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2:19 PM on 07.16.2007

EIEIO 2007: Hands-on with Fury; this game is HOT

Fury is an upcoming MMO game that strips away all the grinding and leveling of games like Everquest or World of Warcraft and jumps right down to the nitty gritty of PvP while still retaining the things that make RPG's s...

William Haley

5:51 PM on 07.14.2007

E3 2007: Mercenaries 2 developer walkthrough will make your pants tight

  Towards the end of the Xbox's lifespan, I had about 75 games for the console that I traded in before GameStop realized they had created a major loophole that made each game worth $15 more than it should have b...

William Haley

5:38 PM on 07.12.2007

EIEIO 2007: Gamecock L-pops are NSFW

Gamecock's anti-E3 event, EIEIO, was a very chill and completely welcome experience amidst the chaos of jumping from hotel to hotel and appointment to appointment. Located at Hotel California right off the Santa Monic...

William Haley

1:35 AM on 07.11.2007

E3 2007: New 360 console & technicolor accessories will make you vomit with glee

So the mystery system was revealed tonight at Microsoft's E3 conference, and it turns out to be the new Halo 3 Special Edition Console. But, that's not all! For all the female players and Smurfs out there, multi-color...

William Haley

1:20 AM on 07.11.2007

E3 2007: Halo 3 campaign trailer and screens put nightmares of Halo 2 to rest

So, this actually looks good. Even the most diehard of Halo fanboys had to admit the multiplayer was graphically underwhelming and the sneak peak at the single player was not so hot either. Holding on to all hope, they insist...

William Haley

12:41 AM on 07.11.2007

E3 2007: Blue Dragon demo on Xbox Live marketplace... like NOW

Blue Dragon is one of the most anticipated RPGs of the last five centuries, and now you can get your hands on it. And by now, I mean after you've downloaded the 1.13GB file, suckers!What should you do in the meantime? It's too bad they didn't just release a couple of classic Sega games on XBLA. If only ...[Via SLiFe's clog] 

William Haley

12:28 AM on 07.11.2007

E3 2007: Sonic the Hedgehog and Golden Axe on XBLA... like NOW

While gamers will need to wait months for most of the games shown at Microsoft's E3 conference, two titles will be available tonight (or "tomorrow," if you're one of those people) on Xbox Live Arcade. And no...

William Haley

7:43 PM on 07.10.2007

E3 2007: Burnout Paradise gameplay will rape your face

Behold, Burnout Paradise! Developer Criterion is a company that continually does the unthinkable: it actually makes sequels... that are good. *gasp* I know, right? We can all sit around and argue about how Burnout 3 was or wa...

William Haley

6:59 PM on 07.10.2007

Import Spotlight: Oneechanbara vorteX

Welcome to the first ever Destructoid Import Spotlight. Every episode of this feature will take a look at games that never quite make the journey to American shelves. What better way to launch said serial than with Oneechanba...

William Haley

6:20 PM on 07.10.2007

First Soul Calibur Legends trailer; the old people are going to have SO much fun

Screens and scans of the upcoming Soul Calibur spin-off for the Wii have flowed freely as of late, but now you can finally get a chance to see it in action. And I do use the term "action" very loosely, as only the m...

William Haley

The Destructoid Theme Song Contest gets its cherry popped!
by William Haley
King3vbo has taken the plunge by being the first entry into the Official Destructoid Theme Song Contest, and I can honestly say this is the best entry yet. Unfortunately it's automatically disqualified due to the mass amounts of racism, sexism, and all the other -isms incorporated into the video. Oh yeah, and because as far as I know he's not actually a member of The Who.
Hit the jump to see his second, far more eligible entry and don't forget to send in your own songs. In case you forgot, the winner gets the COMPLETE Rock Band game and instrument set and their choice of Dtoid editor as a groupie. If you pick Nex the chances of drugs being involved are also considerably higher.  
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1:10 PM on 07.10.2007

Xbox 360: a glimpse into the (very near) future

Hmm, what have we here? This is a picture taken from the Microsoft E3 conference rehearsal and posted on Gamerscore Blog (it was quickly taken down immediately afterwords). Will Microsoft be color-coding each of their SKU'...

William Haley

2:06 AM on 07.10.2007

Sony interview: "We are still winners!" *tear*

This video with SCEA president Jack Tretton pretty much encompasses everything that is wrong with Sony this generation. It's like everyone knows the PS3 bombed, and they simply won't admit that things could have gone ...

William Haley

5:38 PM on 07.09.2007

Project Gotham Racing 4 gets bikes, is now infinity +1 times better than Forza

If Forza 2 was a man and I was a woman, while I was playing it I would have kept thinking to myself "Are you in yet?" But, as underwhelming as that overhyped Microsoft moneymaker is, gamers can always rely on Bizarr...

William Haley

4:53 PM on 07.09.2007

New Xbox 360 65nm chipset = cheaper 360s and a cure for cancer / RROD

We all knew it was only a matter of time, and now it looks as if that time has come: Microsoft is implementing codename Falcon in order to reduce overheating in 360s and also greatly reduce the price of manafacturing costs wh...

William Haley

11:48 PM on 07.07.2007

Xbox 360 price cut ... if you live in BFE

It seems the Playstation 3 is not the only console getting an unofficial price cut forcefully thrust upon it like mutated genitalia in a Wes Craven remake; as seen in this week's Shop Rite special offers, the Xbox 360 Premiu...

William Haley