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BritToid episode 3: Keep calm and throw down a beat

Aug 09
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to BritToid, Episode 3! We are Destructoid's British-gaming-focused podcast that brings you some of Britain's finest (plus one German) accents and all the biggest news from the UK. Listen this... read

BritToid Episode 2: Keep calm and have a scone

Jul 12
Lords and Ladies (and all that falls in-between), we have made it to episode two of BritToid! For anyone who missed the previous post, we are Destructoid's brand new British gaming-focused podcast. This episode sees the re... read

Ladies and gentlemen (and all that falls in-between), we are proud to announce the arrival of BritToid -- Destructoid’s brand new British gaming focused podcast. As a podcast, we look to bring you discussions revolvi... read feature

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