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4:00 PM on 03.15.2011

Constructoid: Sagat vs. the Handsome Boy All-Stars

[Constructoid is a pixel-animated show about Destructoid editor Jonathan Holmes and various videogame personalities. They've got some constructive criticism for the world of gaming. Check it out.] There's a lot going on in ...

Jonathan Holmes

Constructoid:Big Daddy and the Katamari King on parenting photo
Constructoid:Big Daddy and the Katamari King on parenting
by Jonathan Holmes

[Constructoid is a little animated video show about Destructoid editor and pixel artist Jonathan Holmes and his featured guests delivering constructive criticism to game developers, characters, and players.]

This week's Constructoid features not one, not two, not three, but four guest panelists. I do believe that is a record. I don't want to give away who all of those panelists are, but suffice it to say that there is some Academy Award-caliber stuff going on here. If you thought last episode's Black Swan reference was a hoot, you're going to love the King's Speech.

Actually, that's not true. It's just a coincidence that both the 2011 Oscar winner for Best Picture and this episode of Constructoid feature kings giving speeches. Still, if one of you wants to give me an award, I'm all for it.

OK, the gallon of caffeine I just ingested is clearly causing me to lose focus. Time to get back on track.

Let's talk about parenting!

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Constructoid: Peach and Bayonetta talk women in gaming photo
Constructoid: Peach and Bayonetta talk women in gaming
by Jonathan Holmes

Today's episode of Constructoid is a little different. For starters, it's longer than the two previous episodes put together. That's largely because my two guest panelists (Bayonetta and Princess Peach) are the characters actually on the receiving end of the criticism this time. It's a full-on dialog here; people bare their souls. It's intense.

I also wanted to shortchange neither the panelists nor the topic. Just like religion, politics, and race, talking about gender can really flip a switch in people. If people get the sense that you are on "the wrong side" of the argument, they will start to see you as "the enemy" and all potential discussion gets thrown out the window, replaced with spiteful intent and hateful name-calling. I've seen it happen all too many times before.

That's part of why I tried really hard (maybe too hard) to be totally clear in my points here, which caused things to go a little long, but even now I'm sure that I'll be either intentionally or unintentionally misunderstood by somebody. I'll be lurking the comments to try to clear up any misinterpretations that I may end up causing.

I also wrote a lengthy text-based feature on the topic below. If video isn't your thing, I still have you covered. So are you ready? Lets get to this!

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Constructoid: Helping Nintendo to win back the hardcore photo
Constructoid: Helping Nintendo to win back the hardcore
by Jonathan Holmes

I'm kind of old, and my age has permitted me to follow "the console wars" since the Atari vs. Colecovision vs. Intellivision days. Videogames have evolved so much over the past 30 years. Witnessing that evolution has been an amazing experience. Before I get misty, let me get to the point; I've seen a lot of stuff in my time, but I've never seen anything like the battle of ideologies going on with home consoles today.

Most of that is thanks to the Wii. It's the only console to simultaneously "win" and "lose" a console generation. On one hand, the Wii has outsold its direct competition nearly two to one, and is the home to some very profitable games, like Wii Play, Just Dance 2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. On the other hand, many developers, publishers, and gamers have been repulsed by the Wii from day one. As a result, the vast majority of today's most popular and influential third-party games aren't on the Wii, leading many gamers to consider the console a failure at best, and an embarrassment at worst.

In this episode of Constructoid, Parappa the Rapper, Mr. Resetti and myself take a look at ways that Nintendo can "win" -- and "WIN" -- in the home console space. I have more thoughts on the matter than what's in the video, though.

[Note: I put this video together about two weeks ago, before Nintendo announced that they're loosening the restrictions on the friend code system, and admitted that friend codes aren't always necessary. That said, I think the points I make here still stand.]

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6:01 PM on 01.12.2011

Constructoid: Helping the Xbox 360 to sell in Japan

Welcome everybody to Constructoid, a video series where a panel of videogame characters and myself engage in a (mostly) constructive critique of game developers, publishers, journalists, characters, and players. This is the ...

Jonathan Holmes