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9:30 PM on 12.14.2011

The DTOID Show: Metal Gear Rising & Command & Conquer

Hello my darlings. Here's today's heaping, steaming pile of Destructoid Show news. The big news today is Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and the stuff Hideo Kojima's been saying in interviews about MGS5, but we also tal...

Max Scoville

11:15 AM on 12.14.2011

Alan Wake confirmed for PC in 2012

Yesterday a Stream registry hint told us that Alan Wake might be coming to PC. Now we have the official word from Remedy Entertainment. Alan Wake is coming to PC in 2012. Nice! I can't wait to play it at maxed-out settin...

Dale North

3:15 PM on 12.13.2011

Steam registry entry suggests fabled Alan Wake PC version

We had nearly given up hope that Alan Wake would ever grace PCs, but the spotting of a Steam registry entry for the game (via NeoGAF) has me feeling pretty good. This method has been reliable enough in the past, particularly ...

Jordan Devore

8:18 PM on 12.12.2011

The DTOID Show: Watch us recap the VGAs!

Happy Monday, Destructoid! In the event that you were too busy huffing ether to pay attention to the Spike TV VGA's this weekend, Max and I have managed to condense the only important parts (i.e., the trailers) into a simple...

Tara Long

8:10 PM on 12.10.2011

Get ready for Alan Wake's American Nightmare

It looks like Alan Wake's next outing is taking a turn for the... well, sh*t's gone crazy. Alan Wake's American Nightmare  finds our literary hero pitted against his doppelganger Mr. Scratch to keep the world from going to hell.  Consider me intrigued. 

Liam Fisher

9:15 PM on 11.08.2011

DTOID Show Extra: Alan Wake 2, Skyrim's Cows, & Zelda 3DS

Hey guys! Keeping with our new experimental fragmentary format for The Destructoid Show, I got to work from home today. Which is to say that I am now a dirty, sexy webcam girl. Er. Boy. News today: BioWare released a screens...

Max Scoville

8:40 AM on 11.08.2011

Look at a picture of Alan Wake: Night Springs

A single image has surfaced for Alan Wake: Night Springs, the digital follow-up to 2009's action-horror. The picture comes via everybody's favorite full-color press release, Game Informer.  Mr. Wake is looking prett...

Jim Sterling

3:00 PM on 11.03.2011

New Alan Wake & BioWare title, MGS:Rising to debut at VGA

It's almost that time of the year again: the run-up to the Video Game Awards and the inevitable announcements of new games as Call of Duty steals some Best Character award from a game that actually has characters. First of al...

Maurice Tan

9:00 AM on 05.20.2011

Rumor: Alan Wake: Night Springs coming to XBLA

According to those always crafty ANONYMOUS SOURCES, Remedy is beavering away on a brand new Alan Wake title -- a downloadable offering known as Alan Wake: Night Springs.  The gossip suggests that Night Springs will be ba...

Jim Sterling

6:00 AM on 05.10.2011

The next Alan Wake is not a sequel or DLC

You know that "Alan Wake 2" reference that popped up on LinkedIn? Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that, yes, there's more Alan Wake on the way. It's just not a sequel… or downloadable content for the original game.&...

Nick Chester

10:40 AM on 05.09.2011

Resume sheds some light on Alan Wake 2

What did videogame blogs talk about before LinkedIn? The most recent juicy tidbit seems to out that work on the sequel to Alan Wake may well be underway. The LinkedIn profile of an artist shows that work may have been done on...

Nick Chester

7:30 PM on 04.15.2011

Silent Hill: Downpour screens have a hint of Alan Wake

While borrowing these screens from VG247, I noticed a comment stating how reminiscent Silent Hill: Downpour is of Alan Wake. It's hardly surprising, considering both have been influenced heavily by Twin Peaks, but once you se...

Jim Sterling

9:40 AM on 01.18.2011

Alan Wake finally on PC with... a themepack

Microsoft released a Windows 7 themepack for Alan Wake today. Let's all download it to send a "Signal" that people still want Alan Wake on the PC, shall we? If you never used one of these before, it's just a collection of twe...

Maurice Tan

1:00 PM on 12.15.2010

Alan Wake tops TIME's game of the year list

You can expect Red Dead Redemption to be at the top of nearly every "game of the year" list over the next few weeks, but it would seem that TIME magazine, of all places, is going against the grain. The revered publication has...

Jim Sterling

2:20 PM on 12.10.2010

Alan Wake's scary audio recording sessions

The audio work in Alan Wake is fantastic. It's probably one of the best aspects of the game. If you set up a good surround system it sounds like you're actually lost in a real forest. It sounds that way because that's where t...

Dale North

9:40 AM on 11.18.2010

Alan Wake to hit Games on Demand on November 23

Experience one of 2010's best Xbox 360 thrillers without leaving your couch -- Microsoft will be adding Alan Wake to its "Games on Demand" line-up this month. The game will be available for download on November 23, and will s...

Nick Chester