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by Mr Andy Dixon   |   personal blog

Contest: Win a beta key for Trials: Fusion!
15 PC codes up for grabs
3:00 PM on 03.29.2014

Friday Night Fights: Bill is dead
Game with the Dtoid community!
3:00 PM on 03.28.2014

Contest: Win Resident Evil 4 HD!
15 Steam keys up for grabs
3:00 PM on 03.26.2014

Get your WildStar beta keys here!
Play the upcoming MMO all weekend long
10:30 AM on 03.21.2014

Contest: Win a code for Strider!
Three copies for each platform to give away
3:00 PM on 03.19.2014

Dtoid turns 8!
Where has the time gone?
7:59 PM on 03.16.2014

Contest: Win a custom Lighting Returns PS3!
This thing is SEXY
3:30 PM on 03.15.2014

Are you going to PAX East this year? Let us know!
And while you're at it, sign up to wear the Mr Destructoid helmet!
1:00 PM on 03.15.2014

We've got 5,000 keys for this weekend's Elder Scrolls Online beta!
If you already redeemed a key last time, no need to reapply
4:15 PM on 03.14.2014

Contest: Win The Art of Castlevania
Three US and two UK copies up for grabs
6:00 PM on 03.12.2014

Contest: Win The Art of Thief!
Winning is way better than stealing
11:30 AM on 03.07.2014

Hey! You can buy a Mr Destructoid helmet for your Xbox Avatar
We also have a PlayStation Home shirt for all those times you use PlayStation Home
6:00 PM on 03.05.2014

Contest: Win a limited edition Infamous: Second Son statue!
12 full inches of Delsin Rowe
3:30 PM on 03.05.2014

Contest: Win the Art of Titanfall!
Games are art
6:00 PM on 02.28.2014

Get your Elder Scrolls Online beta keys here!
Play the game all weekend long
11:30 AM on 02.28.2014

Contest: Win the Be Mine 11 bundle!
American McGee's Grimm, Infected: The Twin Vaccine, IL2-Surmovik: 1946, and more!
11:30 AM on 02.17.2014


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