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PS1 throwback photo
PS1 throwback

Standalone PS1-style DualShock 4 out this September

20th anniversary headset, too
Jun 23
// Jordan Devore
For most of us, that limited-edition 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 was something to look at and nothing more. Sony didn't produce enough of them to meet demand. But at least with the controller, we're getting a second chance...
Controller photo

That fancy Xbox One controller is $150

The price of the high life
Jun 15
// Brett Makedonski
It may not have gotten a ton of attention this morning, but one of the more interesting reveals at Microsoft's press conference was the Xbox One Elite Controller. It's made for both Xbox One and PC, and the hook is that it's...
Xbox One photo
Xbox One

Xbox One Elite Controller announced, lets you customise it

Button remapping is great news
Jun 15
// Joe Parlock
At the Microsoft expo at E3, Microsoft has unveiled its new Xbox One controller design, dubbed the “Elite.” Microsoft is claiming it will have increased precision, but more importantly it will also bring customis...
Oculus Rift photo
Oculus Rift

These are the Oculus Rift's proper controllers

Played like a damn fiddle
Jun 11
// Jordan Devore
Virtual reality enthusiasts were not exactly enthused by the news that Oculus Rift would come with a wireless Xbox One controller as its default input method. The goal there is to give "developers something they can target," ...
Xbox One photo
Xbox One

Xbox One price cut is permanent, gets new 1TB model

Yep, it comes with Halo
Jun 09
// Mike Cosimano
After an Amazon leak confirmed the existence of an Xbox One model with a 1TB hard drive, Microsoft has officially announced both the new SKU and a price drop for the 500GB model, along with the new Xbox One controller. The co...
Valve photo

How the Steam Controller works as a keyboard

I'm not yet convinced
Jun 05
// Laura Kate Dale
So, Valve has been singing the praises of its upcoming Steam Controller for a while now as the herald of a new golden age of couch friendly PC gaming. Outside of issues like precise mouse controls and button layouts, one of t...
Steam Machines photo
Steam Machines

Steam Machines finally release soon, and pre-orders get them even earlier

Controller and Steam Link, too
Jun 04
// Brett Makedonski
In true Valve fashion, we've waited years to see if Steam Machines will ever actually see the light of day. They were revealed a long time ago, but then they just sort of never came out. Well, the first batch is definitely s...
Hot controller reads photo
Hot controller reads

Oops: An Austrian retailer leaked images of the new Xbox One controller

All but confirmed now
May 29
// Brett Makedonski
As if yesterday's rumor that Microsoft is set to reveal an improved Xbox One controller in June wasn't substantiated enough, we have an international retailer to help back everything up. Bless those international retailers; t...
Xbox One photo
Xbox One

Xbox One looks like it's getting a better, newer controller after E3

Flood the streets with useless adapters
May 28
// Brett Makedonski
It seems as if there's a subtle but big change on the horizon for the Xbox One controller. The current model features a proprietary audio jack that requires an adapter (sold separately for $25) to use with normal headphones. ...
Magma Red DS4 photo
Magma Red DS4

Magma Red DualShock 4 releases in the US this summer

Red, red, fine
May 15
// Jed Whitaker
The official PlayStation Twitter posted pictures of a Magma Red DualShock 4 controller for PlayStation 4 that will be available this summer in the US. Preorders are available now for those who want to ensure they receive one as soon as possible.  I remember having a multitude of different N64 controllers back in the day; man was I cool at the Mario Party parties I'd throw.

Contest: Win a Titan One and a controller of your choice!

Mar 24 // mrandydixon
*Controller choices limited to Xbox 360, Xbox One, DualShock 3, and DualShock 4
Titan One contest photo
Use any controller with any console with this cross-compatibility device
[Update: Contest over! Winners are Fabio Teixeira, Topken, and TroyFullbuster!] Destructoid has once again joined forces with our friends at ConsoleTuner to offer another awesome contest for the Dtoid community! This time aro...

Steam Controller photo
Steam Controller

Steam Controller and FPS: PAX East 2015 impressions

'A little rumbly'
Mar 10
// Jed Whitaker
One of what was seemingly the better-kept secrets at PAX East 2015, the Steam Controller, was available for hands on at the Alienware booth connected to the company's Steam Machines. I was able to test the previous iteration...
Steam hardware photo
Steam hardware

Steam now lists Steam Machines and other hardware

These things sure are pricey
Mar 05
// Jordan Devore
In its push to expand the "Steam universe," Valve has added store listings for Steam Machines as well as the finalized Steam Controller and also Steam Link, a PC-to-TV streaming device. All of this stuff will become available...
Xbox One PC adapter photo
Xbox One PC adapter

