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Also cocks


Hey! Watch this episode of This Week in Videogames!

Jan 28
Last week I was a guest on web talk show This Week in Videogames. I am not posting this video of the episode to put the focus on me – I can’t even watch myself on video for more than five seconds without throwing... read

Here is Sega's game machine, control it with your pee

Dec 20
I don't know who it was that came up with the idea to paint a little fly or dot or target on the inside bowl of your average public urinal, but he (or she) was a genius. It took advantage of man's need to urinate, and combi... read

Tune in to GameTrailers TV tonight to see me NAKED!

Dec 09
Not really. I have a t-shirt on. I just can’t wait for my parents to Google my name and see that headline show up in the results. But I will be on GameTrailers TV tonight! I was one of the “gaming expe... read

Gather around old man Niero: Destructoid turns four

Mar 16
Friday night, 11pm at the Destructoid + Astro party:   "HEY! HEEEEY! SHUT UP! YOU! QUIEEEET!" Then, again, somehow in unison: "SHUT THE F**K UP! WE'RE GOING TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT!" (Here's the party in pictures)... read

Gears of Whores is a real thing and is utterly dismaying

Feb 18
"Finally, porn for the XXX-treme gamer in you!" Not my words, but the words of, a new Web site dedicated to gamer porn. Of course, by gamer porn I mean, "low budget porn stars doing their normal sex but wear... read

A Dtoider won that No More Heroes 2 t-shirt contest!

Feb 11
I've been sitting on this info for a little while, waiting to get a proper screen grab of the two winning t-shirts in action, but my screen grabbing equipment sucks and I can't wait any longer. So here there are, the two winn... read

Analyzing No More Heroes 2, part 1: The bosses

Feb 06
[These posts on No More Heroes 2 are purely speculation. I have no idea what the team at Grasshopper Manufacture intended for the game to mean; I can only speak to what I've taken away from it, so if you don't enjoy potential... read

Jeff Minter pitches Video Game Hero

Jan 06
Space Giraffe developer and notorious industry whingebag Jeff Minter has been hard at work on a new game that he is hoping to pitch to Activision. Not really, but his idea for Video Game Hero could be a pretty good prospect n... read

Genitals ruin Christmas with help from PSP

Jan 05
Shon Goodman of Omaha, Nebraska thought he had his holiday shopping all worked out when he picked up the used PSP at a local store. Little did he know that the handheld contained a horrible secret that would destroy Christmas... read

Handy’s X-mas X-travaganza begins now!

Dec 24
[Handy created this awesome Destructoid themed Christmas poem! Merry Christmas from everyone at Destructoid!] It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we forget about all our problems and just try to enjoy ou... read

ESRB: Dante's Inferno contains demon penis

Dec 21
Oh yes, it's that time again! Time for another brilliant ESRB rating. We've had Street Fighter IV's flexed gluteus, Mass Effect 2's future blouse, and Final Fantasy XIII's breast side portions. Now the ESRB has given us the m... read

The return of the F**khead: No More Heroes 2 ESRB listing

Nov 29
We haven't heard too much about No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle lately, which had me worried that the game wasn't going to make its January 2010 launch date. Seeing the ESRB rating for the game has put those worries to r... read

Tim Langdell is a dick, indies respond...from the EDGE

Nov 12
Tim Langdell, founder of EDGE Games and former IDGA board member, is evidently not a big believer in freedom of speech -- at least, not in respect to the word "edge."  After managing to remove Mobigames' EDGE from the iP... read

Water Sports coming to the Wii

Oct 14
There is only one reason why I chose to run this story. You already know exactly what that reason is.  read

Katamari Forever launch trailer is ... uh, yeah

Sep 23
I'm sure you all remember the first trailer for Katamari Forever that Joseph posted a while back. It had a monkey in it, which is really the only reason I remember. Above, you'll find the new launch trailer for the game, whic... read

Penultimate experience in gaming arrives in Love Death 4

Sep 20
You knew it was coming. You knew that one day man would devise a way to control videogames with his penis. We think with it most of the time. Most of the games we play have something to do with proving who has the bigger wang... read

