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Live Show: The (Not Amazing) Spider-Man 2 game!

It's the one on the original Xbox
Apr 29
// Spencer Hayes
Well, Activision was certainly tight about sending out copies of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. So you know what we're going to do? We're going to play the AMAZING Spider-Man 2. Get it? We're playing the one on the origi...

Live Show: Bonus Valkyria Chronicles day

Apr 28
// Spencer Hayes
What?! I thought we were done with Valkyria Chronicles. Sure, the game is great and has become a favorite on the channel but we already said that we were done! Consider this one a bonus. It's kind of like that time your dad c...

Live Show: How does Dark Souls II on PC stack up against consoles?

It's impressive
Apr 25
// Spencer Hayes
Whenever you bring up the Souls series of games, you have to talk about the absolutely terrible PC port of 2011's Dark Souls. Let's be real, Dark Souls on PC was not developed by someone who cared about the PC market. Three y...

Live show: Finishing up Beyond: Two Souls

I can only imagine what happens afterward
Apr 24
// Spencer Hayes
I have very few qualms with calling Beyond: Two Souls a bad game. From it's incredibly poorly executed QTEs to its incredibly hamfisted writing there is very little in there that I would call decent, and even fewer examples o...

Live Show: Beyond: Two Souls Day 2

Feeling David Cage's tentacly appendages
Apr 23
// Spencer Hayes
Captain's Log: it's day 2 and I'm already starting to see the cracks in my sanity. David Cage's magnum opus is dragging me down. It's called Beyond: Two Souls but I reality it's closer to Beyond: Two oh my god please kil...

Live Show: Let's play Beyond: Two Souls

Alert: I'm likely going to be miserable
Apr 22
// Spencer Hayes
Hey guys! I'm pretty sure that's how you're supposed to start a let's play. Yeah, I don't get it either so I'll refrain from making any more of those jokes.  If you saw Phil and my previous show, The Gentlemen's Club&nbs...

Live Show: Saving Gallia one more time in Valkyria Chronicles

This might be the last one.... Maybe.
Apr 21
// Spencer Hayes
Seriously, will we ever shut up about Valkyria Chronicles? Short answer: No. Long answer: "Oh my god why didn't anyone play this game. It's seriously brilliant and it deserves even more praise than it gets." But that's not th...

Live Show: Returning to the battlefield in Valkyria Chronicles

Back to animeland
Apr 18
// Spencer Hayes
You asked for it and now you're getting it. Earlier this week Phil and I played Valkyria Chronicles and everyone went nuts. That means we have to bring it back for an encore! That's right, we're continuing the tale of Sniper-...

Hyper Light Drifter is the developer's own 'dream game'

Apr 17 // Spencer Hayes
Row Row fight Triple A
When you look to hard-hitting journalism you (hopefully) look to Destructoid. In keeping with this tradition we had the creators of Hyper Light Drifter onto our live channel to talk about developing the game while we totally...


Live Show: More forgotten gems with Resonance of Fate

The game really resonated with me
Apr 17
// Spencer Hayes
Earlier this week Phil and I played Valkyria Chronicles and we realized something: There are tons of great games out there that people haven't heard of and we can bring them to the people. So that's what we're doing today.&nb...

Live Show: Wilhelm screams and motorbikes in Trials Fusion

Pretend I figured out how to write one of those screams
Apr 16
// Spencer Hayes
There was a time back in middle school when flash games ruled a large part of my attention span. So many classics, surely you all remember that one with stickmen and tons of violence? How about that other one about violent st...

Live Show: Remembering Sega's often forgotten Valkyria Chronicles

It's at 2PM PDT
Apr 15
// Spencer Hayes
If you're a fan of strategy RPGs you definitely know about the Final Fantasy Tactics series, and you're likely aware of Tactics Ogre, but have you heard of Valkyria Chronicles? Released relatively early in the PS3's life cycl...

Live Show: Look into the past with Jet Set Radio Future

Apr 14
// Spencer Hayes
If you know anything about games, then you know that the Dreamcast is one of the most beloved consoles. And if you know anything about the Dreamcast then you know the Jet Set Radio is one of the best games available for Sega'...

Live Show: We've got the full PAX build of Hyper Light Drifter

Apr 11 // Spencer Hayes
Hyper Light Drifter photo
Sweet mercy it's so damn pretty
If you haven't heard of Hyper Light Drifter then you better pay attention because you're in for a treat. If you have heard of the gorgeous Kickstarter success story you also better sit down -- we're about to blow your mind. A...


Live Show: Bro-op shootin' terrorists in Broforce

It's still not a Bear Force One game.
Apr 10
// Spencer Hayes
I wish there were witty things to say about Broforce, but what can you even say about this masterpiece? It's a co-op (bro-op) game about shooting tons of terrorists as the protagonists of your favorite action movies. This see...

Live Show: The Humble Bundle Finale

It's good isn't it?
Apr 09
// Spencer Hayes
We've had a crazy week, haven't we? When I started at Destructoid all those years ago I never thought we'd be able to curate a Humble Bundle. Look at me now, mom! So what are we doing today? We're bringing it all full circle ...

