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Beast And Location

Videogame locales photo
Videogame locales

Can you guess these 26 videogame locales?

Download wallpapers of all the locations from the quiz
Feb 27
[Jigsaw]Want to play a game?[/Jigsaw] Last year, Dutch computer animator Tim Hijlkema made a nifty video quiz in which he modeled 20 "planets" after recognizable game environments and tasked viewers with guessing which games... read

Pharaoh Man looks beast on the Mega Man #13 variant cover

Jan 24
Waitaminute! Didn't I already post the cover to Archie Comics' Mega Man issue #13? Why, yes I did. That's the normal newsstand / subscriber cover, though. This is the variant cover that you'll only be able to find in comic sh... read

Dtoid server maintenance scheduled tonight

Mar 31
Please pardon our dust as we experiment with our new blogging software tonight.  We'll be adding some new exciting features and then immediately taking them away before you've had the chance to truly enjoy them.  Th... read

Beyond Good & Evil Avatar stuff for the uber fan

Feb 16
Ahead of Beyond Good & Evil HD's Xbox Live Arcade release, which is set to roll out on March 2, Ubisoft has put out a number of items for your Xbox 360 Avatar to interact with and possibly even wear. You best strap in, be... read

Red Dead Redemption achievements out along with new screens

May 03
The achievements for Rockstar's upcoming Red Dead Redemption are all at once awesome and and altogether frustrating.On one hand, there's one achievement that you can get for killing and skinning 18 grizzly bears. This is awes... read

Naughty Bear's 'The Book of Naughty' needs to be real

Apr 15
Unless you only discovered Destructoid yesterday, by now, you should know about Naughty Bear. It'll almost certainly be the best or worst videogame this generation based on what kind of person you are. At this point, I just ... read

Splash Damage reveals Tapir Wars 3: It Just Got Chilly

Apr 01
Your favorite squad of elite, cigar-loving tapirs from 2008's hit game Tapir Wars are back at it in Splash Damage's just-announced new title Tapir Wars 3: It Just Got Chilly. The evil penguins? They're even more vile this ti... read

Naughty Bear's box art is pretty much amazing

Jan 27
The cover art for Naughty Bear is what happens when American Psycho and Child's Play have a baby. It's not exactly a sight for sore eyes, but it doesn't have to be, either. In fact, the only way it could be any better is if t... read

This new Nier trailer is ... well, it's just new

Jan 23
I don't know much about Nier except that it's got a hermaphroditic character that cusses like a sailor and that Square Enix is doing something silly with its distribution. It's being released as two different games in Japan:... read

Polar Panic skips the 80s, gets announced for XBLA, PSN

Nov 17
Valcon Games has a new downloadable title called Polar Panic that's due out later next month on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade, it unveiled to us today. It's sort of reminiscent of Bomberman, with the developer put... read

Tekken 6 online patch incoming (once it passes cert)

Nov 05
Oh, Tekken 6. Like all other online-compatible fighting games, there's always going to be the obligatory outrage against less-than-stellar netcode. Thankfully, Namco Bandai is already on the case. In a general statement sent ... read

Red Dead Redemption screens are cooler than Westworld

Oct 09
If there's one thing for me to take away from my time spent on Fallout 3, it's that exploration is one of my favorite things to do in games now that technology is catching up with our imaginations. Combine that with my longin... read

Next Blizzard MMO may not compete with World of Warcraft

Sep 01
It’s no secret that Blizzard Entertainment is crafting another MMO. The studio isn’t commenting on what it is or when it’s hitting of course, but the fact that they are treading on their own territory raises... read

Price drop part duex: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled now $10

Jul 31
What's up with the Xbox LIVE Arcade price changes lately? First it was Madballs, and now TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled has been dropped from $15 down to a fair $10 ... and it hasn't even been released yet. The switch was c... read

E3 09: Scribblenauts solves the most important questions

Jun 05
Those questions include: Who would win a fight between a Kraken and a stegosaurus? Who would win in a fight between a Kraken, God, and Albert Einstein?The answer, according to 5th Cell's Scribblenauts, is always the Kraken.&n... read

What do Gillette and competitive gaming have in common? Sponsor desperation

Feb 10
This was bound to get awkward.The Destructoid Bordello recently received footage of Derek Jeter, John Cena, Tiger Woods and Reggie Bush at the Gillette Champions of Gaming Event last Tuesday where, I shit you not, they shaved... read

