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by Kyle MacGregor   |   personal blog

Review: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
It's a knockout!
10:00 AM on 09.29.2014

Short Peace omnibus hits the Americas next week
Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day finally arrives Tuesday!
9:00 AM on 09.27.2014

Doujin JRPG Sacred Tears True out now on Steam
Nyu Media's biggest release yet
11:00 AM on 09.25.2014

OlliOlli 2 announced for PS4 and Vita, coming in 2015
Sicky sicky gnar, bro bro!
9:30 AM on 09.25.2014

Final Fantasy could come to Vita if demand is there
Ask and ye shall hope Square Enix hears you
8:00 PM on 09.23.2014

Toukiden: Kiwami brings the hunt to Vita next year
The Oni army returns!
9:30 AM on 09.23.2014

PlayStation TV launches in North America next month
Then Europe in November
10:45 AM on 09.22.2014

Bravely Second introduces its Three Musketeers
No, not those Three Musketeers
8:00 AM on 09.22.2014

Take another look at Etrian Odyssey Untold 2
Coming to Japan this November
7:00 AM on 09.22.2014

Persona 4: Dancing All Night delayed in Japan
Atlus pushes rhythm game back to 2015
6:00 PM on 09.21.2014

Oculus VR unveils new headset called Crescent Bay
Shiny new prototype is new, shiny
5:00 PM on 09.21.2014

Harmonix terminates support for Rock Band Network
All good things must come to an end
3:00 PM on 09.21.2014

Sony launching Internet TV service later this year
Bask in your golden light, submerge in electric waves
2:00 PM on 09.21.2014

Microsoft postpones Xbox One launch in China
Now planning to launch before the end of the year
1:00 PM on 09.21.2014

Atlus breaks silence on Devil Survivor 2 for 3DS
Break Record targeted for a January 2015 release in Japan
2:00 PM on 09.20.2014

Square Enix establishes cloud gaming firm Shinra
Beta tests for new service planned for 2015
4:30 PM on 09.19.2014


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