Xbox One controller adapts, goes wireless on PC this year

No more cables!
Mar 04
// Jordan Devore
At GDC 2015, Microsoft announced plans to release a wireless adapter for Xbox One controllers on Windows later this year. Great news, but we need dates, Phil Spencer. Specific dates! I had terrible luck with my wireless adapter for the Xbox 360 gamepad -- damn thing was spotty at best, non-functional at worst -- so here's hoping these new ones are an improvement.
Steam Controller photo
Steam Controller

Oh hey, this looks like the final Steam Controller

Available this November for $49.99
Mar 04
// Jordan Devore
Weird as it might still look, you have to admit that Valve's Steam Controller has come far. Remember this photo? Or this more recent one? It's like leafing through your worst yearbooks. Given that I play PC-centric games with...
Delta Six controller photo
Delta Six controller

Backers of crowdfunded Delta Six controller hit by friendly fire

It's all fun and games till someone shoots their eye out
Feb 21
// Jason Faulkner
The Delta Six controller is the latest entry in my inadvertent series on crowdfunding drama. Hot on the heels of news that The Stomping Land was abandoned by its development team, details have emerged of project mismana...
Pokkén Tournament photo
Pokkén Tournament

Pokkén arcade controller resembles Wii U GamePad

Suspicious, very suspicious
Feb 02
// Kyle MacGregor
Well, maybe not exactly. It's certainly no fightstick, but it's also wider than your standard controller. Even still, the setups at the Pokkén Tournament location tests are giving me serious Wii U vibes. They may ...
Gotta go fast photo
Gotta go fast

Xbox One controllers will kinect to the system *twice as fast*

Shaving seconds of its time
Jan 27
// Steven Hansen
Hoo boy. The Xbox One is a precision machine, baby. That $100 million controller, too. Not content with the two and half years it took to develop it, Microsoft is still tinkering. Members of the Xbox Preview Program can snag ...
MKX controller photo
MKX controller

PDP's Mortal Kombat X pad looks like a SEGA Genesis controller

Decent looking fight stick alternative
Jan 09
// Steven Hansen
I've always wanted a fight stick more for arcade nostalgia than any legitimate fighting game purposes. This gamepad from PDP, specifically designed for Mortal Kombat X, elicits some nostalgia as well, as it's basically an as...
PSTV + Xbox One contest photo
Enjoy the latest Titan One firmware, free of charge
[Update: Contest over! Winner is theraden!] To celebrate the news that their Titan One cross-compatibility device now offers full support for Sony's PlayStation TV, our friends at ConsoleTuner are offering up a PlayStation TV...

Smash photo

The Smash Bros. GameCube controller has a big ol' long cord

Fill in the blank: "Controller? ______"
Nov 07
// Brett Makedonski
Look, we know the reason that you keep coming back to Destructoid is for the hot updates on controller cord length. We're reasonable people here (except Jordan, he insists that Hamza refer to him as "King Xerxes"), so we'll g...
Titan One photo
Titan One

ConsoleTuner's Titan One adapter lets you plug your 360 controller into a PS3

Or vice versa, if you're crazy
Nov 03
// mrandydixon
Incoming bias! Prior to the DualShock 4, I've never been a fan of Sony's controllers. My thumbs always bumped against each other when I circle-strafed, my fingers slipped off the convex triggers and thumbsticks, etc. We just ...

