Payday 2 welcomes Jacket from Hotline Miami to the crew
This can only end well
2:30 PM on 02.26.2015

Payday: The Heist is free on Steam today
It'll be nice to have more people playing this
3:30 PM on 10.16.2014

Hotline Miami's masks are a great fit for Payday 2
I'm holding out for Tony
2:00 PM on 09.29.2014

Killer collaboration: Payday 2 is getting Hotline Miami DLC
Releasing September 30
4:30 PM on 09.11.2014

Overkill is making a co-op shooter based on The Walking Dead
'In 2016 Washington will fall -- what will you do?'
12:45 PM on 08.13.2014

Payday 2 director leaves Overkill Software
'It's all on good terms'
5:15 PM on 07.14.2014

Payday 2 DLC adds more shotguns and monkey masks
Gage Shotgun Pack
4:30 PM on 07.07.2014

Overkill is bringing Payday 2 to PS4 and Xbox One
This year, presumably
1:15 PM on 06.12.2014

Payday 2's Big Bank DLC features the game's largest heist yet
Play it at E3, even if you don't have a badge!
10:00 AM on 06.07.2014

Breaking Bad's Gus plays The Dentist in new Payday 2 DLC
Watch you gold fillings
10:00 PM on 06.03.2014

PS3 players of Payday 2 get free Sweet Tooth mask DLC
Because there weren't enough clown faces in one place already
3:00 AM on 01.08.2014

Become President Obama in the new Payday 2 DLC
Plus President Bush, Clinton, and Nixon masks too
7:30 PM on 11.13.2013

Jimquisition: Time To Get Paid
Jimquisition happens every Monday!
3:00 PM on 08.26.2013

Review: PAYDAY 2
Stands and delivers
12:30 PM on 08.19.2013

Payday 2 is profitable and it's not even out yet
Owners of original game now have beta access
6:30 PM on 08.08.2013

PayDay 2 launching August 13 on Steam
August 16 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
3:00 AM on 08.07.2013

There's a little Hotline Miami in Payday 2
Plus here have a new trailer
4:30 PM on 07.31.2013

Payday 2 Collector's Edition comes with a real mask
Here's what you need to know going in
5:00 PM on 07.09.2013

Payday 2 blew away my expectations, stole my heart
Exponentially expanded and improved heisting
7:30 PM on 06.12.2013

New Payday 2 trailer goes all sneaky mode
This is why clowns aren't allowed in banks
8:30 PM on 05.30.2013

Payday 2 will also launch at retail this August
'Too big' to only release digitally, says Overkill
2:30 PM on 05.14.2013

PAYDAY 2 trailer here for the bank’s money, yours too
Clowning around
8:00 AM on 03.13.2013

Payday gets its first DLC today for both PSN and PC

8:00 PM on 08.07.2012

You're gonna get tazed in Payday: The Heist

2:30 PM on 10.18.2011

The brute force of Payday: The Heist's Bulldozer

2:30 PM on 10.17.2011


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