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Backward compatibility photo
Backward compatibility

Burnout Paradise will be compatible with Xbox One

Check that off the list
Oct 26
// Jordan Devore
There was talk of Burnout Paradise coming to Xbox One, but it wasn't a sure thing. Now it is. On Twitter, Criterion confirmed that the open-world racing game will eventually be playable on the console via backward compatibili...
Burnout photo

Ex-Criterion folks have plans for a Burnout spiritual successor

'Speed. Traffic. And crashing.'
Oct 02
// Jordan Devore
Our beloved Burnout was in the news earlier this week and here it is again. Criterion stated that it's not working on an HD collection for the series because it's too busy with "newer, even better things." Now, Three Fields E...
Burnout Collection HD photo
Burnout Collection HD

A Burnout HD Collection isn't coming anytime soon

People have been asking
Sep 30
// Chris Carter
Every year or so there's rumors of a Burnout HD Collection, and Criterion Games is mostly silent on the issue. But this week it decided to speak up and address the situation directly, noting on Twitter that the rumor isn't tr...
Burnout Paradise photo
Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise could be racing onto Xbox One

Criterion is trying pretty hard
Jul 06
// Laura Kate Dale
So, you know how the Xbox One is sort of slowly becoming backwards compatible with the Xbox 360? Well, we might have just had a hint at an upcoming 360 game that will soon be playable on your Xbox One thanks to a tweet from d...

Free DLC photo
Free DLC

Burnout Paradise 'Legendary Cars Collection' free today

In honor of Harold Ramis
Feb 26
// Jordan Devore
Criterion has made the Legendary Cars Collection DLC for Burnout Paradise free today on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (in North America) in memory of actor, writer, and director Harold Ramis. The pack contains four vehicles all ...

Criterion co-founders Ward and Sperry leave studio

Starting fresh, Ward says
Jan 03
// Dale North
"Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry have decided to leave EA," a spokesperson told Polygon this morning. Welp. I'd drop some joke about how they were burned out, but that's been taken already. Ward and Sperry co-founded Criterion Gam...
Need for sequels photo
Need for sequels

Criterion is moving away from racing games and sequels

Creative director says next game will not be a Need for Speed, Burnout, or Black sequel
Apr 15
// Allistair Pinsof
Criterion creative director Alex Ward has had enough with floating rumors, so he's taken to Twitter to debunk speculation that his team is working on a Need for Speed or Burnout sequel. In addition, he said his next game won'...

Burnout and possibly Road Rash are in Criterion's future

Be still, my heart!
Oct 17
// Jordan Devore
Speaking to The Guardian, Need for Speed Most Wanted creative director Craig Sullivan divulged what many of us were hoping: "There's still a lot of stuff we want to do with driving. We will make another Burnout game at some p...

EA closing servers for a number of games

Mar 19
// Jim Sterling
Electronic Arts is closing down the servers for a number of games, including a few that required paid online passes to activate. A representative told Beefjack that dwindling activity on the games is the reason, and that "les...

Preview: Burnout Crash!

