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2K Sports


As we reported earlier, NBA 2K12’s cover athletes -- yes, athletes -- have been revealed, but I’m sure some fans aren’t sold yet. After all, we want some advancement in our games, right? Well, I was able to ... read feature


NBA 2K12 cover athletes revealed: Jordan, Magic, and Bird

Jul 21
The folks over at 2K Sports have upped the ante in the cover athlete game once again. Last year’s well-received NBA 2K11 surprisingly sported former minor league baseball player (and professional basketball pl... read

E3: NBA 2K12 includes PlayStation Move support

Jun 06
Sony has been working hard on getting third-party publishers to support PlayStation Move, and now, they can count 2K Sports among them. The sports publisher trotted out none other than Kobe Bryant at Sony's E3 press conferenc... read

MLB 2K11 $1M winner knew 'zero at all' about baseball

Jun 03
The March release of 2K Sports’ Major League Baseball 2K11 came with the fanfare of the publisher’s second annual competition to throw an in-game perfect game for a $1 million cash prize. This time around, 2K twea... read

Serena Williams in sexy, forbidden Top Spin 4 ad

Mar 25
[The above video is probably Not Safe For Work.] This is an advertisement for Top Spin 4 that 2K Sports seemingly never wanted us to see. It features tennis star Serena Williams and an actress named Rileah Venderbilt str... read

When I last sat in on a Top Spin 4 demo, I didn’t notice a whole lot that differentiated the game from its predecessor. I recently had the chance to take a deeper look at it in a longer session, and now I’m ready ... read feature


In my first preview of 2K Sports’ Major League Baseball 2K11, I wrote that developer Visual Concepts is working on fixing “underlying issues” to refine what was a solid foundation in MLB 2K10. I saw the game... read feature


For a few years now, 2K Sports' MLB 2K games have featured analog-stick controls for pitching, hitting, and fielding. But Sony's MLB The Show franchise has stuck with simple button presses until this year; MLB 11 The Show wil... read feature


Brian Wilson gets the call in this MLB 2K11 short film

Jan 31
Last week, San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson appeared on Lopez Tonight to promote 2K Sports' Major League Baseball 2K11. As you'll see if you watch the clip (and I strongly recommend that you do, even in spite of the ... read

Brian Wilson showing MLB 2K11 short film on Lopez Tonight

Jan 27
If you're familiar with brilliant pop music, then you might assume that the headline of this post refers to the original leader of The Beach Boys -- and you might then feel really confused. No, the Brian Wilson in question is... read

2K Sports’ exclusive third-party development contract with Major League Baseball hasn’t really paid off for the publisher’s parent company, Take-Two, due to a series of baseball releases that have ranged in ... read feature


By the time 2K Sports releases Top Spin 4 on March 15, 2011, it will have been almost three full years since the launch of its predecessor, 2008’s Top Spin 3. That game was well-received, but drew criticism for being so... read feature


Catch a first look at MLB 2K11 in this trailer

Jan 07
2K Sports has sent out the first semi-trailer for its upcoming baseball sim, Major League Baseball 2K11, and you can watch the whole thing above. It only has about 30 seconds of footage from the game, but if you're a basebal... read

2K Sports' $1 million perfect-game prize returns in MLB 2K11

Jan 06
Last year, 2K Sports drew a whole lot of attention to its annual baseball game, Major League Baseball 2K10, by offering a $1 million cash prize to the first person who could throw a perfect game in the game. The promotion was... read

NBA 2K11 demo hits Xbox 360, PS3 today

Sep 14
2K Sports is dribbling a demo for NBA 2K11 on to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network today. The demo will let players relive the thrill of last season's NBA Finals, playing one quarter as the Los Angeles Lakers or Boston Celtic... read

Top Spin 4 announced, features 'uncanny realism'

Sep 07
The uncannily realistic Top Spin 4 has been announced today by 2K Sports. The game will hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii in 2011. According to 2K Sports president of product development Greg Thomas, this will be the most ... read

Pre-order NBA 2K11, get Jordan Avatar/Home jersey

Aug 13
If you’re going to buy NBA 2K11, you might as well get some Xbox 360 Avatar and PlayStation Home crap while you’re at it, right? 2K has announced that it’s partnered with GameStop to offer pre-order customer... read

