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Impatiently lurking with bated, fetidly undead breath, Atari's upcoming game Alone in the Dark has a June 24th release that will launch it into 2008 as the first blockbuster survival horror game of the year. This Monday, Atar... read feature


Bay to Breakers: Drunken Cosplay at its finest

May 19
Once a year in the good city of San Francisco, the main streets shut down and surrender themselves to throngs of residents for the epic Bay to Breakers marathon. While the brave few run the track from the San Francisco Bay to... read

Art Attack Friday: Mujia Liao

May 16
This week's Art Attack Friday artist articulates most of her love for the line of signature Square Enix characters. Mujia Liao (aka yukikominazuki) is a Canadian animator with a pro handle at injecting voluminous color in her... read

Konami Gamer's Night '08: Silent Hill: Homecoming

May 15
Following the unexpected announcement of Konami's new music game, Rock Revolution, the projection screen faded from the candy-colored lights of the concert stage and transitioned to the glowing embers of the title Silent Hil... read

Konami Gamer's Night '08: Rock Revolution

May 15
Given the historical relationship Konami has had with rhythm and music games in the past, it's no wonder that they're looking for ways to earn back the fame that games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band usurped from them. Like e... read

Konami Gamer's Night '08: Metal Gear Solid 4

May 15
When it seemed as though the collective sweat in the heated presentation hall had permanently bonded throes of gaming journalists to their seats, the one and only Hideo Kojima took to the stage to present the gem of Konami's ... read

Run like a raptor! Pixeljam Games' Dino Run released

May 05
With all the hullabaloo whip-lashing around the recent release of GTA IV, it's a ripe opportunity to step back from the moral challenges of modern gaming and into to a time when gaming was primal. A time when pastures of velo... read

Art Attack Friday: nemurism

May 02
Here we go with this week's Art Attack Friday. Since I know you all have been desperately craving a fix of hard-core StarFox fanart, I offer you the work of nemurism to satiate your needs. Nemurism's extensive collection of f... read

Art Attack Friday: Minus 8

Apr 18
It's spring, everyone, and if you haven't been floating through the fragrant scent of cherry blossoms or frolicking through the sun-soaked streets of New York City in eager anticipation of Karaoke-fest 2008 with NY Comic Con ... read

The celestial seasons seem to troll by for the diehard Fallout franchise fan waiting impatiently for a sequel. While there was Nick's preview of Fallout 3 back in July and a more recent mention of a potential 200 plus endings... read feature


Art Attack Friday: Scabrouspencil

Apr 04
Illustrator scabrouspencil (aka Kenneth) is this week's featured artist for Art Attack Friday, fixating a bold array of linework and sturdy color on the front page. While his fuller body of work ranges between concept art and... read

And the gamers who play them: Girl Gamers

Mar 27
For this month's musing I chose to digest the sub-culture of 'Girl Gamers' that has managed to quickly surface alongside the increased popularity of gaming in the mass media. So to avoid any confusion, the term 'Girl Gamers' ... read

Art Attack Friday: hoyhoykung

Mar 21
This week's AAF artist is an incredible digital painter from Thailand who calls himself hoyhoykung. Although his deviantArt gallery may not be as expansive as some of our previously featured artists, in this instance, the lac... read

Art Attack Friday: Dapper Dan

Mar 07
In the modern lull of game-related Saturday morning cartoons, I sometimes find myself consumed in day dreams littered with cartoon-likenesses of Mario, Link, and all of their good friends and foes of ages past. Streaming out ... read

Art Attack Friday: ChemicalAlia

Feb 22
ChemicalAlia knows no limitations when it comes to the dimension and iteration of her fan art. Ranging from high-color bubbly renditions of Mario characters to the curious pursuit of injecting Knuckles in an homage to Caravag... read

Art Attack Friday: Jon Sommariva

Feb 09
The pumped up work of Jon Sommariva graces the front page for this week's Art Attack Friday. A straight-forward comic artist at heart, Sommariva (aka *Red-J on DeviantArt) conveys his characters in the guise of wide-eyed, rou... read