Some of us are controller throwers around here

Oct 14 // Brett Makedonski
I've gotten a lot better at this. When I was younger and playing Bloody Roar 2, I got quite angry at the AI and literally smashed the glass on a table. My current wired "hardcore platformer" controller I use for games like Super Meat Boy, Spelunky, and 1001 Spikes currently rattles with broken bits in it because of Super Meat Boy. I got 100%, though! I never throw controllers anymore, but in college during particularly heated Mario Party sessions, you better believe I did. You know that feeling -- when you're up three stars due to pure skill and one player steals a star by way of a Boo, then another teleports to one from a random lamp they found in a "secret spot." Finally, someone gets the "wacky space" star at the end and suddenly you're in last place. At one point this all happened almost simultaneously and I threw the controller into the air. The problem was N64 controllers were wired, so it bungied back into the console, hit the cartridge, and froze the game. We all went out for beers and never played Mario Party again. I don't intentionally break controllers, but my Atari 5200 controller broke on me due to natural causes. After owning it for a few months, it wouldn't go up or left anymore. The same thing happened with all the replacement controllers we got. It was apparently a common problem -- sort of the Red Ring of Death for its time -- except that Atari 5200 controllers were much more rare than Xbox 360s are now, and you couldn't have them replaced for free.  I wouldn't give up on it, though. I'd get as far as I could in every game I owned, only going down and right. I was a desperate child. Throwing a controller is like the physical manifestation of all the rage I feel inside when I just can't conquer a game. And growing up, I was a sore loser. I've since mellowed out much more, but in those days, it was like my only worth as a gamer was how good I was at a certain title or how many times I could best my dad in a game of Mario Tennis. And, when that stupid tennis ball sailed past my head during a rousing session on the Nintendo 64 and I found myself down 30-love, I'd press my nails into the hard plastic and get poised to send the controller sailing -- especially if my father saw fit to taunt me. That really sent me over the edge. I'm not a controller thrower. I make a point to abstain, actually. Anytime I feel myself getting worked up, I inhale sharply and lift the controller almost to my face, then calmly set it down on my lap while exhaling slowly. It's very zen-like, and it centers me. I broke that routine once that I can remember. Playing Spelunky, I had been trying for the longest time to carry the key all the way from the mines through the ice caves, because that opens the shortcut to the temple that I would need to beat the game. I had a great run going, and was on the last level. Right at the exit, I foolishly and inexplicably went out of my way to kill an enemy, and was sent careening off the ledge to my death. I spiked the controller on the floor. I spiked it so hard. Then, I just walked away. Now, I'm left with a controller that doesn't detect it has batteries in it if it's jostled even the slightest bit while being used. My fault, really. I've never thrown a controller, but I was a very manipulative child. I would often bet my hot-tempered friends money that they wouldn't throw theirs during a heated match of Mortal Kombat or after dying in TMNT III: The Manhattan Project. Let's just say I had to chase down a few parents for bet money. I've never been a controller thrower, but I punched my original DS because of Elite Beat Agents and it was enough to crack the top screen. During the NES era, I managed to break several controllers. I also attempted to break my NES by throwing it across my room against the wall. Luckily for me, Nintendo made solid products, so the NES remained functional.  The only controller I've been angry enough to break recently happened a few years ago. I was playing Shadows of the Damned. Now, the game itself was reasonable enough, but there was one section that had me completely frustrated -- the boss fight in the library with Giltine Grim. I honestly cannot tell you how many times I tried to beat that damn boss. It got to the point where I couldn't take it any more and lost it, breaking my Xbox 360 controller. First, I tried to break my controller by hand. Since I wasn't able to actually rip the controller in two, I stood up and threw it as hard as I could at the floor. That did the trick. I haven't been that angry at a game since. Now, when I find myself getting heated at a game, I just walk away. I don't break or throw controllers. You guys are hella cray.
Controller throwin' photo
Rage against the machine
We've all been there before -- a maddeningly difficult part of a videogame; you've been trying for hours to best it. You just can't. Maybe you never will. This might be impossible, actually. The developers must've been comple...

Taiko no Tatsujin photo
Taiko no Tatsujin

New pics surface of the Taiko no Tatsujin drum controller

And it was never ever localized, the end!
Aug 21
// Brittany Vincent
More pics have surfaced of the sweet Taiko no Tatsujin controller compatible with the Wii and Wii U. Unfortunately there hasn't been a Taiko no Tatsujin game available in the West since the PlayStation 2's heyday, but rhythm ...
Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN photo
Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN

Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN is getting a six button pad for PS4

It works on PS3 too
Aug 19
// Chris Carter
If you're a fan of six-button fight pads and find yourself wanting a new one for your PS4, you're in luck -- Arc System Works is releasing a pad for Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN. It features a full layout with the R1 and R2 keys as f...
Your brain photo
Anthony Carboni explains it all
Number 56 on the master list of 235 "Things that I say that sometimes annoy people who play videogames" is that it's very rare for a game to have "bad" controls. Most of the time when people say that, they are focusing too m...


Okay, this Advanced Warfare Xbox One controller looks rad

Aug 12
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Catch that Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Xbox One bundle earlier today? It's a custom system that includes the game and a 1TB HDD for $499.99. The controller is also custom designed, and if you were like me wishing it was available separately well good news! It is. Amazon has it for $64.99.
Wii U photo
Wii U

Take a closer look at PDP's GameCube-style controllers for Wii U

Yoshi's my favorite
Aug 12
// Jordan Devore
I think I'll be perfectly set with the GameCube controller adapter for Wii U, but PDP's line of GameCube-inspired controllers (known officially as "Wired Fight Pads") are another valid option. Courtesy of Amazon, we now have ...
3DS controller mod photo
3DS controller mod

Someone made a custom GameCube controller adapter for 3DS

Well, 2DS, if you want to be exact
Aug 06
// Jordan Devore
A guy by the name of Loopy previously came out with video capture boards for 3DS, and now he's back with another cool project: a GameCube controller adapter. Why? Because he can. Here's a demonstration of Super Street Fighte...
Valve photo

The Steam Controller looks different, again

D-pad out, thumbstick in
Jul 23
// Jordan Devore
It seems every time we check in with Valve's Steam Controller, it's undergone another significant change. The last design, which added a D-pad of sorts and A/B/X/Y buttons, was more in line with traditional gamepads. Now, if ...

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