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Experts think competitive doubles could make it big in Smash Bros.
ZeRo and DarkDragoon double up on doubles talk
12:30 PM on 08.24.2014

Check out this new Final Fantasy Explorers gameplay video
It's Monster Fantasy Final Hunter Explorers and I love it
8:00 PM on 08.23.2014

Ace Attorney Trilogy packs a fresh translation
Plus remastered music and new visuals
4:30 PM on 08.22.2014

This list of Smash Bros. 3DS composers should make you happy
40 musicians!
2:00 PM on 08.22.2014

Super Smash Bros. 3DS has a cool Sleep Mode music feature
Listen to music with 3DS closed
1:00 PM on 08.22.2014

Pokémon Art Academy North American release date confirmed
Set for October
10:00 AM on 08.22.2014

Square Enix at PAX: Go play Theatrhythm and other stuff maybe
This is what they got
6:00 AM on 08.22.2014

Heck yes: Protect Me Knight is getting a 3DS sequel
From composer Yuzo Koshiro's Ancient Corp.
5:30 PM on 08.21.2014

Let's all play Captain Toad at Nintendo's PAX booth
There will be chances to check out games without a PAX badge
3:30 PM on 08.21.2014

Nintendo Download: Mega Man 6
Also, Disney infinity
11:00 AM on 08.21.2014

Final Fantasy Explorers gets a concrete release date and more new job info
But when will it be in English?
8:30 PM on 08.20.2014

Mighty Gunvolt is a free download if you buy Azure Striker
Two Volts for the price of one
12:25 PM on 08.20.2014

Check out Mighty Gunvolt in action for the first time
Old-school goodness
10:30 AM on 08.20.2014

Mighty No. 9 Gunvolt GunGal crossover confirmed, NES style
Capcom is beat to the punch yet again
10:30 PM on 08.19.2014

'Mighty Gunvolt,' a cross-over with Azure Striker and Mighty No. 9 rumored
Inti Creates confirms a leak but no announcement yet
5:15 PM on 08.19.2014

Level-5: Yo-Kai Watch goes international next year
It's happening!
9:30 AM on 08.19.2014


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