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by Chris Carter   |   personal blog

Ocarina of Time 3D may be out of production
Get it, it's fantastic
6:15 AM on 01.28.2015

It looks like some Targets are selling the Sheik amiibo early
Call your local store
9:30 PM on 01.27.2015

What's your favorite Mega Man weapon?
There's a lot of them
2:00 PM on 01.27.2015

Capcom FAQ clarifies everything you get with RE: Revelations 2's Raid Mode
Lots of maps
11:15 AM on 01.27.2015

The Humble Archie Comics Bundle packs in Sonic and Mega Man
Worlds Collide
10:45 AM on 01.27.2015

Hyrule Warriors ships one million units worldwide, which is damn good for the Wii U
10:00 AM on 01.27.2015

Dragon's Dogma Online officially announced, with microtransactions
As if those trademarks weren't announcement enough
7:00 AM on 01.27.2015

Where is our Dying Light review?
1:30 PM on 01.26.2015

More Final Fantasy Type-0 HD info revealed, the XV demo may not make Type-0's release
The story will take roughly 40 hours
12:30 PM on 01.26.2015

House of Wolves might be Bungie's last chance to save Destiny
The Season Pass buck stops in March
12:00 PM on 01.26.2015

Retro City Rampage DX New 3DS update info revealed
The New 3DS patch will bring improvements
10:30 AM on 01.26.2015

It looks like Indigo Prophecy is getting the remastered treatment
$9.99 this month
10:00 AM on 01.26.2015

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds soundtrack comes to Club Nintendo Europe
3000 stars
7:40 AM on 01.26.2015

ArenaNet unveils Guild Wars 2's first expansion, Heart of Thorns
I've needed this for a while
5:08 PM on 01.24.2015

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. might be getting demo cards at GameStop (update)
Cards are in, but not active yet
4:15 PM on 01.24.2015

Review: New Nintendo 3DS XL
A nice, but nonessential upgrade
4:00 PM on 01.23.2015


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