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11:00 AM on 02.01.2009

The making of the Undead Cyclops boss from Castle Crashers

Sure the game has been out since September of last year, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy a behind the scenes look at Castle Crashers! This 19 minute long video shows the entire process Dan Paladin went ...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

Castle Crashers: King's Pack DLC announced for tomorrow! photo
Castle Crashers: King's Pack DLC announced for tomorrow!
by Jim Sterling

If you're willing to forgive and forget the whole "I waited half a year for a God damn patch" thing, then you'll be thrilled to know that The Behemoth is unleashing its first DLC pack for Castle Crashers, the King's Pack.

Costing 160 Microsoft Points and releasing Wednesday, January 14, the King's Pack includes the following:

  • Two playable characters -- The King and an Open Faced Gray Knight.
  • The King's Heal Spell, which heals everybody in the party.
  • Three new weapons, one of which is the Gold Sword.
  • A new animal orb named Pelter.

I'm not sure if I'll be getting it myself, at least anytime soon, since I stopped playing CC long before it was patched (the fact that the bug finally did wipe all my data in the end hasn't helped). However, for those encouraged to keep it up, this is sure to be great news.

Perhaps once the Necromancer makes his playable appearance, we can talk.

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Castle Crashers patch is coming TONIGHT! YAY! photo
Castle Crashers patch is coming TONIGHT! YAY!
by Hamza CTZ Aziz

That’s right boy and girls; Microsoft has finally approved the Castle Crashers patch. The title update will be live in the next few hours at 2AM Pacific and should address all issues with online play, game saves and all of the other little exploits. The Behemoth will have a detailed post on the Dev Blog sometime on Wednesday detailing all the specifics.

It’s been a long hard bumpy road for the Castle Crashers team. The game out in August to rave reviews but then people started to have a ton of problems with the it. Patches were promised and it has taken nearly four months for the patch to finally be approved. 

Personally, I didn’t care too much about the issues with the game. I have yet to play online with anyone, but I enjoyed the experience and got its worth after playing through the game a few times. Now I have a reason to go back and play the game finally with you all on Friday Night Fights. Of course, I understand all the anger over the game and have to wonder if it’s too little, too late.

[Thanks, Buck F1tches]

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10:43 PM on 12.01.2008

Broken record says that Castle Crashers patch is coming

Hey, remember that patch for Castle Crashers? You know, the one that was supposed to fix the data loss bugs and the online multiplayer issues? The one that they promised would soon be here roughly six weeks ago and yet still ...

Conrad Zimmerman

10:26 AM on 10.14.2008

Castle Crashers finally getting bug fixes, could 'take a few weeks'

A month and a half after release, The Behemoth has posted on their development blog that they've stomped out the last of the bugs which plagued Castle Crashers on release. The problems users had with connecting to each other ...

Conrad Zimmerman

5:07 AM on 09.18.2008

Over 250,000 Castle Crasher downloads and counting

One would imagine that The Behemoth developers Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin wake up laughing every morning due to the critical and commercial success of their scrolling brawler Castle Crashers. Paladin revealed that Castle Crashe...

Jim Sterling

12:57 PM on 09.10.2008

Castle Crashers fans get creative with sneakers, papercraft and more

Apparently Destructoid aren't the only ones sucking off the developers of Castle Crashers, as some of our more eloquent commenters sometimes like to say. The game has spawned a ton of fan-made art, sighted on The Behemoth's o...

Colette Bennett

4:34 AM on 09.10.2008

Rumortoid: Is this what we can expect to see in future Castle Crashers DLC?

The enterprising posters over at the GameFAQs message board for Castle Crashers have unearthed a little gem. While it hasn't been ascertained where it came from, a very large image featuring an alleged 206 art assets wound up...

Conrad Zimmerman

5:00 AM on 09.06.2008

Castle Crashers DLC: Play as The King and The Necromancer! Also, chainsaws

The Behemoth has been talking DLC for its highly popular XBLA game, Castle Crashers, explaining why there is no chainsaw in the game as expected, and promising that at least two new characters will become playable in the futu...

Jim Sterling

2:41 PM on 09.04.2008

How to not look like an idiot in Castle Crashers arena mode

If you read our review, you may know that the multiplayer arena mode is my favorite part of Castle Crashers. For every few hours I've blissfully spent levelling up and killing boss monsters in the campaign mode, I've spent a...

Anthony Burch

10:25 PM on 09.03.2008

Castle Crashers update is coming, The Behemoth said so!

The Behemoth has updated its devblog to address the issues that some gamers are having with lost save data and online connection. According to the team, they have just finished speaking with Microsoft and promise that we are ...

Jim Sterling

12:00 PM on 09.03.2008

Castle Crashers storms XBLA, brings Alien Hominid with it

It should surprise nobody, but Castle Crashers has invaded the XBLA download chart, mercilessly seizing the number one spot. As reported by Major Nelson, The Behemoth's scrolling hack n' slash proved to be highly popular sinc...

Jim Sterling

5:37 AM on 09.01.2008

Castle Crashers getting patched up soon: Want it NAOW!

After so much anticipation, it was a rotten start for the brilliant Castle Crashers, riddled as it still is with online connectivity issues and corrupted save data. One of those issues, the online co-op, has been fully acknow...

Jim Sterling

12:09 AM on 08.28.2008

Easter egg! Hidden karaoke game in Castle Crashers works with Rock Band mic

[video]101484:250[/video]Congratulations to everyone over at The Behemoth for the breakaway success that is Castle Crashers. It seemed like everyone on my XBL friend list was playing it this week ... that, or designing anothe...

Papa Niero

3:00 PM on 08.27.2008

Castle Crashers crashing Xbox Live: The Behemoth working on fix

I'd love to be able to report that things are going swimmingly for Castle Crashers, but unfortunately I've had issues with the thing all day. So far I've managed one round of online co-op, and even then, it wasn't long before...

Jim Sterling

10:58 AM on 08.21.2008

Exclusive: The 18 minutes right after the first 15 minutes of Castle Crashers

[video]100159:181[/video]If you enjoyed the first 15 minutes of our exclusive video playthrough of The Behemoth's Castle Crashers, wait until you get a load of this. Today we present to you the 18 minutes that follow the firs...

Nick Chester