Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China gives the series a fresh perspective
Stabbin' necks through history in 2.5D
11:00 AM on 03.31.2015

Monster Tale Ultimate coming to 3DS
Juggle monsters to death in stereoscopic 3D
2:00 PM on 03.29.2015

Space Sluggers is chaotic and so incredibly cheesy
Everyone fights, no one quits
6:30 PM on 03.27.2015

Mining adventure SteamWorld Dig coming to Xbox One next
New Easter egg included
1:00 PM on 03.25.2015

Sweet closure: Blade Kitten adds Episode 2 DLC years after its debut
That's commitment
10:00 PM on 03.17.2015

Tembo the Badass Elephant is a stuttering beauty
Peanut butter swilling, Rambo cosplaying Elephant
6:00 AM on 03.16.2015

Terraria: Otherworld's GDC trailer drops more hints about its alternate universe
Crystal defender
5:30 PM on 03.12.2015

Sega and Game Freak join forces for Tembo the Badass Elephant
PC, PS4, and Xbox One this summer
12:30 PM on 03.11.2015

Review: Blackhole
In space, no one can hear you giggle
3:30 PM on 03.02.2015

Axiom Verge debuts on PS4 in late March, other versions to follow
The spirit of Metroid lives on
3:00 PM on 02.23.2015

Greedy Guns fires out fast-paced metroidvania action
Rapid-fire pew pew
4:30 PM on 02.18.2015

Terraria: Otherworld trailer shows an alternate dimension to the sandbox
'Not Terraria 2'
5:30 PM on 02.16.2015

Broforce fulfills my dream of fighting aliens as Kurt Russell
The Alien Infestation update is live
12:30 PM on 02.12.2015

True fact: Shooting the Sega logo in Vectorman is life's greatest pleasure
Also, what was up with level two?
9:00 PM on 02.11.2015

Sneaky Ninja does stealth without any messy throat slashing
Family-friendly ambush and murder
5:15 PM on 02.10.2015

Ready for punishment? Castle in the Darkness awaits
Precious coins ease the pain
4:30 PM on 02.05.2015

Luckslinger blends 2D shooting, westerns, and hip-hop
With an interesting luck mechanic
10:15 AM on 02.05.2015

Wonder Boy creator working on new Wonder Boy-esque game
3:30 PM on 01.30.2015

Starbound update includes new race, new combat, new universe
First stable update in almost a year
3:30 PM on 01.28.2015

Oblitus is coming soonlitus
That's about it
6:30 PM on 01.27.2015

Axiom Verge does speedrunning and gifs right
Separate mode for when you gotta go fast
7:30 PM on 01.26.2015

Moonman looks like the appetizer to a Starbound entrée
'He looks inside friends' is the best euphemism
8:00 PM on 01.14.2015

JumpJet Rex revels in old-school charm, hits Early Access January 14
Dino ride through outer space
9:00 AM on 01.13.2015

Xbox One inherits Rogue Legacy
And that's all we know
2:30 PM on 01.08.2015

Hollow Knight has about a day left to hit some stretch goals
Snug as a bug in a treacherous dungeon
1:30 PM on 12.17.2014

2D fighter Dynamite Bomb is getting localized
How effective is a dynamite bomb?
10:00 AM on 12.12.2014

New Fossil Echo trailer shows off its Oddworld influence
Shadow of the Colossus influence still apparent
12:00 AM on 12.12.2014

Two new characters revealed for indie brawler Rivals of Aether
Wind and earth join the fray
1:00 PM on 12.08.2014

Hot Sticky Mess is the 'hardest' Electronic Super Joy DLC to date
Your buttless ass is in for a world of hurt
11:30 AM on 12.07.2014

Ironically, the Kickstarter for Hollow Knight looks solid
Alternate game title: Just an Empty Suit of Armor I Guess
10:00 AM on 11.26.2014

Devolver Digital's new title Crossing Souls looks like an '80s cartoon
'You've got the touch!'
2:30 PM on 11.17.2014

Spelunky updates: PS TV support, replay fast-forwarding, Daily Challenge ghosts
New features for the PlayStation ports
7:00 PM on 11.10.2014

Had enough yet? Terraria headed to PS4 and Xbox One next week
Just remembered that I own Starbound
3:00 PM on 11.06.2014

This seems like a bad title for a game, but it's Snot
But seriously, don't name games after bodily fluids
10:30 AM on 11.06.2014

Risk of Rain's new engine should mean less slowdown
Update brings characters, items, and challenges
4:00 PM on 10.22.2014

Hyper Light Drifter preview extended until October 31
It's not too late to try it out for yourself
1:00 PM on 10.10.2014

The other two Castlevania GBA games are also coming to Wii U
Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow Next hit next week
2:00 PM on 10.09.2014

Chasm feels like a love letter to Super Metroid and Dark Souls
After exploring the first two areas, I'm ready for more
2:30 PM on 10.07.2014

Still waiting for a new 2D Metroid? Take a look at Beyond Human
Metroid x Mega Man x Devil May Cry
4:30 PM on 10.06.2014

Horror title Noct reaches its Kickstarter funding goal, Greenlit on Steam
This visually striking arcade shooter/survival horror hybrid is one to keep an eye on
1:00 PM on 09.29.2014

We're getting Castlevania: Circle of the Moon on Wii U in October
Dracula X, too
5:00 PM on 09.25.2014

Curious about Hyper Light Drifter? Why not play it this weekend?
Limited preview build keys shipping out soon
3:30 PM on 09.24.2014

Club Nintendo EU has a physical Kirby: Triple Deluxe soundtrack
Good vibes
1:00 AM on 09.24.2014

Poncho is a cute robot in a lovely open-world platformer
Looking for some Kickstarter loving
11:30 AM on 09.22.2014

Top-down '70s heist simulator The Masterplan now available on Steam Early Access
Beautifully hand-drawn, with a soundtrack that Tarantino might approve of
4:00 PM on 09.16.2014

Nicalis kicked my ass again with Castle in the Darkness
Let's get down to business
5:30 PM on 09.10.2014

Joylancer, the love letter to the Game Boy, will hit Early Access in October 26th
Watch the trailer if you love retro games
5:00 PM on 09.10.2014

2D survival horror Uncanny Valley has a demo out now
I'm sure those shadow things just want to be friends
7:00 AM on 09.08.2014

Warlocks takes its cooperative fantasy brawling to Kickstarter
Like Risk of Rain with magic and moonwalking
10:30 AM on 09.03.2014

Nidhogg and Dust: An Elysian Tail are heading to PlayStation
More cool indie ports
3:30 PM on 08.28.2014