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Blatantly Better


Why the PSP is blatantly better than the DS

Sep 13
// Jim Sterling
It's an established fact that if you like one thing, you must hate everything else. You cannot enjoy two of any similar item in this world, which is why bisexuality has been scientifically proven not to exist. With this in mi...

How Fat Princess is blatantly better than Feminism

Aug 03
// Jim Sterling
Titan Studios' Fat Princess was released this week and, server issues aside, it's great fun. Stuffing princesses full of cake and utilizing the game's varied and fun classes makes for an incredible fun online experience. Howe...

How Pokemon Red is blatantly better than Pokemon Blue

Jul 05
// Jim Sterling
Pokémon Red is blatantly better than Pokémon Blue and if you disagree with me you are a spastic. Some of you may feel that one can't successfully draw discrepancies between two games that are essentially the sam...

How Prototype is blatantly better than inFAMOUS

Jun 14
// Jim Sterling
Two games have recently been released that bear several striking similarities. Both of these games are open-world sandbox titles featuring superpowered antiheroes who begin to realize a host of awesome abilities with which to...

How Killzone 2 is blatantly better than Halo 3

Mar 02
// Jim Sterling
Killzone 2 launched exclusively for the PlayStation 3 this Friday, generating much bias from biased people who are biased. It also sold quite a few copies and has been setting the PlayStation Network afire with grenade spam a...

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