84-year-old man loves gaming, makes orgasm noises
5:00 AM on 01.30.2013

86-year-old woman loves gaming, plays Disgaea
Gamer for 40 years, has SRGP chops
3:00 AM on 01.22.2013

Promoted blog: Growing old disgracefully

8:00 PM on 07.31.2012

100-year-old lady rocks the Nintendo DS

11:00 PM on 02.02.2012

Game SERIES Debate to the Death! Ultima series

8:45 PM on 08.24.2010

Wii gaming for health also works for old fatties

3:00 PM on 06.04.2010

Nintendo to force old people to play Super Mario Bros Wii

3:40 PM on 12.08.2009

Peripherally Speaking: Nyko's Perfect Shot

2:00 PM on 07.14.2009

Stereotype killer: 114 million adult gamers in the US

1:00 PM on 05.19.2009

Hey old people, play games and get cheaper car insurance

2:05 PM on 10.04.2008

Sexagenarian Madden fan proves being old and a gamer aren't mutually exclusive

2:39 PM on 06.10.2008

Out-of-touch old windbag won't buy videogames, bankrupts entire industry

10:09 AM on 04.02.2008

Videogames made me say the 'C' word!

1:36 PM on 04.01.2008

Destructoid Rewind: Top stories from last year, February 18-24, 2007

10:19 AM on 02.18.2008

Destructoid Rewind:
Our biggest stories from Feb 4-10, 2007

4:57 PM on 02.04.2008

RetroforceGO! Episode 30: New Year's Retrolutions

3:37 PM on 12.31.2007

Game Debate to the Death!
SkiFree VS Rodent's Revenge

11:21 PM on 10.09.2007

Survey says that casual games are bringing families together

6:25 PM on 08.28.2007

Senior gamer draws gun to protect his games

12:21 PM on 08.09.2007

Shenmue Online canceled: Who will move all of these online crates now?

11:05 AM on 08.04.2007

EA pulls 49 online titles off of life support, watches them slowly die

9:20 AM on 08.03.2007

The founder of GameFAQs to step down after twelve glorious years of faqqing

8:43 AM on 07.23.2007

E3 2007 Aftershocks: Hands-sticky with the Wii Party Station

10:02 PM on 07.22.2007

Bargain Bin Laden #19: Otogi

11:51 AM on 07.22.2007

RetroforceGO! recording tonight; I miss arcades

6:06 PM on 07.18.2007

Wii Party Station? Are they serious?

11:49 AM on 07.12.2007

Give your DS some 'Style'

10:02 AM on 07.04.2007

On today's episode of 'Nerds Make the Darndest Things' ...

2:29 AM on 06.11.2007

Condemned 2: Bloodshot artwork is hobo-rific

9:19 AM on 06.06.2007

EA: You haven't seen the last of The Godfather engine

10:18 PM on 05.17.2007

More proof that grannies love the Wii

2:45 PM on 05.05.2007

Captain Obvious: Analysts are useless

11:07 AM on 04.25.2007

Old Forbes dude calls Microsoft's gaming attempts a 'disastrous endeavour'

12:25 PM on 04.20.2007

ZOMG!!! It's Atari trivia time.

9:04 AM on 04.14.2007

ZOMG!!! It's NES trivia time.

10:06 AM on 04.13.2007

Old people game? Unlikely

1:26 AM on 04.05.2007

Destructoid: The Italian Restaurant

1:55 PM on 04.01.2007

Get your poor grandmother out of that home and into a Wii bowling league

6:32 PM on 03.30.2007

GDC 2007: Greybush goes backstage

9:37 PM on 03.07.2007

Commodore is bringing it back

11:37 AM on 03.07.2007

Greybush rocks Epileptic Gaming tonight (update)

5:28 PM on 02.22.2007

Wii Toaster: Friend codes needed for extra dark mode

8:53 AM on 02.10.2007

Increase your gamerscore, get stuff

5:31 PM on 02.06.2007

Shhhh! New Xbox 360 drive is sleeping

12:05 PM on 02.06.2007

Videotopia delivers a blast from the past

2:43 AM on 01.27.2007

Quick observation: It's true, old people do play the DS

8:07 PM on 01.24.2007

Getting older: Gamers raising gamers

12:11 AM on 01.21.2007

CES 2007: We got SARS

6:15 PM on 01.15.2007

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2007: Fat guys with mustaches

2:53 AM on 01.14.2007

Your biggest gaming purchase mistakes of all-time

5:36 PM on 01.07.2007