The Last Guardian is probably still being made
Keep holding your breath
6:30 PM on 03.17.2015

Windows Store selling fake versions of Darkest Dungeon
Apparently anyone can pass for a legitimate publisher on this marketplace
12:30 PM on 02.23.2015

Last Guardian 'still in development' despite trademark abandonment
An administrative error
7:30 AM on 02.17.2015

Sony appears to have 'abandoned' its trademark for The Last Guardian
Is this the last time we'll hear about this game?
6:45 PM on 02.16.2015

A trademark has been filed for Soldiers' Soul
Is this our next Souls game?
7:00 PM on 02.13.2015

Oh dear: Dragon's Dogma Online trademarked
I don't want to assume the worst, but...
3:30 PM on 12.05.2014

A telltale trademark supports idea that next Fallout is set in Boston
Fallout: Shadow of Boston
1:00 PM on 11.05.2014

Square Enix trademarks 'Masters of the Masks' in Europe
Hopefully a new IP
6:00 PM on 10.15.2014

Mevius Final Fantasy trademark filed in Europe
Gotta light?
10:45 AM on 10.06.2014

Nintendo trademarks Delta Emerald in Japan
Who's that trademark?!
1:15 PM on 05.29.2014

Microsoft trademarks Phantom Dust
3:30 PM on 05.23.2014

Nintendo trademarks several 'Advance' items in Japan
Any ideas?
6:38 AM on 05.06.2014

Sony trademarks 'Guns Up!' for United States
Put ya guns on!
11:45 AM on 05.05.2014

Trademark spotted: No One Lives Forever may live again
Nothing's gone forever
8:30 AM on 05.02.2014

Warner Bros. Entertainment files new Blacksite: Area 51 trademark
We come in peace! We come in peace!
7:15 PM on 04.28.2014

Tuesday Newsday: Dragon Age III, Star Citizen, Fatal Frame & Nuka Cola
Breaking: my hair looks great today
7:15 PM on 04.22.2014

Sony trademarks 'Entwined' and 'Kill Strain'
Give us your best guesses
6:00 PM on 04.21.2014

'Eden Falls' trademarked by Microsoft
11:15 AM on 04.21.2014

King settles The Banner Saga and CandySwipe trademark disputes
11:00 AM on 04.19.2014

Microsoft trademarks a game named 'Screamride'
11:00 AM on 04.17.2014

'Nuka Cola' trademark applications filed by Zenimax Media
It's definitely not for a beverage
9:30 AM on 04.17.2014

Square Enix trademarks Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Cool name
2:30 PM on 03.28.2014

King files to abandon its ridiculous 'Candy' trademark
Finally, a reason to use this image
2:15 PM on 02.25.2014

CandySwipe developer writes sad open letter to King
Candy drama ain't so sweet
10:30 AM on 02.14.2014

Ubisoft did not abandon its Watch Dogs trademark
Someone pretending to represent Ubisoft did
7:00 PM on 02.04.2014

King removes Pac-Avoid, talks IP policies in open letter
A response to recent controversies
2:00 PM on 01.27.2014

Candy Crush dev now trying to block Banner Saga trademark
King Candy hindering Banner Saga sequel with opposition
5:00 PM on 01.22.2014

Love candy but hate trademark trolling? Here's Candy Jam
Sucrose trademarks? More like suck-gross, right?
10:30 AM on 01.22.2014

Square Enix trademarks The Seeds of Salvation
Dragon Quest?
12:30 PM on 01.21.2014

King Candy: Candy Crush dev trademarks word 'candy'
9:00 PM on 01.20.2014

Disney abandons its Star Wars 1313 trademark
I'd like to move on, but it's not easy
1:30 PM on 01.20.2014

Microsoft files a trademark for 'Throne Together'
It's all super speculative at this point
6:30 PM on 01.03.2014

Deep Down trademarked for North America and Europe
Deep Duh
12:00 PM on 01.03.2014

Electronic Arts files trademarks related to Desert Strike
Back to the sandbox
1:15 PM on 12.02.2013

Rockstar trademarked a Bully title
The Rockstar game you've all been waiting for
9:00 AM on 11.25.2013

New Dragon Quest might get localized, trademarks spotted
English trademarks hint at possible western localization
5:00 PM on 11.24.2013

Trademark surfaces for Fallout 4 in Europe
Further indication an announcement is imminent
4:00 PM on 11.17.2013

New Transformers game trademarked by Hasbro
Transformers: Age Of Extinction
7:30 AM on 11.11.2013

Nintendo files trademark for 'Great Detective Pikachu'
One step closer to finally getting that Creepy Pikachu game!
6:15 PM on 11.08.2013

'Warlords of Draenor' might be the next WoW expansion
New Zealand trademark might be a clue
11:00 AM on 11.05.2013

Alien: Isolation trademark filed
10:03 AM on 10.21.2013

Valve files trademark for Half-Life 3 in Europe
It's always something
3:30 PM on 10.01.2013

Huh? Deus Ex Universe and Hitman Go trademarks found
Good series, odd trademarks
12:00 PM on 09.12.2013

Hmm: Take-Two renews trademarks for Rockstar's Agent
Now there's a name I haven't heard in a while
11:30 AM on 07.23.2013

Nintendo trademarks might point to the return of Seaman
Seriously though, Seaman on 3DS would be perfect
6:30 PM on 07.17.2013

Microsoft trademarks game feature 'Forzavista'
Where will it end up?
6:30 PM on 05.20.2013

More fu for you! 'SHAQFIGHTER' has been trademarked
This is what we deserve
12:30 PM on 05.14.2013

Is Level-5 about to announce Guild03?
Trio of Level-5 trademarks have suddenly appeared
9:00 PM on 05.04.2013

Warner Bros. sued over memes in Scribblenauts? Okay!
Thief-hating company accused of theft
9:30 AM on 05.02.2013

Sony files trademark for 'The Order: 1886'
What is this?
11:00 AM on 04.24.2013