Aug 31 // John Speerbrecker
Burnout Crash! (PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade [Previewed]Developer: Criterion GamesPublisher: Electronic ArtsTo be released: September 20, 2011 This version of Burnout revolves around the crashes in a colorful arcade setting. You take control of your choice of car and take off into the intersection. When you get there you can either crash into a car to get your combo off and running or just smash into a building. There are a few game modes available for you to choose from as well, and yes, they all involve crashing.  There are three single-player modes in this game and all of them are playable with Kinect. Road Trip is like a survival mode to see how many points you can get until you get a game over. Rush Hour is the time attack mode where you have to crash a certain amount of points within a set time limit. The third mode is Pile-Up which is a puzzle-centric mode.  We played Road Trip for the majority of the single-player time. It feels like a really finely tuned pinball game like the developers said. As you continue to build up points you will get special features released. In one case, a thunderstorm approached and destroyed the demolished cars on the screen for a greater bonus. When you reach the end of a round one of six disasters will happen on your town to destroy everything. The amount of cars that you kept from escaping the screen will directly influence how powerful the disaster will be.  The disasters such as Alien invasion or a Tsunami are a sight to see as they eradicate everything on the screen. The levels are bright and colorful and each one is full of surprises and hidden things for you to help grow your bonus score. The party mode of the game using Kinect was one of the most interesting modes of the game. Using various poses and pretending to drive a car into an intersection proved to be very fun and some of the actions that you have to perform tend to be quite comical. For example, we had to gesture like we were laying an egg in order to get the crash to happen. Steering the car was quite simple as well, you simply put out your hands like you are holding a real steering wheel. To move the car around the screen the Kinect camera can detect how far away you are and translate it to the movement of the car on the screen. In terms of playing with your friends who will also play online, you get to issue challenges to people on your friends list to see who is the better person at causing all of the destruction. As you issue a challenge, your friend will have the opportunity to try their hand at it and see if they can beat your score. If they do manage to beat your score, they will be able to keep a golden cup by their ID until you can beat their score. The game will also recommend friends for you through the use of EA's new service, Origin. The most noticeable piece of this game was its extensive use of sound. The entire time as a crash happened there was a sound that I instantly associate with slot machines. If you got a bonus or a big combo a little bit of a pop song would come in. The use of these sounds really connect with the user in an enjoyable way so that the player feels rewarded each time that they do something spectacular, like crash a special gold car or one of the red sports cars that appear within the game. Like others have said before, people are kind of on the fence about the game.  The concerns that have been addressed make sense because when you have a brand like Burnout, there are certain expectations that the public wants. One of those expectations is speed, another is the crashes and finally, races. This title might be a piece of the Burnout pie, but we all like pie. 

When we first heard about a new Burnout game, we had in our minds a brand new speed and ripped metal jaunt through some serene countryside and traffic-jammed cities. What we got is a game that is trying to capture the essence...


$10 gets you Burnout Crash! on PSN or XBLA in September

Aug 31
// Jordan Devore
Okay, now Burnout Crash! is starting to look more appealing. Spaceships? I had no idea. This is a good time, seeing as how the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade title was dated today. It's hitting PSN and XBLA on Tuesd...

Burnout Crash! trailer shows a meteor, tornado, and more

Aug 17
// Jordan Devore
Here is a fresh look at Burnout Crash!, direct from the legion-esque FTP servers that are gamescom. I feel sorry for the virtual citizens of the game's town. Poor people never stood a chance. As much as I don't like being th...

Burnout Crash launches next month (jump to explode, etc.)

Jul 12
// Jim Sterling
Burnout Crash was originally planned to release in the tail-end of this year, but has suddenly shot way ahead of its proposed launch window in order to come out next month. EA's motion-controlled, top-down, jumping-to-explode...

I don't know how to feel about Burnout Crash!