Art Attack Friday: Tobias Kwan

Feb 01
This week's featured AAF artist is a young talent by the name of Tobias Kwan. Kwan delivers an artist's blow to the digital screen with energized mixes of contrasting textures and colors. This stunning effect results in full-... read

Art Attack Friday: Robert Kim

Jan 11
From time to time I will pledge my fangirlism through bouts of loopy line work and casual cross-hatching, efforts which result in what I typically consider to be mini works made entirely of win and awesome. These self-proclai... read

Art Attack Friday: ~RDCarneiro

Dec 28
Chibi-faced renditions of timeless videogame icons may always be super-kawaii, but frankly the cute overload factor just isn't enough in this day and age to distinguish one choad sized Link from the next. While sixteen year o... read

Art Attack Friday: Atomictoy

Dec 14
It's certain that the most creatively designed games have a tendency to lovingly burn their image deep into our play experience. In some instances it's a stunning scene in an FMV that will override our memory, while in other ... read

Rock Band characters are the new Miis, this time with more cowbell

Dec 10
When the Wii debuted a year ago, Nintendo put an entirely new demographic of gamers' undergarments in a twist over the simple yet extremely customizable Miis. The Miis were revolutionary to this extent, providing a basic and ... read

Happy Ninja Day: Hands-on with Ninja Reflex for the Wii

Dec 05
As if there isn't already enough Ninja related material on deck today, I've got more folks! The fellows over at Electronic Arts decided that Ninja Day wasn't soon enough. So in the spirit of impatient celebration, they debute... read

Art Attack Friday: CiztizenWolfie

Nov 30
With razor-sharp line work rendered boldly and un-apologetically, CitizenWolfie (aka Dennis Davies) taps into a hybrid style that's forcefully pleasing. Teetering between the edge of character art and comic book illustration,... read

The Destructoid song contest closed it's doors yesterday evening after collecting a multitude of song entries that were eager to please. It was a triumph, and it would be negligent for me not to make a note here that it was a... read feature


Those of you fortunate enough to be on the coast farthest from me (that would be, the East coast) could quite possibly be sitting pretty, already clamoring away at Mississippi Queen and lucidly basking in the high-def glow o... read feature


Oh Destructoid community members, how I doth love thee!  The ways, let me count them: one, two, three, four new entries to add to the high-pressure theme song contest? How I knew I could depend on the righteous few ... read feature


Remember a few months ago how we allegedly offered you, the pauper musician, a golden opportunity to win a full set of the much anticipated Rock Band in exchange for a mellifluous arrangement that would be trumpeted across th... read feature


Art Attack Friday: It's a cross-stitch cornucopia!

Nov 16
Today's AAF features not one but four artists, all of whom share the delight of re-rendering classic gaming motifs of the 8-bit variety by applying the lost kitsch tradition of cross-stitching. Time consuming and intricate, c... read

Art Attack Friday: Dan Paladin

Nov 02
As professionally savvy as I try to be when journalistically roaming the showroom floors of many a game convention, I'll admit I have yet to tame the wide-eyed, stars-a-flutter gaming fangirl that frolics in meadows of 1-up m... read

Hands-on with Army of Two

Oct 22
Nuzzled deep in the inconsequential city of Millbrae, CA, EA hosted a hands-on trial of their much anticipated co-op game Army of Two at the Bay Area Paintball facilities. Press was greeted at the door with an onslaught of hi... read

Art Attack Friday: Miss Shelby

Oct 19
It could be said that artist Shelby painted the above mural imbued with high art aspirations of a piece that flirts playfully between pop culture and pop gaming. Or perhaps it was merely a colorful solution as to how she and ... read

Art Attack Friday: Rich Grillioti

Oct 05
When it comes to the talented and accomplished pool of game industry folk that we here at Destructoid have coaxed into being our friends, we seem to have an inherent tendency to show them to you (like teh Pokemons, as it were... read

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