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Allegory of the Cave Story

Feb 09
Plato would have absolutely loathed video games. It seems crazy to one who has come to know and love the medium, but one of history's most venerated thinkers and teachers would stand proudly in the corner of Jack Thompson and... read

Bulletstorm gets heavily censored German version

Feb 09
Those dicktits at the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle have rated a heavily censored version of Bulletstorm, a variant that more or less loses the entire point of the game.  The German edition will not feature ... read

Schafer: Self-censorship stops games being funny

Feb 07
Psychonauts developer Tim Schafer is known for putting a heavy element of humor in his games, but the cult designer wants more. He believes that games aren't funny enough, and it's because of studios vetting their own materia... read

Dead Space 2 delayed in Germany due to censorship

Jan 18
Oh Germany, you so censorship! The German release of Dead Space 2 has been delayed due to the country's ever-vigilant social nannies getting upset again. The inclusion of a "friendly fire" multiplayer option has caused the st... read

Call of Duty: Black Ops getting stupid German censorship

Oct 04
Call of Duty: Black Ops is undergoing a number of heavy edits when it releases in Germany. Among the cuts is a soundtrack omission, with Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil getting snipped because it's 100% about Worl... read

Looks like the whining and bitching of mainstream press and the mothers of dead soldiers has finally gotten to Electronic Arts. Despite repeatedly standing by its decision to include the Taliban in Medal of Honor, the publish... read feature

Videogames and the pursuit of harmless entertainment

Aug 28
[Editor's Note: We're not just a (rad) news site -- we also publish opinions/editorials from our community & employees like this one, though be aware that it may not jive with the opinions of Destructoid as a whole, or ho... read

Left 4 Dead 2: Censored edition

Nov 02
As we all know by now, Valve has had to edit Left 4 Dead 2 because Australia's rating system is demented and won't allow any game deemed unfit for fifteen-year-olds. Unfortunately, this means that the zombie splattering game... read

German group's 'game burning' protest was a huge failure

Oct 19
Last week, we told you about the German group attempting a modern-day book burning by having people bring in their violent videogames and toss them into the garbage. The Action Alliance believes that videogames are the root o... read

Ben Heck makes Halo 3 controller for Tucker Max movie

Oct 02
It's funny how you often meet people on the Internet through unusual and fleeting circumstances.  For example, weeks ago I'd heard that they were making a Tucker Max movie so I checked out the site, bracing myself for a ... read

EA: German game restricitions are censorship

Aug 24
Most people who aren't German politicians will tell you that Germany's reaction to so-called "killer games" is childish and ludicrous. Gamers, the gaming press and developers have all voiced dismay over Germany's tr... read

World of Warcraft back in China with new government changes

Aug 07
I'm glad my country's government doesn't give a sh*t about what I play or how long I play it. Come to think of it, I wouldn't be much of a case for "bad games" anyway, as aside from the occasional eroge (don't judge... read

NPR talks about the Six Days In Fallujah controversy

Jul 29
If you talk to me regularly, you probably know that I'm a big fan of NPR and listen almost every day. You should too, particularly because they've been seriously discussing video games more and more in the past few months. Ye... read

Australia is also banning Second Life

Jun 26
Australia's censorship crusade continues! Yesterday, we talked about how the Australian government was about to start censoring the Internet, and today we find out that Second Life is also about to be blocked. I think the cou... read

Australia censoring the Internet, blocking out M-rated games

Jun 25
The Australian Government has officially gone drunk with power. Not content to heavily butcher and/or outright ban videogames that don't conform to their horribly outdated MA15+ age rating cap, the Australian authorities are ... read

Owning RapeLay might be a federal offense

Jun 21
Time to start scrubbing those hard drives, kids. A recent article over at GamesPolitics suggests that owners of the controversial hentai title, RapeLay, could be found guilty of possessing child pornography in US courts.This ... read

Left 4 Dead 2 cover art changed to appease ESRB

Jun 17
It's not just raging Steam boycotters that Valve has upset with the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2. According to the studio, the ESRB has also shown concern, causing Valve to edit the original cover art for the game which show... read

Animal Crossing censorship ENRAGES adult players

Mar 26
Today, we received a furious email from an incensed Animal Crossing fan, absolutely horrified by the fact that a new  update to the game has censored "bad" words. For Christina and her friend, there was no grea... read

Iran joins the ESRB ... what else can you really add to that?