Jul 08 // Hamza CTZ Aziz
[embed]205532:39800[/embed] Burnout Crash! (PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade [Previewed]Developer: Criterion GamesPublisher: Electronic ArtsTo be released: Fall 2011 If there was one flaw with Burnout Paradise, it was that it didn't have the beloved Crash mode that people adored in previous Burnout games. Burnout Crash! focuses on just the Crash mode and it's all presented from a top-down perspective. A small team developed Crash! through XNA with the main focus being on the easy to pick up gameplay above everything else. Crash! is definitely easy in that the controls are just steering and blowing up. That's it. Each mode starts off with you racing into the map until you've hit a car. After which you'll begin to blow yourself up with the A button (on the Xbox 360 controller) in whatever direction your holding the analog stick. The goal is to score as much points possible so you want to hit cars, buildings, and any other objects you can find in the levels. Exploding is limited based on a meter that fills up over time but causing damage fills this meter up quicker. Special vehicles will come along that offer more points and causing chain reactions will get you more points too. It all has a very pinball feel to it, right down to the sound effects and different music that plays. I tried out Burnout Crash! with the Kinect as well and it's like a very retarded game of hopscotch. You'll hold your hands up in front of you at first to steer. Once you've crashed, you'll jump in different directions in order to blow your vehicle up. For instance, jump forward and your car will explode upwards on the screen. Overall I think the Kinect feature is very forgettable. You'll maybe try it once, feel stupid jumping around like a kangaroo that's been hit upside the head and then go back to standard controls. While all 18 levels are pretty simple in terms of visuals, they are actually all based or inspired by levels in past Burnout games. As for the cars, there are five cars based on Burnout Paradise vehicles plus two new ones like the new garbage truck. There are also three game modes, the main one being Road Trip. This is the mode you'll want to play to unlock everything in the game and the main objective is to keep the crashes going as long as possible. You'll lose if you've let five cars escape. In Rush Hour mode, you have 90 seconds of free-for-all action. Once the time ends, everything blows up. In Pileup mode, the goal is to keep things on fire otherwise the challenge ends. Autolog will be part of Crash! and will feature a new addition called Autolog Challenges. There's no actual multiplayer so instead you'll be sending head-to-head challenges to people on your friends list in order to beat or maintain your high-scores on stages. The one good thing that Crash! has going for it is this Autolog feature. Having leaderboards against just your friends is a good motivation factor to keep on replaying games over multiple times. I think the name Burnout is what's throwing me off on Crash! Just hearing the name Burnout presents such high expectations that part of me thinks Criterion would have been better off simply calling this Crash! When you think of the name of a well established racing title, you expect an awesome racing game, right? What's next? A racing franchise that introduces on foot sections? Oh wait ... Actually, now that I've gotten this far in my preview, I know exactly what I didn't like about Crash! It's way too slow. Cars are coming in slow and the time it takes to explode takes to long. I have horrible patience when it comes to games as it is, but Crash! just felt like it was too slow. When I think cars exploding I think Michael Bay explosions everywhere hitting you hard and fast. That's what I want from Crash! Offer an ADHD mode and I'll be all about Crash! One last thing to add: I asked about a Wii version of the game and it doesn't look like Criterion is all that interested. It's a different story on the mobile side though as Criterion wouldn't out right deny the possibility. Crash! feels like it would fit perfectly on the iPad, no?

Burnout has become such a well loved franchise to gamers that the mere mention of Burnout lights up people's faces. So needless to say, I was pretty damn excited to hear that a new Burnout game was in the works. That is up...


Jump to explode: See Burnout Crash! in action

Jul 08
// Nick Chester
The first trailer for Burnout Crash! didn't show us much of anything, so thanks to MotoGamesTV, here's your first look. The footage looks to be taken from an Xbox 360 build of the game which is being played with Kinect. That...

Burnout Crash! coming to XBLA, PSN this fall (Update)

Jul 07
// Nick Chester
[Update: Added a trailer for the game which features no gameplay and answers absolutely no questions. The game's ESRB rating offered up more info a few months back. Did you know giant lobsters will be in this game? Sold!] El...

ESRB: Burnout Crash has cartoon violence and LOBSTERS!

May 06
// Jim Sterling
The Entertainment Software Rating Board has published its summary of Burnout Crash, detailing the levels of "cartoon violence" that the game provides. The hottest part of this story? Lobster attacks! "This is an action game i...

More details on Burnout Crash surface

Apr 13
// Jordan Devore
Australia's Classification Board had previously outed Burnout Crash as a multiplatform title that's on the way. Upon being nudged by Joystiq to provide further insight, the following synopsis was given by the board. "An actio...

Ratings board outs 'Burnout Crash'

Apr 02
// Nick Chester
The Australian Classifications Board has rated an upcoming "multi platform" title for Electronic Arts, Burnout Crash.  The "multi platforms" in question appear to be Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, according to a software en...

Burnout Freestyle for Wii/DS was a thing, then canceled

Dec 31
// Nick Chester
[Update: Reader hatesyou points out, there was a Burnout title for the DS, called Burnout Legends. Oops! Sorry about the confusion.] The high-speed arcade racing franchise Burnout has found a home on nearly every platform ove...

Criterion's Need for Speed shown off today for first time

Jan 27
// Nick Chester
Just not to you.  Burnout developer Criterion has tweeted that it will be revealing its upcoming Need for Speed title today for the first time. Here's the catch -- it's being shown off internally at Electronic Arts, whic...

Criterion isn't working on new Burnout Paradise DLC

Jan 20
// Jordan Devore
As much as I hate being the messenger on this one, it's got to be said: Criterion Games is finished putting out post-launch content for Burnout Paradise. It's understandable if talk of the canned add-on ideas got you all fire...