Black Friday at SplitReason - 20% off all Destructoid swag, today only

Nov 28
Buy our crap!  I'm happy to announce that our T-shirt supplier SplitReason is having a 20% off sale today on all Destructoid merch. including our new Kamikaze shirt (pictured) and the RetroforceGO! shirt (now available i... read

Feast your arse on the new trailer for Golden Axe: Beast Rider

May 31
I am still torn on this one. While my love for generic action games is well known (I don't care for faux-innovation, just give me a sword and some monsters), there's something about the brawler style action game I truly miss,... read

Sega Gamer's Day '08: Golden Axe: Beast Rider screens

May 16
All went a bit quiet on the Golden Axe front, but we now have a selection of new screens from its current-gen revitalization, Golden Axe: Beast Rider. The concept is simple -- take the monster spurring fun of the classic Gold... read

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition gets pushed back

Apr 21
As with most delays, it makes us sad that we don't get to play the game sooner, but it's almost always worth the wait to play a more polished and complete version of the title in question. With The Witcher, however, that isn'... read

This week's VC releases: Animal pornography edition

Dec 10
While Chester sits in his hot tub of money and Wii points, he's left the task of this week's Virtual Console updates to me. And what a week it is to be covering this set of releases. Nintendo's been really excited about what'... read

Warning: playing the Wii may end up in bestial rape

Dec 03
It's very easy to get excited playing the Wii. With everything going on, you sometimes feel like you're in the action -- I know I feel that way when I'm playing Red Steel. Well, sometimes people can get hurt from this. Let's... read

New Golden Axe = Lair? Lack of playable dwarf = FAIL, at any rate

Nov 27
As far as I'm concerned, it's hard to go wrong with a Golden Axe remake. Just give me a dwarf and a shedload of skeletons to fight and I'm happy. Of course, this is the games industry, and nobody ever does the right thing whe... read

There's been a general consensus among Destructoid staff and readership alike that clarification of our reviews process and metrics has been sorely needed for some time, and it's something that I've been wanting to do for awh... read feature


Hot alien lesbian sex in Mass Effect? Set your pocket rockets for Planet Titty

Sep 18
Mass Effect has been passed by the British Board of Film Classification and given a 12-rating. Among the usual talk of mild violence and light cursing, one interesting entry in the board's classification details is that of a ... read

New dirt on Silent Hill 5

Aug 29
Thanks to links from Gay Gamer and, I was able to track down the scrumptiousness that is new details on the latest installment in the epic survival horror series. According to the full article in this month's ... read

New Folklore trailer captures my soul and holds it tightly, yet gently

Aug 16
Dick McVengeance has been clamoring for a fleshed-out trailer for the upcoming, PS3-exclusive Folklore, and I hope that his hunger has been satiated. In the above trailer, we get a look at Ellen and Keats, the game's protagon... read

Beowulf screenshots make my inner bookworm squirm with delight

Jul 26
In the days before videogame journalism owned my soul, I could often be found in used bookstores perusing shelf after shelf of aging tomes, looking for that lit nerd's holy grail so often hidden there. Although the harsh real... read

Podtoid Special Edition: Our E3 Wrap-Up Show

Jul 17
Podtoid returns for a special appearance fresh from Santa Monica with tales of E3, starstruck encounters with colleagues and industry professionals, and unwanted sexual advances. For this E3 wrap-up edition of Podtoid we'... read

Would you play a horror MMO?

Jul 04
My Fourth of July was spent taking it easy (this is a chic phrase for slacking). I've been on a horror kick lately, and I haven't seen a Nightmare on Elm Street film for at least 5 years, so I borrowed a few from a fr... read

Japan still finds the PSP useful -- improved GPS functionality

Jun 08
Digital World Tokyo brings word about some updated PSP software called Everybody's Map 2. The software works with a GPS dongle that's available for somewhere around 5,000 yen ($41 USD), and costs 50,040 yen on to... read

Loki: Diablo for the graphics whore?

May 31
A mighty Norse warrior, a fierce Greek fighter, a powerful Egyptian sorcerer and a skilled Aztec shaman --what do they all have in common, exactly? Well, besides being a wicked crew of asskickers, they are the four playable r... read

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