Dec 26
In a bit of weird news, The Tehran Times is reporting that Iran, of all places, has joined the Entertainment Software Rating Board. You read that right -- Iran is mucking in with the ESRB. Behruz Minaii, managing director of ... read

Fallout 3 censored in Japan: Nuke gets nuked

Nov 11
For some reason, Bethesda seems to believe that Japan might have a sort of sensitivity to nuclear bombs, and as such, has made some slight edits to Fallout 3 ahead of its December Japanese release. The Power of the Atom sideq... read

MK vs. DC's Joker Fatality is NOT censored ... in Europe

Nov 06
Here's something you don't see every day. A videogame has been censored, but it's actually North America that has seen changes made, while the European version remains untouched. That game is Midway's Mortal Kombat vs. DC Uni... read

Dead Space producer talks censorship and the 'new' EA

Sep 12
IGN Australia has a pretty good interview up with Glen Schofield, executive producer on EA's much-covered sci-fi shooter Dead Space. In it, he talks about censorship, the ongoing ban discussion, and the difference between the... read

Bethesda frustrated by differing censorship laws

Sep 02
With Fallout 3 being subjected to special censorship in Australia so it may appease that country's ridiculous government, Bethesda's Pete Hines has discussed how frustrating it can be to tackle the various censorship laws aro... read

New York State Senate passes facepalm-worthy bill mandating videogame regulation

Jun 25
I tell you, I love living in New York, but sometimes, the government here does things that make me scratch my head and want to scream. Generally, it’s a pretty progressive state -- but the reactionaries that serve in th... read

Captain Quasi-Obvious: Prototype edited for Australia ... and Germany

Apr 28
In what looks like the beginnings of a worrying trend, Radical Entertainment has said it is working hard to make sure Prototype is released in those countries currently not open-minded enough to handle violence in videogames,... read

Captain Obvious: GTA IV censored in Australia

Apr 10
Regular readers will know that for all the problems the US and Europe put up with in terms of the anti-games agenda, things could be worse -- we could all live in Australia. Community member Boolean has informed us of Austral... read

Christians and Pornographers team up to fight the violent video game menace

Mar 28
It's a beautiful thing when two disparate groups can set aside their differences to come together in a joyous union resulting in a deeper understanding of one another's viewpoints.  That is, it's a beautiful thing when u... read

A New Dark Age: Microsoft warns Parliament of the dangers of content restriction

Feb 27
In a recent Commons hearing regarding the institution of content filters on gaming systems in the UK, Matt Lambert, head of corporate affairs at Microsoft echoed the sentiments that gamers have held for years. In what many pe... read

Nazi Germany: German law tightens censorship on games to stranglehold status

Dec 19
Germany is very sensitive toward violence, doubtless thanks to the country's inglorious past. However, it doesn't seen so worried about the mass censorship that also went on during its most bloody era, since a new law has bee... read

People WANT the government involved in rating games? Now that's just terrifying

Dec 06
A US consumer poll has revealed that 60% of those surveyed are in favor of government regulation when it comes to violence in videogames. 51% would like the government to directly regulate videogame content while 54% believe ... read

Lebanon doesn't like satire, gets political game removed

Nov 26
Frustrated with the political situation in Lebanon, native Z.F found an outlet for his anger by creating a flash-based game called Douma (Puppet) where Lebanese politicians duke it out in one-on-one combat. Sadly, Lebonese po... read

Philadelphia hates Hitman: Poster pulled for daring to have a gun on it

Nov 17
Considering Philadelphia is filled with violence and some of the worst kind of professional wrestling fans, it amuses me to think they're so upset over a poster that has a gun on it. Under the guise of bemoaning the shooting ... read

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