Criterion teases Need for Speed title in 2010

Dec 29
// Brad Nicholson
Soon weíll receive PR from Electronic Arts announcing that Burnout developer Criterion is working on a 2010-bound Need for Speed game. The blast wonít a surprise -- this isnít a secret pairing. EA COO John Pleasants and EA Ga...

Time travel, boats, and other scrapped Burnout DLC ideas

Dec 18
// Jordan Devore
When it comes to downloadable content on consoles, Criterion Games is leading the way. Taking a fun game (Burnout Paradise) and then significantly expanding it to the point where the original concept is unrecognizable is not ...

Here's a first look at the Burnout fanatic's car of choice

Jun 29
// Jordan Devore
Besides adding a fantastic new location to Burnout Paradise, the "Big Surf Island" add-on brought nine new vehicles, all of which are pretty rad for plenty of various reasons. But there's one car that I bet 99% of p...

Burnout devs: If you've maxed out a system you suck

Jun 14
// Matthew Razak
I can just see Burnout's technical director, Richard Parr, reading EA's quote about the 360 being maxed out and rolling his eye to high heaven before slamming his face into his palm and muttering something about "idiots ...

Review: Burnout Paradise 'Big Surf Island' DLC

Jun 12 // Jordan Devore
"Big Surf Island" (Xbox LIVE [reviewed], PlayStation Network)Developer: Criterion GamesPublisher: Electronic ArtsReleased: June 11, 2009MSRP: 1000 Microsoft Points, $12.99 on PSNAfter finding all of the Smashes, Billboards, and Super Jumps in Burnout Paradise, I thought I was done. A few weeks later, I discovered the online Freeburn Challenges, and was sucked right back in. Many hours of gameplay later, I had gotten the ridiculous Achievement for completing 250 of the damn things, and then I truly became burned out (pun so intended) on the game. That was, of course, until "Big Surf Island" came out. If there was one thing that the disc-based content for Burnout Paradise lacked, it was more over-the-top locations full of insane ramps and obstacles for players to mess around on. There was the Airfield, and the Quarry; that was honestly it.Those two spots are easily the more popular locations for the exact reasons I described, but that's going to change now that the construction on the bridge to Big Surf Island is complete. Why? Because this add-on is like combining Paradise City's airfield with its quarry, and then multiplying that fusion by ten. It's nothing but crazy jumps in a super tight, visually-appealing package. Players who often find themselves worried about cost per hour of entertainment when it comes to videogames should note that this DLC will take five hours to complete. It shouldn't need to be said, but I'll say it anyway: "Big Surf Island," much like Burnout Paradise as a whole, isn't simply about getting all of the objectives finished. So, in that regard, you are really paying for a new locale that has replayability far beyond the five or so hours of guided gameplay.This add-on includes 15 Mega Jumps, 45 Billboards, 75 Smashes, 12 roads to rule, 10 Freeburn Challenges, and 15 Events. Like I said, unless there is one last gate that you cannot freaking find, you should have no trouble getting 100% completion of the island. Thankfully, these collectibles are much more manageable than ones found on the Burnout Paradise disc, due in part to their more vibrant color scheme.There is one new Event type, Island Tours, in which you race across Big Surf to hit various checkpoints in a certain amount of time. Nothing mind-blowing, I'll admit, but Criterion did a terrific job of putting some of the checkpoints in extremely weird and awesome places, which helps to differentiate the Event type from the more traditional racing. The other Events are just more of the same (Marked Man, Road Rage, etc.), but because they take place in a location as aesthetically pleasing as Big Surf Island is, they don't feel boring or rehashed in the least bit. As for the Freeburn Challenges, I wish there were more available; this is probably my only complaint with the DLC. But at the same time, I understand it's all about quality over quantity.The most memorable one involves up to eight players jumping off of the Crash TV Ski Jump, the single largest ramp in the game, simultaneously. The catch is that everyone must be in the air at the same time, and having to navigate back up to the jump is a huge pain in the ass. Let's just say my first attempt at beating this Challenge with seven other random Xbox LIVE players did not go so well. Beyond the incredible scenery, "Big Surf Island" brings another great thing to the table: a sweet line-up of vehicles. How I've managed to get this far into a review about a racing game without mentioning a single vehicle, I don't know, but that's not to say the new cars are bad. In fact, the Carson Dust Storm, a dune buggy, has replaced the Jansen 88 Special as my favorite Burnout Paradise vehicle. It's somewhat fragile, especially when going head-to-head with other cars, but it offers extremely satisfying control, and is small enough to zip around Big Surf Island's narrower areas.As a part of the DLC, there's also eight additional cars to unlock. One is a second dune buggy, another is more or less a Hummer, and then there's a hot rod. But, surprisingly enough, there are "toy" versions of the Legendary Cars. Yep, you get adorable, tiny versions of the Ecto-1, the DeLorean, and more. Considering their full-size counterparts are paid DLC, this offering makes "Big Surf Island" feel even more worth the $12.50 (or $12.99 on PS3, for whatever reason).  For once, gamers are getting DLC that actually "expands the experience." Burnout Paradise was and continues to be a fantastic game, but this new content adds the one thing it was really missing. If you are only able to get one premium downloadable pack, you'd be a fool not to make it "Big Surf Island."Whether you've done all there is to do in Paradise City, or you just recently purchased Burnout Paradise, "Big Surf Island" shouldn't be passed up. And, for the record, this thing totally did make me break out into my "giddy like a schoolgirl" routine.Score: 9 -- Superb (9s are a hallmark of excellence. There may be flaws, but they are negligible and won't cause massive damage to what is a supreme title.)

