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by Spencer Hayes   |   personal blog

Live Show: The (Not Amazing) Spider-Man 2 game!
It's the one on the original Xbox
3:30 PM on 04.29.2014

Live Show: Bonus Valkyria Chronicles day

3:30 PM on 04.28.2014

Live Show: How does Dark Souls II on PC stack up against consoles?
It's impressive
3:30 PM on 04.25.2014

Live show: Finishing up Beyond: Two Souls
I can only imagine what happens afterward
3:30 PM on 04.24.2014

Live Show: Beyond: Two Souls Day 2
Feeling David Cage's tentacly appendages
3:30 PM on 04.23.2014

Live Show: Let's play Beyond: Two Souls
Alert: I'm likely going to be miserable
3:30 PM on 04.22.2014

Live Show: Saving Gallia one more time in Valkyria Chronicles
This might be the last one.... Maybe.
3:30 PM on 04.21.2014

Live Show: Returning to the battlefield in Valkyria Chronicles
Back to animeland
3:30 PM on 04.18.2014

Hyper Light Drifter is the developer's own 'dream game'
Row Row fight Triple A
4:15 PM on 04.17.2014

Live Show: More forgotten gems with Resonance of Fate
The game really resonated with me
3:30 PM on 04.17.2014

Live Show: Wilhelm screams and motorbikes in Trials Fusion
Pretend I figured out how to write one of those screams
3:30 PM on 04.16.2014

Live Show: Remembering Sega's often forgotten Valkyria Chronicles
It's at 2PM PDT
3:30 PM on 04.15.2014

Live Show: Look into the past with Jet Set Radio Future
3:30 PM on 04.14.2014

Live Show: We've got the full PAX build of Hyper Light Drifter
Sweet mercy it's so damn pretty
3:30 PM on 04.11.2014

Live Show: Bro-op shootin' terrorists in Broforce
It's still not a Bear Force One game.
3:30 PM on 04.10.2014

Live Show: The Humble Bundle Finale
It's good isn't it?
3:30 PM on 04.09.2014


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