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Army of Two


Isaac and Dante are in Army of Two: The 40th Day for PSP

Dec 18
There are a few new interesting tidbits to take away from this latest trailer for the PlayStation Portable version of Army of Two: The 40th Day. The fact that it's a drastically different experience than its console brethren... read

Destructoid confirms zombies in Army of Two: the 40th Day

Dec 17
We’re no strangers to odd narrative twists, but who would have thought zombies would make an appearance in Army of Two: the 40th Day -- a game that seems grounded in physical reality?But zombies are exactly what Nick C... read

We tried to play the Army of Two: the 40th Day demo

Dec 17
Earlier this afternoon, Nick Chester and I gave the Army of Two: the 40th Day demo a spin. We didn’t finish it -- two deaths, the lack of guitar support, and the constant wrangling with the cover mechanic combined to f... read

Army of Two: 40th Day demo coming this week

Dec 15
Can't wait until 2010 to get your fist-bumps on? Electronic Arts has you covered, with a demo for Army of Two: 40th Day scheduled to hit PSN and Xbox Live on December 17. A demo for the PSP version is prepping for a January ... read

Army of Two: the 40th Day intro video has fire, explosion

Dec 10
It all starts when terrorists fist bumps a 468-meter tall tower … with explosives. There wasn’t much doubt that Army of Two: the 40th Day would start with an explosion or two or sixteen. In fact, we were pretty ... read

Europe thought Army of Two was 'ridiculous and tasteless'

Dec 08
According to Electronic Arts, North America thought that everything in Army of Two was fine and dandy, while Europeans found the experience ridiculous and tasteless. While EA's Mark Reid says that you can't please everyone, h... read

Watch Army of Two's Salem and Rios go trick or treating

Oct 30
In the latest EA Montreal-created live-action trailer for Army of Two: the 40th Day, we see the game’s two goons, Salem and Rios, participating and enjoying a little bit of immediate holiday joy. Don’t come into ... read

You know, I've been looking at Army of Two: The 40th Day for about six months now. After an initial preview, followed by another hands-off opportunity at E3, as well as a solid play through of the first level of the PSP versi... read feature


Army of Two: The 40th Day's Extraction mode revealed

Oct 22
In an effort to increase reservations of Army of Two: The 40th Day as well as steer potential buyers away from picking up a used copy of the game a day after launch, EA is offering one-month exclusive access to the Extraction... read

Games on Demand update: Army of Two and fast stuff

Oct 20
A few new (old) games hit Microsoft’s Games on Demand digital distribution platform this morning, dudes. According to Mr. Xbox LIVE, Major Nelson, the kickin’ rad cooperative shooter Army of Two, the bold racer Mi... read

Army of Two dudes still mixing it up with real people

Oct 12
Salem and Rios doesn’t want EA Montreal to have nice things. In the above, the two digital stars of Army of Two: the 40th Day can be seen wrecking their creator’s office with a particularly high-powered and preci... read

'300'-dude to make music for Army of Two: the 40th Day

Oct 09
Butt-slapping, blinged-out guns, and music can mix. At least, that’s what EA Montreal is thinking. The studio announced earlier this afternoon that film and television composer Tyler Bates is the man creating the &ldquo... read

I've spent a lot of time looking at Army of Two: The 40th Day. I say looking, because although I was one of the first people to preview the game earlier this year, and I had the opportunity to check it out again this summer a... read feature


Army of Two: The 40th Day box art needs more dead hippos

Sep 09
Up until recently, I was only casually interested in Army of Two: The 40th Day. It hovered on my radar, but it was far from top priority since there are a sea of other worthy games on the way at the end of this year and even ... read

Army of Two: the 40th Day: Salem and Rios to the rescue

Aug 19
Army of Two: The 40th Day’s world isn’t pretty. The latest trailer for the 2010 title starts with a sense of urgency -- camera wobble and filters and then a shot of a plane tumbling to the ground. Explosions. A ma... read

Army of Two weapon contest results are surprising

Aug 18
EA Montreal's weapon design contest for Army of Two: The 40th Day has finally come to a close, and the results are in. The two winning entries are Angryjoeshow1's "AS-KR1 'The Ass Kicker' Rifle" and Uberblargh's &qu... read

Army of Two: The 40th Day slated for January

Aug 13
Remember how much we all hate it when videogames get released during the end of the year and it's virtually impossible to play all of the good ones? Do you also remember how companies are afraid to put out their games during ... read

EA wants you to design weapons for Army of Two: The 40th Day

Jun 23
Calling all creative types: EA Montreal is putting on a second weapon design contest, this time for Army of Two: The 40th Day.Starting today, users can submit an image of their original weapon to be implemented into "a f... read

E3 09: Army of Two: The 40th Day still rocks the destruction

Jun 03
I’ve already seen Army of Two: The 40th Day. A few months back, I got a hands-off demo of the game, and came away pretty impressed. Too bad EA is pulling a fast one, and the only thing we got to see of Army of Two: The ... read

Metal Gear Solid 4 among six new PS3 'Greatest Hits' titles

May 28
This morning, Sony has announced a new batch of “Greatest Hits” titles that will be hitting retail on June 16. Because these releases are hitting shelves after E3, we predict that at least five or ten minutes will... read

Here are some new Army of Two: The 40th Day screenshots

May 26
Army of Two: the 40th Day isn’t exactly the Army of Two you remember. The fist-bumping, butt-slapping behavior of the two protagonists -- Salem and Rios -- has been greatly reduced to match the game’s new, more se... read

Worst. Zoo. Ever. New Army of Two 40th Day trailer

May 01
Later this year, Electronic Arts will be releasing Army of Two: The 40th Day, the sequel to its popular third-person buddy shooter. Today, they've released a trailer, all of which EA claims is in-game footage. In it we s... read

Is Army of Two: The 40th Day the sequel to EA's buddy shooter?

Mar 06
Publisher Electronic Arts has already confirmed that it will be announcing a new game from its Montreal studio this coming week. There's been some speculation as to what the title could be, but there's little doubt it's actua... read

Army of Two getting a movie

Oct 24
Just like in Brokeback Mountain, the two buddies in Army of Two just can't quit each other. In addition to an upcoming sequel to the game, it looks as though a movie incarnation is on the horizon. Variety is reporting that th... read

EA craves sequels for Dead Space, Army of Two, and Battlefield: Bad Company

Oct 23
EA has surprised more than a few people this past year with a slew of new IPs and an improving image in the eyes of many, myself included.However, you have got to make sequels to fund these new properties, and you better beli... read

New Army of Two DLC coming out next week

Apr 19
New content for Army of Two will be coming out next week for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. The Security and Strategy Corporation (SSC) Challenge DLC will contain a new challenge mode and new maps for the challenge mode... read

Genocide for fun and profit: horrific irony in Army of Two

Mar 17
In my Army of Two review, I promised to talk in greater detail about the game's moral and political implications. That's what I'm fixin' to do right now, with some mild spoilerage.Army of Two may be one of the most contempora... read

Why aren't there more co-op games? Why are so many modern titles focused either on only singleplayer campaigns and multiplayer deathmatches, with multiplayer co-op often acting as nothing more than an afterthought? The act o... read feature


EA needs a geography lesson

Mar 06
Polish gaming Web site Polygamia tells us that the Army of Two street date was broken over there, but that's not the real news item. Our focus here is on a bit of history that Electronic Arts seems to have missed.When street ... read

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