Years later, Torchlight II is almost ready for Mac
Releasing Monday, February 2
4:00 AM on 01.29.2015

Torchlight II is free on Steam this weekend
You should definitely play it
3:00 PM on 01.10.2014

Torchlight II reaches two million copies sold
Runic CEO Max Schafer is excited
9:30 AM on 07.25.2013

Act fast: Torchlight goes free on
Add this to your library
12:30 PM on 06.18.2013

Torchlight II mod tools have been released!
Steam Workshop integration is music to my ears
10:00 PM on 04.01.2013

Games to play with your boyfriend on Valentine's Day
Romance is just a game away!
11:00 AM on 02.14.2013

Torchlight II mod adds another class and way more
More monsters, items, and quests!
12:15 PM on 01.30.2013

Review: Torchlight II

2:00 PM on 09.24.2012

Torchlight II's OST will set you back all of $0

9:30 PM on 09.18.2012

Exclusive: Torchlight II OST highlights with Matt Uelmen

4:00 PM on 09.05.2012

PAX: 30 minutes of Torchlight II left me craving for more
One last look at the action-RPG before launch
8:00 PM on 09.03.2012

Torchlight 2 finally dated for September 20
Three more weeks!
9:00 AM on 08.31.2012

iOS MMO shamelessly rips off Torchlight

11:00 AM on 07.17.2012

Diablo III is blatantly better than Torchlight II

1:00 PM on 06.22.2012

Six things Torchlight II does better than Diablo III

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Live show: Torchlight 2 beta key giveaway on Mash Tactics

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The DTOID Show: Dead Space 3, Torchlight 2, & Bioshock

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The DTOID Show: PAX East is over, have a recap!

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PAX: Torchlight II is like Torchlight, but better

3:30 PM on 04.09.2012

Torchlight 2 tiptoeing around Diablo III's release

9:00 AM on 04.09.2012

The team behind Torchlight opposes SOPA

8:30 PM on 01.12.2012

Space Marine, Limbo, and more are on sale at Steam

4:30 PM on 12.22.2011

The DTOID Show: MGS 5?! Killzone 4?! Max Payne 3?!

12:30 PM on 11.18.2011

Torchlight II has a good excuse for slipping into 2012

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Hands-on: Torchlight II

8:30 PM on 09.08.2011

The Jimquisition: The Beautiful Irony of PC Gaming

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Torchlight 2 gets its final class and price

11:15 AM on 08.26.2011

That's So MMO!: Pandas in the Mist

12:00 PM on 08.06.2011

The DTOID Show: Nolan North, Skyrim, and Torchlight LIVE!

10:30 PM on 08.05.2011

Torchlight 2 exceeds XBLA memory limit

11:30 PM on 08.04.2011

Torchlight reaches one million sales

9:30 PM on 07.06.2011

E3: Hands-on with Torchlight II

8:20 AM on 06.13.2011