Live Show: How fast can you 100% Hotline Miami?

My Answer: About 3 hours
Apr 08
// Spencer Hayes
This has been a hell of a week, hasn't it? The Destructoid Humble Bundle is going strong, but it's time is almost up. So how are we going to celebrate? I'm going to play my favorite game in the bundle.  If you've never w...

Live Show: Light one up with Little Inferno

Burn it down
Apr 07
// Spencer Hayes
If you've played a game in the past generation, you're probably aware of World of Goo. 2D Boy's smash hit puzzle game is on nearly every platform imaginable and can be called a landmark on the indie game landscape. While...

Live Show: Humble Showcase Double Feature

Crunch shapes
Apr 04
// Spencer Hayes
Yeehaw, it's time for Humble game roundup day 2. If you missed yesterday's festivities you missed a rollicking good time with PixelJunk Monsters. But it's time to put that craziness behind us. It's time to jump into Critter C...

Live Show: Day 1 of our Humble Bundle Showcase!

Braving the wilds of PixelJunk Monsters
Apr 03
// Spencer Hayes
In case you didn't hear the good news today, we're curating the newest Humble Bundle! That's right we're working with one of the best ways to get into indie games to bring you one of the best bundles ever!  Does my excit...

Live Show: Let's mess with Phil while playing Dark Souls 2

Apr 02 // Spencer Hayes
[embed]272790:53238:0[/embed]   Now, while I'm being sneaky down here it's time to talk about our really rad giveaway we're doing on the channel. We're handing out a copy of Watch_Dogs when it releases. Want to enter? Hit that subscribe button on the channel OR send in a postcard. The details are down there under the post. Go check it out if you care. Oh, and all of the giveaway stuff will be handled off of Twitch so don't worry about crazy Twitch laws. 
My apologies to the Anthropy family.
While I was growing up my mother always taught me that revenge was a dish best served cold. Well Mom, today the dish is being served lukewarm. If you checked out our previous Dark Souls 2 stream you'll remember that Phil insi...


Live Show: We're punching animes in J-Stars Victory Vs

Dragonball is for dumb babies that need their anime drip fed to them
Apr 01
// Spencer Hayes
If you've ever been to our live channel you know that Phil and I love some ridiculous Japanese games. That's part of what makes our partnership with so much fun. In the past we've had fun shooting under...

Live Show: Cloudbuilt is crazy spirit Mirror's Edge!

Get ready to go so fast!
Mar 27
// Spencer Hayes
I have a shocking love for games that make me feel like I can barely keep up with them. Sadly, there haven't been a ton of games to scratch this particular itch. Enter Cloudbuilt, the neon robot ghost speed platformer. Luckil...

Live Show: TUG-in' it with Infamous: Second Son

I love writing titles like that
Mar 26
// Spencer Hayes
If you've never heard of the game TUG I wouldn't blame you. I mean, I had only learned about it a few weeks ago. As my producer Bill Zoeker (Zoey) pitched it, "Think like Minecraft but for your weird hipster people Spencer." ...

Live show: Let's get anime with Witch and the Hundred Knight

Phil and the Hundred Spencers
Mar 25
// Spencer Hayes
You ever have those games that just sneak up on you? When Witch and the Hundred Knight was announced I was all about that nonsense. Fast forward several months to now and the game is out. Boy does it look silly. If you aren't...

Live Show: Watch us completely explore Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Here's to you
Mar 24
// Spencer Hayes
It feels really good to be back in the saddle. We missed pretty much an entire week of shows due to GDC, but we're coming back with a vengeance. If you've heard Phil or I talk about our favorite games you've undoubtedly heard...

Live Show: Win some Titanfall goodies!

Here's more Titanfall!
Mar 14
// Spencer Hayes
If you're anything like Phil or I you haven't put down Titanfall since it came out on Tuesday. It's really refreshing to jump back into a competitive multiplayer game. Now that I'm thinking about it, the last time I got into ...
Hohokum live photo
Hohokum live

Live Show: Sony's here with Hohokum and Helldivers

Oh my god I'm all about Hohokum
Mar 13
// Spencer Hayes
Have you guys seen Hohokum? Of course you have, it's the charming and beautiful game about everything and nothing. I realize that's not a very apt description, but there isn't really a better way to describe it. All we know i...
Dark Souls II live photo
Dark Souls II live

Live Show: We're playing Dark Souls II

Place bets on how often Phil and I die
Mar 12
// Spencer Hayes
I don't often recommend that you take Phil and my crazy antics and base drinking games off of them, but if you have to do it sometime: today is the day. Now, we aren't exactly bad at games -- between the two of us we can mudd...
Win an Xbox One photo
Win an Xbox One

Live Show: Win an Xbox One bundle, games, and more on our Titanfall stream!

We're even giving away an Xbox One
Mar 11
// Spencer Hayes
Here at Destructoid we're either super excited for Titanfall or we're skipping it entirely. Naturally, I'm one of the people ready to sacrifice their firstborn to get their hands on the game. So, when Twitch came to us about ...

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