Nier Replicant will be getting sexy hermaphrodite fun

Sep 15
Nier Replicant has been revealed has been revealed as a PS3-exclusive version of Square Enix's upcoming action RPG, while Nier Gestalt will be an alternative Xbox 360 version. We don't yet know if the two games will have some... read

Send a greeting with some Dissidia flavor

Sep 12
Have you been stuck sending greeting cards without Final Fantasy characters all over them? I know, me too. It's a tough world for us gamers. A world in which we are forced to send electronic greeting cards without our favorit... read

Gackt getting sexy body involved with Samurai Warriors 3

Aug 04
I have a big fat wobbly man-crush on Gackt, and really, who could blame me? The androgynous Japanese singer looks quite unbelievable, and I have made a mission in life to mack Gackt's sack, whether he grants me permission or ... read

Watch Mindfreak, get free couch in Home

Aug 02
Are you tired of sitting on things not shaped like coffins in your virtual home in Home? It's just a pain, isn't it? But who wants to go out and buy a virtual something shaped like a coffin? There's the awkward looks from the... read

Warner Bros. hands a rose to The Bachelor videogame

Jul 29
Yup, this is happening.Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Ludia announced today that they will be creating videogames based on the hit reality shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. According to the press release, t... read

Lars Von Trier's Antichrist getting the game treatment

Jun 20
Antichrist, Danish director Lars Von Trier's newest film, hit Cannes this year and divided critics more than two rival console fanboys arguing over which system should be able to use the only outlet left in the house. Some th... read

Podtoid 100: Podtoid 100

May 19
Yay. You can listen to it here, or subscribe to us on iTunes.- Do you people really want a Sportstoid podcast? Really? - Adam Dork's Podtoid soundboard- We retrospect the hell out of everything- Why the hell is Topher on this... read

Videogames are stupid and babyish, states 'games journalist'

Mar 28
A group of "videogame journalists" scaled a soapbox this past week at GDC in order to rant about the industry and bad jurnalizmz, basically calling out everyone and everything in existence. While a lot of it seemed ... read

GTA IV's male nudity sparks controversy: Anti-game groups run like cockwork

Feb 20
The self-styled "media watchdogs" are so very predictable. No sooner has Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned been released for download, than the moral fearmongers get up in arms about it. Responding to the GTA... read

Left 4 Bed: Post-Valentine Priapism

Feb 16
Offworlder Joel Johnson spotted this over in the Bay Area Craigslist personals while cruising for a "casual encounter".  You know: bowling shirts, some brewskis, couple games of Fumble the Crumble (peach). FRWA... read

A guy gets his knob out in GTA IV: The Lost and Damned

Feb 16
Hey you! Like GTA IV? Love penis? Then you'll be thrilled to know that Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned comes complete with a pubic mushroom and all the trimmings. That's good to know. I can already hear the likes of ... read

Presenting the pinnacle of gaming controllers: Your schlong

Feb 09
I suspect just about everyone has made the joke comparing male genitals to a joystick at some point. Some people take it further than others.Take the guys at SF Media Labs, for example. They have devised a way to transform a ... read

Magazine publisher starts dating site for gamers

Jan 20
Future, the publisher responsible for a wide range of UK gaming magazines as well sites like GamesRadar and CVG, has extended its tentacle-like reach over games media by opening a dating site aimed at gamers. A dating site ..... read

Woman uses Second Life to fulfill prostitution fantasies

Jan 11
As you may know, we are yet to get tired of casting our judgmental eyes upon the  freaks and weirdos that frequent Second Life, and this one, I assure you, is a real doozy.She goes by the name of Palela Anderson, and she... read

LittleBigBallBags: This LittleBigPlanet level is ... hard

Jan 03
LittleBigPlanet is a place where imagination and fun roams free, where adorable Sackpeople live out magical adventures in faraway lands and a community of dreamers share their creativity with the world. It's also a place wh... read

Males play games for the thrill of conquest, science says so

Dec 27
I seriously wonder who it is that actually pays for these so-called studies. A highly useful piece of research has shown that men are particularly drawn to videogames because they are internally wired to love competition. The... read

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