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Booth Babes

EB Games Expo 2011: The booth babes

Oct 21
On some levels, I don't really understand why booth babes exist. Sure, I get the whole 'sex sells' angle but I'm positive if I ever spoke to a booth babe, she probably wouldn't be able to tell me just how many Dark Brotherhoo... read

TGS: The lovely ladies of Tokyo Game Show

Sep 17
While I wish I could have stood around and looked at pretty girls all day, the Great Robot in the Sky sent me to Tokyo to write about videogames, so I had to enjoy them in passing, doing my best to snap a quick shot as I ran to my next appointment. These hastily snapped, semi-lit photos go against everything I've learned as a lifelong photo enthusiast. Forgive my quick and dirty job.  read

TGS: Before anything else, booth babes

Sep 14
Priorities, man. Sure, there's lots of games to see, but we need to get cosplay out of the way first.  The girls are lucky. I'm not sure if it's power saving measures or the humidity, but it's unbearably hot in the Makuh... read

China tells booth babes to show less skin

Jul 30
Booth babes have become one of the attractions that people attending conventions and expos expect to see. They are sexy and usually scantily or outrageously dressed, they may not know anything about video games (or whatever p... read
Saints Row: The Third looks like crazy fun, and man, do I dig that slick trailer it's got! Hamza had a chance to talk with Drew Holmes, one of the writers at Volition, about how crazy the game is, the new vehicles, and Ham... read feature

E3: Girls of E3 photo gallery

Jun 12
What do Snoop Dogg, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mr. Destructoid all have in common? They really have an awesome sneaker collection. They also happen to be super-star babe magnets and we all know that magnets work by magic. So whi... read

E3: Dude...

Jun 08
You always see galleries of booth babes in E3 coverage. Females. But what about the guys? There should be some lookers in the biggest sausagefest of them all, right? We...we found some. Kinda. Enjoy Destructoid's E3 dude gallery. Sorry. read

E3: Booth babes and dudes from the show floor, day 1

Jun 07
You want booth babes? Well, we're working on that. We've got some, but we threw some dudes in there. Dudes and a lombax.  The E3 floor is really fu*king crowded. It calmed down a bit this afternoon, but then someone star... read

TGS: The Accidental Pervert's best of booth companions

Sep 18
So, as it turns out, there is a law in Japan against taking a girl's picture without her permission. Not only did I not know this, but even if I did, I have no idea how to ask a girl in Japanese if I am allowed to take her p... read
If you've ever packed into a sweaty hotel with all of your nerdy friends at PAX you've probably come to know one fact of life: you're going to lose something.  Virginity aside, one guy will end up with your laptop charge... read feature

Sundays with Sagat: Final Fantasy

Jul 21
[Update] Looks like LonexWolf606 actually won the contest. Sorry! Worse still, I can't PM him/her for some reason. If you're reading this  LonexWolf606, email me at [email protected] so I can get you your winnin... read

E3 10: Precious moments with a booth babe

Jun 18
While wandering the E3 show floor, you will see a men touch women that he doesn't know. You will see this many, many times. You will see them touch these women for a few seconds, usually by wrapping his arm around her. Then,... read
Want to know which E3 gallery was our most popular last year? Take a wild guess. The disparity in fact was so great that one editor suggested we just forget about video games and just turn Dtoid into a porn site.  The lo... read feature

No, Gladiator Begins is NOT a porn movie

Feb 03
[As posted on Japanator] I love Acquire. Creators of the Way of the Samurai games, they put the "quirky" into "quirky Japanese game." Part of being so quirky is their willingness to insert all kinds of random, non-sequitorial... read

CES 2010: Booth babe horror stories documentary

Jan 11
Here’s a news flash for guys who attend conventions: it isn’t okay for you to treat booth babes without respect. Gizmodo posted a short (under four minutes) documentary of sorts in which they asked a number of CES... read

Saucy Korean booth babes banned for being too sexy!

