site takes the same great concept but limits its content to the ever-crazier world of independent games.

IndieDB has actually been up for a little while now; we wanted to make sure the announcement wouldn't get lost in last week's E3 2010 absurdity, so we saved it for today. What a perfect day, I might add -- all is relatively quiet on the news front, which gives us a perfect excuse to find and play a bunch of freebies.

Go on, give it a spin. You don't have to dress like a maniac to have fun, but it surely helps.

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2:40 PM on 06.16.2010

E3 10: thatgamecompany's Journey looks super promising

Flower. Love it or hate it, one thing is for sure, you either loved it, or you hated it -- the true sign of an experimental game not afraid to take us to strange new places. If these screenshots for thatgamecompany's next Pla...

Jordan Devore

10:00 PM on 05.19.2010

Awesome arcade made of Legos is nerdtastic

I like Legos well enough. I also obviously like videogames. As well, it has been proven that, like peanut butter and chocolate, Legos and videogames have gone well together...at least in the digital realm. Not so much has bee...

Ben Perlee