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Square Enix announces Theatrhythm Dragon Quest
Coming to 3DS in Japan early next year
1:00 AM on 12.10.2014

Nintendo 3DS firmware takes aim at homebrewers
Moves and counter-moves
10:00 AM on 12.09.2014

This Lucina figure is looking pretty damn great
I want it
10:00 AM on 12.08.2014

What would you want out of an amiibo focused game?
Don't say 'Skylanders but with Mario'
9:30 AM on 12.07.2014

Nintendo's Code Name: STEAM launches in March
Just like the white wing dove sings a song, Sounds like she's singing, Whoo...
9:15 PM on 12.05.2014

Renegade Kid's Xeodrifter is out next week
December 11, with the eShop update
1:30 PM on 12.05.2014

The Suicide Squad is coming to LEGO Batman 3 as 'The Squad'
Makes sense
1:00 PM on 12.05.2014

Smash Bros. may continue without creator Masahiro Sakurai
Or possibly not at all
11:45 AM on 12.05.2014

Shovel Knight breaks 300k in sales
It deserves it!
11:30 AM on 12.05.2014

Amiibo may not work on the subway, but the New 3DS does
In Japan, of course
10:15 AM on 12.05.2014

The New 3DS has a secret browser minigame
It's Breakout but, wait, come back!
12:30 PM on 12.04.2014

Mighty Gunvolt's DLC levels are worth the few bucks they cost
$2.99 for four stages
12:00 PM on 12.04.2014

Rune Factory 4 finally arrives in Europe next week
11:30 AM on 12.04.2014

Nintendo Download: Captain Toad
Also, Fire Emblem
11:00 AM on 12.04.2014

Etrian Mystery Dungeon comes west next spring
Atlus goes rogue!
12:15 PM on 12.03.2014

Which Persona crew did you choose in Persona Q?
4 Live Crew
11:00 AM on 12.03.2014


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