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5th Cell


Super Scribblenauts art depicts a windsurfing werewolf

Jun 07
// Jordan Devore
The promise of better controls and adjectives in Super Scribblenauts has many of us eagerly awaiting any and all news on the sequel, which -- do I even need to remind you? -- shouldn't be much of a wait given E3. As with the ...

Scribblenauts wishes you a Merry Christmas

Dec 07
// Jim Sterling
It's December, and you know what means -- fun Christmas pictures from videogame companies! It would seem that Scribblenauts is the first to observe this industry tradition, sending us a lovely little picture of Maxwell and Sa...

5th Cell wishes you a happy Halloween with some art

Oct 30
// Jordan Devore
It's happened. I now know Scribblenauts more for its cute art than the actual DS game itself. In anticipation of tomorrow's festivities, developer 5th Cell sent over an awesome Halloween wallpaper. Unless you have the world's...

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