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Blockbuster photo

The most inexplicably-often rented games at Blockbuster

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Jan 05
// TheDustinThomas
[Dtoid community blogger TheDustinThomas shares some of his experiences from his time working at Blockbuster (RIP). Want to see your own blog appear on our front page? Go write something! --Mr Andy Dixon] Most gamers around m...
Blockbuster UK photo
Blockbuster UK

Blockbuster closing all its UK stores by December 16

Dec 13
// Steven Hansen
Last month we learned aged rental giant Blockbuster would draw its last breath on US soil by January 2014, when all 300 remaining locations would be shut down. Blockbuster UK is beating us to the punch, it seems. The 91 remai...

Blockbuster closing 300 retail stores by January

Yeah, I didn't know Blockbuster was still around either
Nov 07
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Dish Network announced that they'll be closing all the 300 or so remaining corporate-owned Blockbuster retail locations in the United States by January 2014. They'll be shutting down the DVD mail service middle of December to...
ClayFighter photo

ClayFighter N64 instruction manual going for over $1000

I wish I kept all my manuals as a kid
May 10
// Chris Carter
You know what game series no one ever talks about? ClayFighter. I remember years ago competing in a Blockbuster challenge for it (Blob for life!), and how much of a big deal the Nintendo 64 game was, but alas, it's kind of a ...

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Promoted Blog

Promoted blog: A bittersweet farewell to Blockbuster

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Apr 20
// kona
[Dtoid community blogger kona shares his memories of the once-great Blockbuster. Want to see your own words appear on our front page? Go write something! --Mr Andy Dixon] Fridays were always a sacred day for me as a kid. But ...
Ouya photo

Ouya can play current blockbusters but 'why would we?'

"We're going to have inventive, creative, exciting content that no one else has"
Mar 13
// Allistair Pinsof
Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect and Call of Duty may be all the rage these days, but Ouya, the $99 Android-based console, is going after a different market, according to founder Julie Uhrman. When asked if the console could pla...

Publishers back Blockbuster rentals to fight used games

Nov 21
// Jim Sterling
Blockbuster has said that it's seen a lot of support from game publishers over its increased game rental plans, because they help erode the impact of used games. Apparently, companies receive quite the kickback from rentals, ...

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