The War Z devs silence dissent, alter Steam store page
More microtransactions patched in, they went back in time and killed Jesus, etc.
8:00 AM on 12.19.2012

Nintendo blames Germany for dumb Wii U eShop restrictions
18-rated games locked until 11pm each night
10:15 AM on 12.10.2012

The DTOID Show: Bring on the uncensored violence!

5:05 PM on 06.18.2012

R18+ age rating for games approved in Australia!

7:45 AM on 06.18.2012

ESRB censors the red on Risen 2 box art

9:00 AM on 03.28.2012

Lollipop Chainsaw will be censored in Japan

9:00 AM on 02.07.2012

Twisted Metal delayed and censored in Europe

12:30 PM on 02.03.2012

Some German politicians want their own version of SOPA

6:15 PM on 01.31.2012

Microsoft retracts support for SOPA via BSA

12:30 PM on 12.09.2011

The Jimquisition: Sony, Nintendo, EA and SOPA

3:45 PM on 11.21.2011

Japan asks Saints Row 3 to remove veins from its dick

8:40 AM on 11.11.2011

Guess which games were banned in Germany in October

1:00 PM on 10.29.2011

DOOM and DOOM 2 are no longer pornography in Germany

2:45 PM on 08.31.2011

House Of The Dead: Overkill Extended Cut banned in Aus

11:30 AM on 08.24.2011

All Australian Attorneys General now support R18+

11:00 PM on 08.11.2011

Heavy Rain goes light on violence and nudity for France

4:00 AM on 08.11.2011


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