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Beyond Good and Evil


Rayman Origins sales could affect Beyond Good & Evil 2

Nov 10
According to Ubisoft, the commercial performance of Rayman Origins could help get Beyond Good & Evil 2 developed quicker, with sales VP Tony Key stating more sales would give creator Michel Ancel more freedom.  "Ulti... read

E3: No Beyond Good & Evil 2 until 'next generation'

Jun 06
According to an article at GamesIndustry, Michel Ancel (the creator of Rayman and the incredible Beyond Good & Evil) has just confirmed that the highly anticipated Beyond Good & Evil 2 "will not be released on the cur... read

Ubisoft: I Am Alive, Beyond Good & Evil 2 not canceled

May 13
Worried that you'll never see Beyond Good & Evil 2? Slightly concerned that you'll never see I Am Alive? Fear not, my friends, for Ubisoft has confirmed that these games are safe.  Hackles were raised when Ubisoft an... read

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