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Aaamaazing!: Ico, Yorda, and the Bridge

Apr 28
[Monthly Musing promotions are starting to wrap up! As one of our last promotions, ThaJinx tells us how the relationship between Ico and Yorda created a stunning gaming experience. Promotions are all lined up for tomorrow and... read

Groundhog Day: Wings that cross time

Feb 09
[For his Monthly Musing, ThaJinx talks about my favorite game, Chrono Trigger. This month's topic asks you to write about a game you keep coming back to and playing over and over again. If you want to participate, get over to... read

Teh Bias: The Simpler Things

Aug 13
[For his Monthly Musing, ThaJinx shares his dislike for what he views to be overly-complicated games, and tells us why he thinks simpler is better. Want to post your own Monthly Musing? Post your own blog now! -- JRo] It's im... read

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