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BritToid Ep 10: The missing edition

Jun 22
After numerous technical difficulties and a little trip to E3, I can finally announce that the very long awaited and overdue BritToid episode 10 has finally arrived -- on the eve of the recording of BritToid episode 11 none t... read

Sign spinning with Mortal Kombat

Apr 28
Nothing quite says the promotion of a horrifically violent videogame quite like spending an afternoon in London sign spinning with two rather cute guys from California.  While Mortal Kombat already knew i... read

BritToid Ep 9: Keep calm and have UK resistance

Apr 28
Ladies and gentelmen as the Royal wedding is upon us here in the glorious Untied Kingdom we decided this was the perfect time to further celebrate our Britishness by bringing you episode 9 of BritToid: Destructoids British ga... read

Despite having its delicious British fingers in many pies, it is never far from the truth to say that out of everything Codemasters does, driving games are by far their specialty. From the beginning with their retro... read feature

Hot on the heels of their BAFTA win for F1 2010, Codemasters invited me to their offices in the middle of nowhere to speak to the development team behind their latest game, Operation Flashpoint: Red River; all... read feature

Hot on the heels of their BAFTA win for F1 2010, Codemasters invited me to their offices in the middle of nowhere to speak to the development team behind their latest game, Operation Flashpoint: Red River; all week... read feature

[We have moved a few things around and now we have much better picture and audio quality than when the post originally went up, thanks for your patience.] Hot on the heels of their BAFTA win for F1 2010, Codemaster... read feature

BritToid Ep 8: Keep calm & cry sexually frustrated tears

Mar 30
Boys and girls, we are pleased to bring you episode 8 of BritToid, Destructoid's sporadically recorded European gaming-focused podcast. This episode sees myself, Germany, Seto and Gandy make it a whole 30 seconds before discu... read

Insert coin spring designs available for pre-order

Mar 21
UK-based designer Insert Coin have announced that their latest set of t-shirt designs are now available for pre-order.  Insert Coin design some seriously awesome videogame-inspired clothing for t... read

Happy birthday from Destructoid Europe

Mar 17
Since the glorious Hamza Aziz stole the Birthday video spotlght yesterday, I decided to keep our little video for another day. Destructoid Europe community memeber and camera man, Roy Malcomber has decided to throw... read

Tekken King of Iron Fist tournament begins in London

Mar 09
For those who have the skills -- or for those that think they do -- on the last Friday of every month, at HMV Gamerbase in Central London between 7pm and 11pm, the Tekken King of Iron Fist Tournament will be ta... read

BritToid Ep 7: Keep calm and home dip!

Feb 17
Ladies and gentlemen, we have successfully returned and are pleased to give you episode 7 of BritToid -- Destructoid's European-focused gaming podcast -- with a usual cast of Daniel Seto, Daniel Carniero, Sean Justi... read

BritToid 6: Keep calm and jump on the bandwagon

Jan 23
Look, before we start anything I'm just going to straight up apologize. I got drunk -- in fact I got so drunk I never even managed to get home to be a part of this episode. When I did get home, I thought throwing jelly beans ... read

BritToid #6: Keep calm and jump on the bandwagon

Jan 04
Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you that the full cast of BritToid will be coming together tonight to record episode 6. With Christmas and New Year now out of the way, the European side of gaming news has be... read

BritToid Ep 5: Keep calm and leave a message

Dec 20
Well look at us lot! We are back again with our fancy European swagga', minimalistic design and our stylish accents. This time myself (your European Community manager), Daniel Seto (the token Asian), Daniel Carniero (the not ... read

BritToid 5 records tomorrow

Dec 06
Oh yes, it is time again for BritToid, the now European-focused gaming podcast for Destructoid. This week we will be looking at Christmas and lay down our predictions on what we think will dominate sales (and I will be bannin... read

BritToid episode 4: Keep calm and go deeper

Nov 22
Well isn't this long over due? Sorry about that everyone, our bad. However, these last few months have seen plenty going on! DtoidUK became Dtoid Europe after we adopted a Dutch guy. DtoidEurope finally got a HQ as myself and... read

BritToid Episode 2: Keep calm and have a scone

Jul 12
Lords and Ladies (and all that falls in-between), we have made it to episode two of BritToid! For anyone who missed the previous post, we are Destructoid's brand new British gaming-focused podcast. This episode sees the re... read

Sundays with Sagat: Guest Starring Birdie

Jun 27
Here's the first episode of Season 2 of Sundays with Sagat. If you're new to the series, here's a quick recap; this is a video series where a man named Sagat talks to you about videogames. This is serious business. Sadly, Sa... read

E3 10: Hollie and Holmes vs. Dead Rising 2

Jun 17
This is probably the last video featuring the cheeky Hollie Bennett and shiny-headed Jonathan Holmes that you're going to see, at least for the next twenty minutes. Here we get some time in with Dead Rising 2. In the first v... read

E3 10: Hollie Bennett vs. pro golfer John Daly

Jun 17
We shot a proper interview/hands-on with Hollie and myself playing this new John Daly golf game for the PS Move. I promise we did. For reasons beyond my control, we can't show it to you right now. All we can show you is this... read

BAFTAs: Uncharted 2, Batman: AA win big

Mar 21
The eater of men, the venerable Mike Tyson, wasn't on-hand at the British Academy of Film and Television awards show. Just as good -- the BAFTA's media-whoring side step makes the event all the more meaningful, especially to ... read

Videogames beat movies in UK

Jan 03
Let's hear it for the UK and their support of videogames! The Daily Telegraph is reporting that more money was spent on videogames in 2009 than on films. In the twelve months to the end of September 2009, a whopping £1.... read

Did we really need an MMO for this?

Dec 11
England seems to have a problem. I'm not talking about dental hygiene (some of them have very lovely teeth!), nor am I referring to whatever it is they try to pass off as "food" and "cuisine" over there. This is something muc... read

Introducing: Square Enix Europe

Nov 10
Here's something you should get used to if you live in the UK -- Square Enix Europe is the publisher of those Tomb Raider games. I know, weird, right?  That's how it's gonna' be, as Square Enix and Eidos Interactive have... read

Games time forgot: Monty Python's Meaning of Life

Nov 27
Once again, my Googling skills have failed me -- I couldn't find any screenshots for this week's forgotten game outside of a few screens I borrowed from ACG. You'll have to make do with the Mr. Creosote sketch for now.Monty P... read

Games time forgot: Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

Nov 20
  As far as Google image search or Wikipedia are concerned, this week's forgotten game doesn't really exist -- at least, legitimate videos or images of its gameplay don't (the above is from the game, certainly, but ... read

It's Golden Joystick time: World's biggest gaming ceremony returns

Oct 17
The Golden Joystick awards have been running now for twenty five years. Hailed as the biggest and most prestigious ceremony in all of gaming, the show rewards the very best that our beloved industry has to offer. Despite all ... read

Games time forgot: The Getaway: Black Monday

Sep 04
I'll admit it -- I've got a soft spot in my heart for extremely flawed games. The Getaway: Black Monday could never be mistaken for a great game, but hell if I don't enjoy it: for in addition to including a heaping helping of... read

There may not be a Doctor Who game after all

Aug 02
In an odd bit of news, good old BlindsideDork sent us a tip from Nintencast, wherein they report that they contacted the BBC regarding the prospective Doctor Who licensed game mentioned first on David Tennant's official site ... read

The Britcepticons: Sony versus God versus Jesus H. Blair

Jun 14
The fight against so-called 'violent' videogames is quickly degenerating into self parody. With the arguments against the games industry becoming evermore flimsy and social clowns like Jack Thompson increasingly despe... read

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