NBA 2K11 soundtrack features Snoop Dogg, Ron Artest

Jul 29
Snoop Dogg loves 2K Sports' NBA 2K series -- so much so, in fact, that he has recorded an exclusive track, the "NBA 2K Theme," for NBA 2K11. But Snoop is only one of more than 30 artists who appear on the 27-song so... read

2K Sports reveals The Jordan Challenge in NBA 2K11

Jul 22
When you put a legend like Michael Jordan on the cover of your sports videogame, it stands to reason that his inclusion in the game would amount to more than just a roster appearance on a historic team. Today, 2K Sports annou... read

There are three things in life that are certain -- death, taxes and annual sports game releases. NHL 2K11 is out exclusively for the Wii this September, and with it come some of the best controls I've ever used for a Wii hock... read feature


This MLB 2K10 Achievement/Trophy is only available today

Jul 12
2K Sports included a time-sensitive Achievement/Trophy in Major League Baseball 2K10, and the time to get it is now. Entitled "Mid-Summer Classic," the task -- good for 40 Gamerscore on Xbox Live, and a silver Troph... read

NBA 2K11 already has LeBron James in a Miami Heat jersey

Jul 09
There you have it, folks: 2K Sports' representation in their upcoming basketball videogame, NBA 2K11, of the most self-absorbed, obnoxious, callous, and oblivious athlete today -- LeBron James. (Too soon, 2K. Too soon.) Last ... read

Michael Jordan and his tongue grace cover of NBA 2K11

Jul 07
2K Sports has revealed the cover athlete for its upcoming NBA 2K11, and it's... Michael Jordan. And he's trying to lick my face or something. Seriously, what's going on here? Is this a thing Jordan is known for, playing baske... read

NHL 2K11 going on tour through Canada & US before launch

Jul 01
If you're interested in playing 2K Sports' Wii-exclusive hockey game, NHL 2K11, before it releases this September, then boy, do I have some news for you! 2K is taking the game on a two-month cross-continent tour in the N... read

Thank 2K Sports for making Snoop Dogg look truly silly

Jun 08
2K Sports' Twitter feed recently dropped a couple of amusing little nuggets. They're photos of rapper, pimp and player Snoop Dogg all rigged up in a motion-capture suit to record his moves for NBA 2K11. I've always looked at ... read

Michael Jordan appearing on NBA 2K11 cover

Jun 02
Last week, ESPN quoted sources as saying that the greatest player in basketball history, Michael Jordan, will be on the cover of NBA 2K11, this year's installment of 2K Sports' venerated basketball franchise. Today, 2K S... read

My day with the MLB 2K10 perfect game $1 million winner

May 11
This year, 2K Sports decided to do something unprecedented to market their baseball game, Major League Baseball 2K10 -- in an effort to highlight the game’s improved pitching system, they offered a $1 million cash prize... read

Want team-accurate camera angles in MLB 2K10? Try this

Apr 17
I've been playing 2K Sports' Major League Baseball 2K10 for review, and I've noticed that one of the (few) ways in which it is better than Sony's MLB 10 The Show is its suite of highly customizable in-game camera an... read

Get MLB 2K10 for three dollars today

Apr 05
To celebrate Opening Day for Major League Baseball, GameStop is offering the PC download version of MLB 2K10 for a ridiculously low $3 price tag. How important that is to you is directly proportional to your proximi... read

Vancouver Canucks' Ryan Kesler is on NHL 2K11 cover

Mar 09
If Ryan Kesler's name sounds familiar to you, then you're either a fan of hockey (perhaps specifically, of the Vancouver Canucks), or you watched the USA hockey team make their way to a silver medal in the 2010 Winter Olympic... read

NHL 2K11 is Wii-exclusive, will return to PS3/360 in 2011

Mar 04
2K Sports is freezing hockey on HD consoles in 2010. In a financial call yesterday, Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick announced that 2K Sports is working on NHL 2K11 -- but only for the Wii. He explained the decisio... read

MLB 2K10 videos have baseball in them

Feb 22
After many years of research I have concluded that watching baseball is only enjoyable at the stadium, with friends, while consuming large amounts of beer and overpriced food. This is because you don't have to pay attention ... read

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