Nov 30
This is not really news so much as an excuse to post pictures of sexy Asian women, but at least we'll admit that. In any case, a pair of booth babes have recently been thrown out of South Korean game show G-Star for having co... read

TGS 09: Scandal! Censorship! Underboob!

Sep 26
Underboob. It's like some rare form of cleavage that is scarcely seen in the real world, and often times when it is it's hardly as good as it looks in the magazines that men get for the "articles." However, could it... read

TGS 09: Day 3 in pictures: Bodies, Babes and Birds

Sep 26
We thought we'd bring you more than just booth babes today. Today was the first public day of the 2009 Tokyo Game Show. Even though I've been attending for a few years now, the insane number of people in attendance on public ... read

TGS 09: Day 2 booth babe bevy

Sep 25
Yesterday I said that I was worried that there were less booth babes at the Tokyo Game Show this year. Today has made me feel a bit better as I ran into a few more that I didn't see yesterday. Are they increasing by the day? ... read

TGS 09: First day booth babe blowout

Sep 24
It just wouldn't be Tokyo Game Show without some booth babes. Who am I to mess with the tried and true formula?While our first day schedule was packed, I still managed to sneak in some booth babe pictures for our first galler... read

SDCC: EA to prostitute its booth babes for you, the customer

Jul 24
Oooh Lord. Where to even start with this one? Let's get right to it: Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have cooked up another awful PR campaign for Dante's Inferno called "Sin to Win." If alienating Catholic gamers... read

E3 09: Bona fide booth babes touching my face video recap

Jun 09
I went to E3 to learn about videogames, and I did, but by the end of the show, I had also learned a whole hell of a lot about women. While hoofing it around the show floor, it seemed to me like there were actually more women ... read

TGS 08: Booth babes galore

Oct 11
The booth babes here this year at TGS 2008 are decidedly less fun and frisky then they were last year. For the first day, they were quite lively and fun, as they're hired to be. I've noticed that a couple of days later y... read

E3 08: SCANDAL: Mr. Destructoid proposed to both Nyko booth babes

Jul 16
Nyko's booth is bursting with win. They have beer, martinis, some of the best third-party accessory values at E3, and breasts!  We spent some quality time with their recently released Rock Band wireless accessories, got... read

E For All: The booth babes

Oct 18
Well this was a pleasant great surprise: whereas E3 strictly prohibited hot scantly clad women in its new tight-lipped format, E For All proudly embraced the old tradition of hiring models to add a little eye candy to their b... read

TGS 2007: Destructoid's booth babe review

Sep 25
I recently heard that some non-Destructoid readers thought that this site was something of a "boy's club." That was a bit hard for me to understand seeing as how we have more female writers than the "others," and that we have... read

TGS 2007: Sega booth tour

Sep 24
Much like the Konami booth we showed you earlier, Sega's booth at this year's Tokyo Game Show was massive, and it was divided into several different sections for its various game titles. Each section was designed and themed t... read

TGS 2007: Tecmo booth tour

Sep 22
Everything Tecmo is doing here at the Tokyo Game Show is brimming with cool and badassness, and their booth this year is a perfect reflection of their rock star attitude. They brought the fun with dancing girls, loud music, ... read

TGS 2007: Booth Babe Meets Tentacle

Sep 20
To many of our more astute readers, well versed in the odd idiosyncrosies of foreign cultures, it will perhaps be surprising to see a beautiful, demure Japanese woman posing next to a giant tentacle. "Why isn't it crammed up her vagina?" you might well ask. I'm sorry. I just don't know. It's just one more mystery of TGS.  read

PAX 2007: Booth babes and cosplayers, OH MY!

Sep 02
With any convention that Destructoid attends, the women just flock to us like sheep. In the case of PAX, cosplayers and statues couldn't resist the charm of Mr. Destructoid either!FUN FACT: This is just 1% of the over 1,000 p... read

Dtoid's extensive highlights of Comic-Con 2007

Jul 31
Last weekend's Comic-Con International in San Diego was home to the most excting new games,  the most anticipated new movies, the biggest announcements, and some of the most star-studded panels ever. Of course Destructoi... read

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