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by Chris Carter   |   personal blog

These officially licensed GameCube style controllers are sweet
For Wii and Wii U
11:00 AM on 07.29.2014

New Super Smash Bros. 'Paper' level revealed for 3DS version
Switches between Paper Mario games
10:00 AM on 07.29.2014

The Last of Us has another ending that will never be released
As per the live event show
9:00 AM on 07.29.2014

PS4 firmware update 1.75 is out, with 3D Blu-Ray support
It actually does something!
8:00 AM on 07.29.2014

Shadow Warrior coming to consoles on September 26
New modes detailed
7:00 AM on 07.29.2014

It looks like Bravely Default sold one million copies
More in the West than in Japan!
10:00 PM on 07.28.2014

Apparently only 40% of GameStop customers know they can trade in games
I guess they ignored the 10 suggestive sells before and after the transaction
3:00 PM on 07.28.2014

This Optimus Prime PlayStation 1 figure is pretty awesome
Autobots, DualShock and roll out
2:30 PM on 07.28.2014

Get a taste of the Bayonetta anime's english dub here
1:30 PM on 07.28.2014

Mysterious Murasame Castle hitting the 3DS eShop next month
Remember that minigame in Nintendo Land?
1:00 PM on 07.28.2014

Link's outfit looks pretty badass in Monster Hunter 4
More video footage
12:30 PM on 07.28.2014

Rhythm puzzler Beatbuddy is coming to the iPad
'Completely redesigned for touch'
11:00 AM on 07.28.2014

NES Remix 1+2 will arrive in the form of a physical release later this year
If the price is right, buy it
10:30 AM on 07.28.2014

Rockman Xover gets another cool looking boss that's wasted on this game
New Mega Man you say? Well, there is one! Sort of
10:00 AM on 07.28.2014

Fat Princess: Piece of Cake is out now on iOS in Canada
Coming to Vita later this year
9:00 AM on 07.28.2014

Guardians of the Galaxy are making their way to Zen Pinball 2
On the PSN
8:00 AM on 07.28.2014


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