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by Max Scoville   |   personal blog

Podtoid 285: Child-Child
Balls to the wall
6:30 PM on 03.26.2014

Video: Alt.Ctrl.GDC shows weird new ways of pushing buttons
These make the Wii balance board look downright boring. Er, more boring.
6:30 PM on 03.25.2014

Video: Devolver Digital's Mike Wilson discusses the past, the future, tequila and porn
Devolvin' and Debauchin'
6:00 PM on 03.25.2014

Farts 'N' Crafts: Teens fighting an Angry, Flappy Bird
Honk if you hate geese
12:30 PM on 03.25.2014

Video: Devolver Digital's Nigel Lowrie talks Hotline Miami 2, Luftrausers, & Bro Force
Original Hotline Miami coming to the PlayStation 4
3:30 PM on 03.23.2014

Podtoid 284: Extreme Pie-Eating Contests
2:00 PM on 03.23.2014

DTOID News: GDC wrap-up, Morpheus Vs. Oculus, Assassin's Creed Unity and Far Cry 4
Also, an explosion
12:30 AM on 03.22.2014

Capy Games' Nathan Vella talks Super Time Force, Below, and the IGF Awards
"Dolphin Lundgren." SOLD.
7:00 AM on 03.19.2014

Farts 'N' Crafts: Sonic hates his new design so much he's barfing
GDC cocktail napkin edition
5:15 PM on 03.18.2014

Dumb Idiot Ideas: Max & Ben's virtual Oculus Rift game jam!
Anything is possible!
2:30 PM on 03.15.2014

Witcher 3 delayed, Angry Birds gets Epic, and an Ouya game about Slavery
DTOID News salutes ursine iconoclasm
11:30 PM on 03.13.2014

Podtoid 283: Maxine Legroom & 'A.F.' Massages
Plus, actual video game talk
2:45 PM on 03.11.2014

Farts 'N' Crafts: Big Boss Vs. Godzilla
10:30 PM on 03.10.2014

Dumb Idiot Ideas: Shaq Fu? How about a Love Actually fighting game
I feel it in my fingers...
1:30 PM on 03.08.2014

Infiltrating Outer Heaven: A tour of the Kojima Productions studio
Also: Street Fighter's Vega is in The Phantom Pain. Sort of.
4:30 PM on 03.07.2014

Video impressions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Watch Snake shoot down his own chopper!
1:00 PM on 03.07.2014


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