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10:00 PM on 01.12.2012

Bear, the Skyrim chronicles

Good news and bad news time! Bad news: this is not about SQUIDbear. Good news: no "arrow to the knee" bullsh*t. Enjoy the harrowing tale of... a bear. Skyrim : Bear [YouTube] (Very nice job, Joe!)

Tony Ponce

10:00 PM on 01.11.2012

Cave Story maker releases iOS game about saving(?) seals

Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, the creator of everyone's favorite freeware-turned-paid-game Cave Story, has just released his first title on the App Store. Azarashi, an updated version of a quickie time-waster he made over a decade a...

Tony Ponce

1:00 PM on 12.30.2011

These cats are better than you at Fruit Ninja

Gaming animals are rare, so we should treasure them. Especially on slow news days.  "Cat playing Fruit Ninja" is Mack1094's first YouTube video, and it's already nearing 49,000 views. His adorable kitty is a pro at Frui...

Dale North

4:15 PM on 10.29.2011

Bethesda devs actually talk about Squidbear

In case you guys missed yesterday's Destructoid Show, we had some big news. On their first ever Skyrim-centric episode of the official Bethesda podcast, a couple of the artists discussed Squidbear. I guess the mora...

Max Scoville

Review: Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken photo
Review: Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
by Victoria Medina

Growing up playing side-scrolling action games like Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and Another World has cemented my love of the genre, so any time I get the chance to play another title in that vein, I jump at the chance. Enter Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken.

Hardboiled Chicken is a port of the original PC game, Rocketbirds: Revolution!, with some upgrades for the PlayStation 3, including new chapters, cutscenes and a co-op mode. The original game was quite the success, and now the team at Ratloop Asia has decided to try their hand at a different platform.

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8:30 PM on 08.11.2011

If only there were an 8-bit Nyan Cat game by Konami

So. Nyan Cat. There is very little left to be said about Nyan Cat, except that it's my profound disappointment to inform you that Konami did not, in fact, release a licensed Nyan game in 1988. Not only would Nyan Cat vs. Tac ...

Joseph Leray

3:00 AM on 08.09.2011


There's a new Champion Jockey game coming from Tecmo Koei. It will be out for the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and all three versions will make use of the motion controls offered by each console. As you can see in the vid...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

9:30 PM on 07.08.2011

If you're a girl, go buy a Techno Kitten Adventure shirt

A lot of times, girls don't have the opportunity to buy licensed t-shirts in their own sizes, having to make do with guys' sizes. Luckily for them, this Techno Kitten Adventure shirt is available only in girls' sizes. You can...

Bob Muir

The results of our puppy (and kitten!) E3 predictions! photo
The results of our puppy (and kitten!) E3 predictions!
by Chad Concelmo

A week before E3, I posted a predictions post that featured the adorable (and adoptable!) animals of the Burbank Animal Shelter making predictions about what they thought would happen at this year’s mammoth industry event. (You can read the full article right here to see the “scientific” techniques I used to make these predictions.)

The entire process was highly emotional, unbelievably satisfying, and one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. In fact, every time I go back and read the original predictions article I still get a little teary-eyed. I fell in love with all of those amazing animals and can’t wait to visit them again soon. ACTUALLY I AM GOING TO GO RIGHT AFTER FINISHING THIS!

But now that E3 is over, how did the puppies (and kittens!) do? Did they make accurate predictions? Which animal was the most accurate? And was my ultimate goal in doing this experiment reached? Did any of these wonderful, beautiful animals get adopted?

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11:15 AM on 06.09.2011

E3: My dog Luna wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog hat

Last night at the 20th anniversary Sonic party (an event that was as amazing as it was completely, wonderfully surreal), the SEGA reps were handing out big, blue Sonic the Hedgehog hats. This morning, I decided to put one on my dog Luna. She was so annoyed ... but so adorable. This is the most important E3 article I have ever written.

Chad Concelmo

9:40 AM on 06.02.2011

Activision's Wappy Dog videogame pet detailed

Activision is formally announcing their collaboration with Sega Toys, called Wappy Dog. We've heard a bit about it before, but now we have the full details on this terribly named robo mutt. Wappy is a virtual pet that is ...

Dale North

Adorable (and adoptable!) puppies make our E3 predictions photo
Adorable (and adoptable!) puppies make our E3 predictions
by Chad Concelmo

Doing this year’s E3 predictions post was tough. I didn't want to duplicate the same ideas I did in years past, but I knew it would be challenging to top the fun and mysterious energy of going to a psychic in 2009, and damn near impossible to top the sheer epic awesomeness of having exclusive access to the animals of the L.A. Zoo in 2010.

So this year I decided to do something that could potentially give back.

With the help of the extraordinary people at the Burbank Animal Shelter, I decided to visit one of the most celebrated shelters in Los Angeles and have all the puppies (and a few other surprise animals!) make our E3 2011 predictions.

Equipped with a +7 love of dogs and all the incredible questions that you, the community, provided, I went into the animal shelter with two goals: To make predictions proving that anyone (even cute puppies!) can make just as accurate E3 predictions as the highly-paid industry analysts, and, most importantly, to try to get as many of these animals adopted as possible.

I knew this would be a fun, heartfelt experiment ... but I had no idea it would kind of change my life.

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9:40 AM on 05.16.2011

Dragon's Dogma cares not for mythological animal rights

Is there a PETA for mythological creatures? I'm wondering if there should be after checking out what happens to unfortunate griffons in Dragon's Dogma.  These new screens show a griffon getting utterly destroyed in the n...

Jim Sterling

7:00 PM on 04.21.2011

Tokyo Jungle lives! New details on the PS3 game

I was so excited about PS3 title Tokyo Jungle when I played it at last year's Tokyo Game Show. Since then we've heard next to nothing about the strange and hilarious animal survival title. I've cried a few times. The latest F...

Dale North

11:00 PM on 04.08.2011

EyePet sequel coming to PS3 later this year

Over on the PlayStation Blog, it has been announced that EyePet & Friends is currently being developed for a 2011 release on the PlayStation 3. New features for the game will include support for PlayStation Move and ...

Conrad Zimmerman

Review: nintendogs + cats photo
Review: nintendogs + cats
by Dale North

When the Nintendo DS game nintendogs was first released, it became an easy target for some gamers. The dog ownership simulation title was easy to make fun of, with some saying that it wasn't really much of a game at all. Eyebrows raised when popular Japanese gaming publication Famitsu gave the title a perfect score. I even remember some dedicated Nintendo fans questioning the title.

But, just like with a real puppy, gamers slowly grew to love nintendogs. The title slowly caught on and has since become one of Nintendo's top first-party franchises. If you combine the various versions of the first game, Nintendo is going on 22 million copies of nintendogs sold. The lesson here? Never underestimate the power of puppies.

Nintendo lets the dogs out once more, and now adds cats for the ultimate pet sim. More realistic and expressive pets, more interactivity and -- of course -- 3D support. It's even harder to resist than before. I mean, just look at those little puppy eyes!

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