First MLG competition of the year begins next week
StarCraft II, League of Legends, and....Black Ops II?
5:45 PM on 03.06.2013

Black Ops II 'Revolution' DLC drops for PS3 and PC
Same fight, new locations
4:45 PM on 03.01.2013

It's time for another Black Ops II Double XP weekend
Friday to Monday starting at 10AM PST
10:00 AM on 02.22.2013

Call of Duty Championship tournament offering up $1M
Activision gets serious with eSports
2:45 PM on 02.01.2013

Twitch TV will be integrated into Black Ops II
Easy streaming is available to the masses
8:00 AM on 01.30.2013

New releases: Skulls of the Shogun will slay you
Plus Dungeonland, Antichamber, and new 3DS games
1:00 PM on 01.28.2013

2012: Year of the Wingsuit
I want to fly like a squirrel
4:00 PM on 12.31.2012

Nuketown zombies available for Black Ops II season pass
Download one new zombies map
11:30 AM on 12.12.2012

The DTOID Show: Sony's New Controller, God of War & THQ
Also: The Wii U is awesome now.
9:30 PM on 11.30.2012

Black Ops II Wii U: the preferred console experience?
GamePad strangely excellent for FPS games
10:30 AM on 11.30.2012

The DTOID Show: Wii U, Deus Ex Movie & Mr Torgue's DLC
Also: I put Reggie in the thumbnail image
10:45 PM on 11.16.2012

Friday Night Fights: Black Ops II and PlanetSide 2, too!

4:30 PM on 11.16.2012

Black Ops II PS3: connection issues, bum Nuketown codes
9:00 AM on 11.15.2012

The DTOID Show: Blops II, GTA V & SC2: Heart of the Swarm
More like, Grand Theft DOGS, am I right?
8:15 PM on 11.14.2012

Check out the ridiculous bonus ending to Black Ops II
Hope you like heavy metal!
12:30 AM on 11.14.2012

BioWare makes hay of Mass Effect discs in Black Ops cases
Developer offering entire trilogy to Call of Duty fans who got stuck with wrong disc
8:30 PM on 11.13.2012