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All Mega64 wants for Christmas is Just Dance 3

Dec 21
When game publishers ask Mega64 to make a commercial for one of their upcoming titles, do they go in with any knowledge of Mega64's body of work? Do they just think, "Oh! Funny Internet people! Here's some money. Send us the video by Wednesday"? Anyway, here's the Mega64 Just Dance 3 commercial. I said, "What the fudge?" at the 1:38 mark. Mega64: "DANCEMAS" Just Dance 3 Commercial [YouTube] read

EA sings a Christmas carol, officially ruins the holidays

Dec 21
I realize that my criticism of EA's business practices may come across as overzealous at times, but even the most dedicated of the publisher's defenders can't possibly stick up for this video -- perhaps the greatest crime El... read

Classic 1940s Christmas drama, Luigi style

Dec 20
We've posted plenty of Dorkly Bits videos in the past, much to your delight or displeasure. I agree that some can be dry or forced, but every so often, something magical happens and everybody is happy. I'd like to think a lo... read

Skyrim becomes the UK's Christmas number one

Dec 19
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can add yet another accomplishment to its growing list, becoming the United Kingdom's number one charted game for Christmas. This is the first time that the prestigious slot has gone to a game not ... read

Aliens, crime and greed: It's Christmas in DCUO

Dec 13
With the festive season upon us it's time for MMOs to tempt us into ignoring our families and celebrations in favor of new content and Christmas trinkets. DC Universe Online has perfectly captured the holiday spirit with it's... read

Destructoid's European gift guide

Nov 30
It’s that wonderful time of year again when we eat too much and feel all merry, but who can forget the presents? That’s right, the ever more difficult task of buying gifts for your nerdy friends and family has bee... read

Help us create this year's Dtoid Holiday Gift Guide!

Nov 01
For some, the holiday season is about spending time with loved ones. For others, it's about spending money to buy gifts for said loved ones so that you don't have to spend time with them. Regardless of which camp you fall int... read

Slow Enslaved sales due to a 'busy holiday season'

Feb 11
As we've all gathered by now, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West didn't sell as well as hoped in spite of hype and marketing. Namco Bandai has placed the blame on a busy holiday period.  "To be perfectly frank, I think as a c... read

Merry Christmas from Destructoid, fools! It is Christmas day, where we celebrate the date that Pope Julius I decided upon for the relocation of Jesus Christ's birthday.  Of course, Christmas is supposed to be about ... read feature

Killzone 3's Helghast get in the Christmas mood

Dec 23
I still remember the awesome holiday wallpaper Guerrilla Games put out for Killzone 2, but it would appear that the Dutch studio has topped itself this year. This time we get a full Helghast choir for our troubles.  Also... read

The Destructoid Show Holiday special!

Dec 22
Earlier today, Jon Carnage and I hosted a very special episode of The Destructoid Show. When I say "very special," I mean it in both the heartwarming holiday way, and also in the short-bus kind of way. We counted down our to... read

I can't believe this actually happened. Earlier this month, I was drinking some wine (maybe more than "some") and decided to send an almost joking e-mail to the Destructoid family of editors and contributors. It read somethin... read feature

Someone forgot to sign my SEGA Christmas card

Dec 22
So I received these images from SEGA, following my post on their Christmas card. God damn it, SEGA ...  read

Wanna be part of The Destructoid Show's Holiday Special?

Dec 21
As you might have noticed, we've entered Holiday mode. In the gaming community, this takes many strange forms. From the guys who made Bulletstorm launching torsos at a Christmas tree, to SEGA actually sending Jim Sterling som... read

In the United Kingdom, Her Majesty the Queen broadcasts her traditional Christmas speech across the nation, usually rattling off a list of banal statements in a completely disaffected voice. The games industry needs its own ... read feature

SEGA sends epic Christmas card

Dec 21
SEGA has been known to send me rather ... unique things, usually as a form of revenge for a past transgression. So, it's particularly heartwarming to get a Christmas card that is actually pretty f'n awesome.  Seriously, ... read

