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by Chris Carter   |   personal blog

The 3DS gets a small stability patch today
Version 8.1.0-18U
10:00 AM on 07.25.2014

Skylanders to get premium metallic toys with 'Eon Elite' line
Parents, your wallets!
9:00 AM on 07.25.2014

Dark Souls II gets patch 1.08, fixes and balances in tow
Not quite as major as some fixes in the first Dark Souls
8:00 AM on 07.25.2014

Princess Ruto looks like one of the coolest characters in Hyrule Warriors
Uh, I'm sold
7:00 AM on 07.25.2014

Here's some more details on Bayonetta 2's multiplayer
'Tag Climax'
7:30 PM on 07.24.2014

Play the Destiny beta on Saturday past 2PM PST and earn an emblem
Which unlocks in the full game
5:45 PM on 07.24.2014

Third Eye Crime is hitting Steam today for $5
But How's It Going to Be?
5:15 PM on 07.24.2014

Teaser site opens for erotic RPG Great Edo Blacksmith
Content to follow
4:45 PM on 07.24.2014

Titanfall gets an in-game currency system, but microtransactions are out
Also, the next DLC is out on July 31
4:15 PM on 07.24.2014

Jump reveals One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X for 3DS
A new One Piece game
3:00 PM on 07.24.2014

The physical edition of Wii Sports Club drops on Wii U on July 25
1:00 PM on 07.24.2014

Nintendo checks in with Capcom, confirms Battle Network VC release
July 31 in the US
11:30 AM on 07.24.2014

Nintendo Download: Blaster Master
Also, Siesta Fiesta and Wooden Sen'SeY
11:00 AM on 07.24.2014

See Sheik, Princess Ruto, and Darunia in action in Hyrule Warriors
New nostalgic screens
10:30 AM on 07.24.2014

Steel Empire will hit the 3DS next week for $30
That's a pricey pricepoint
10:00 AM on 07.24.2014

You got Tomodachi Life in my Smash Bros.
An exclusive 3DS stage makes and appearance
9:00 AM on 07.24.2014


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