With Criterion Games constantly providing such a steady stream of add-ons, Burnout Paradise seems to have more in common with a platform than an actual videogame.The core experience has evolved time and time again, and the ga...


Burnout Paradise's Big Surf Island DLC gets a price tag

Jun 08
// Jordan Devore
With only a few short days until Burnout Paradise gets its next huge add-on, "Big Surf Island", it's about time we heard a little more about the DLC pricing- and content-wise. Thankfully, we have got those exact det...

Criterion takes us on a tour of Big Surf Island

May 28
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
The latest episode of Crash TV is up and it's all about Burnout Paradise's Big Surf Island DLC. The Criterion folks show off the Carson Dust Storm and the guys drive it all over Big Surf Island showing off what makes the new ...

Preview: Burnout Paradise's Big Surf Island DLC

May 28 // Hamza CTZ Aziz
Burnout Paradise "Big Surf Island" DLC (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)Developer: Criterion GamesPublisher: Electronic Arts To be released: June 11, 2009Once you've downloaded Big Surf Island, you won't just be magically dropped onto the island. The only way in or out of Big Surf Island is through the bridge connecting the main land to the island. Everything is bigger, better and faster on Big Surf and the bridge will immediately gives players an example of what to expect for the rest of the island as there are several jumps players can take on the bridge and one of the game's biggest jumps can be taken when leaving the island. Criterion has taken the best of what people love about Burnout Paradise and brought it all into this island. The island, by the way, is a little bigger than all of downtown Paradise City. There are a bunch of tall skyscrapers that players can get to the top of and do at least eight barrels rolls before hitting the ground.Nine new cars come with the Big Surf Island DLC and one of the cars is made available to players right from the start. The first new car is a dune buggy called the Carson Dust Storm. It's very light, has fast acceleration, is easy to handle and is great at performing stunts. The big flaw with the car though, is that it's a lot easier to wreck compared to other cars as the wheels at the front are completely exposed. You'll be losing your tires/axles a lot with the Dust Storm. I was able to unlock a second car in my play through, which looked exactly like the Dust Storm except it had more weight to it in comparison. The increase in weight affected the acceleration speed but it still handled pretty nicely. Still, the wheels were exposed like the Dust Storm and it could get totaled easily.As for the collectibles, you’ll have 45 billboards, 75 smashes, 15 mega jumps, 10 free burn challenges and 15 events. Some of the events are designed to take players around the island while others will see players leaving the island, going around the mainland and then returning back to Big Surf.All in all, Big Surf Island has a really different feel to it. It’s heavily focused on the stunt aspect and for people that like to get a lot of air time. I was cautious about buying the Cops and Robbers in my impressions for that DLC, but the Big Surf Island DLC is definitely worth getting. Criterion has once again done a bang up job with their continued support of Burnout Paradise.

Construction on the bridge connecting downtown Paradise City to Big Surf Island is finally complete! Well, the bridge still has some construction going on but that's not going to stop anyone from heading into the island. Plus...

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