Prototype 2 says Happy Holidays

Dec 20
The obligatory round of advertisements dressed up as holiday greetings continues with a rather nice little offering from Activision and Prototype 2. If you haven't been following this sequel, it tells the story of Sergeant Ja... read

THQ emailed us this absolutely amazing piece of art for Christmas, showing Mr. Destructoid and the characters from de Blob hanging out in the spirit of the season. We use the word "amazing" way too much around these parts, bu... read feature

Killing Floor going crazy for Christmas next week

Dec 08
The co-op horror first-person shooter Killing Floor is getting a makeover for Christmas, and it sounds rather absurd. The event kicks off next Tuesday as a free download and continues to January 4. I never thought a nutcracke... read

MS: You better order Kinect by the end of the week

Nov 18
Microsoft is continuing the drive the Kinect hype train at full speed, attempting to cause consumer hysteria in time for the holidays. According to Xbox Live boss Don Mattrick, if you don't buy a Kinect before this week is ov... read

Microsoft says all gamers are looking at Xbox this week

Nov 11
Thanks to Kinect and Call of Duty: Black Ops, Microsoft claims that the eyes of every gamer are turned toward the Xbox 360. UK marketing beast Stephen McGill made the bold claim, believing that the double whammy of Kinec... read

Greenberg: Kinect will sell 3 million units this Xmas

Sep 16
Microsoft minister of propaganda Aaron Greenberg has high hopes for Kinect, and why wouldn't he with all the advertising money being pumped into it? The executive in charge of corporate demagoguery has declared that Kinect wi... read

Ubisoft explains Avatar's failure through contradiction

Jan 16
In case you hadn't heard, or hadn't assumed, James Cameron's Avatar: The Game sucks and its sales suck too. Much like any good game developer who has a flop game that was supposed to be a major seller, Ubisoft has begun to ma... read

Genitals ruin Christmas with help from PSP

Jan 05
Shon Goodman of Omaha, Nebraska thought he had his holiday shopping all worked out when he picked up the used PSP at a local store. Little did he know that the handheld contained a horrible secret that would destroy Christmas... read

Don't ask your hot, sexy grandfather for Modern Warfare 2

Dec 29
The above is what greeted one unfortunate gamer on Christmas morn after he asked his grandfather for Modern Warfare 2. Somehow, he did not specify that it was a videogame for one of the major gaming systems, and instead recei... read

Cover your ears: Meet the screaming 'Xbox 360 Kid'

Dec 26
In yet another cloying, mawkish tribute to the N64 kid, we have yet another Christmas video of some pudgy, ugly little child making unbelievable banshee noises because he received a game console. Yes, meet the "Xbox 360 Kid,... read

Merry Christmas from Destructoid: Now what did you get?

Dec 25
Merry Christmas to you and yours on this fine festive morning! Let's get all that love and peace sh*t out of the way right now and cut straight to the point of the holiday -- raw, unfettered, selfish materialism! That's what ... read

All I want for Christmas is to kick your ass!

Dec 24
What would Christmas be without a classic Christmas song? Shitmas, that's what it'd be! Fortunately, Valve has delivered with what is sure to become an annual tradition in your festive homes -- The Midnight Riders with "All ... read

Happy holidays from Atlus!

Dec 24
Hot off the heels of that Final Fantasy XIII card we just posted, here's another card courtesy of Atlus and 3D Dot Game Heroes. As somebody who is incredibly hyped for From Software's nostalgic RPG romp, this might be the bes... read

Happy holiday from Square Enix

Dec 24
Square Enix sent Destructoid a Christmas card, displaying a rather dramatic image from Final Fantasy XIII. Not exactly the most festive of pictures, but certainly a very pretty one.  We just thought we'd share this becau... read

Handy’s X-mas X-travaganza begins now!

Dec 24
[Handy created this awesome Destructoid themed Christmas poem! Merry Christmas from everyone at Destructoid!] It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we forget about all our problems and just try to enjoy ou... read

Brutal Legend will save you from a crappy Christmas

Dec 23
For those of you worried you'll be getting a sh*tty Christmas gift this week because you've been a naughty little bastard, then fear not! EA and Brutal Legend are hosting a contest where they want you to send in pictures of t... read

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