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by Chris Carter   |   personal blog

Watch Maya wreck Sadira in these new Killer Instinct Season 2 screens
Hopefully Season 2 will match up to the base game
1:00 PM on 09.18.2014

This new TGS Deep Down Japanese trailer is in English
A look at the modern day aspect
12:00 PM on 09.18.2014

Nintendo Download: Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo
Also, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call
11:00 AM on 09.18.2014

Feel the icy chill of these Dark Souls II Crown of the Ivory King DLC screens
I'm interested to see what From can do with snow
10:00 AM on 09.18.2014

Hyrule Warriors DLC contents confirmed, some characters are free
Cia, Volga, and Wizzro
9:00 AM on 09.18.2014

Review: Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes
Less finite than the first
2:01 AM on 09.18.2014

Arc System Works debuts new international website
Get up to date
12:00 PM on 09.17.2014

The original Final Fantasy is coming to the 3DS eShop, will be in 3D
January 2015 wide release in Japan
11:30 AM on 09.17.2014

Renegade Kid now has the rights for the Dementium series
Sequels may be on the way
11:00 AM on 09.17.2014

Xbox One PC controller bundle coming soon
It's basically the same, it just packs-in a cable
10:30 AM on 09.17.2014

Review: Hyrule Warriors
A Skyward Link to the Twilight Ocarina
9:00 AM on 09.17.2014

Report: Final Fantasy XV will get a demo in 2015 packed-in with Type-0 HD
March 17 release date for Type-0 HD rumored
8:00 AM on 09.17.2014

The official Final Fantasy XIII Portal site now has a Steam logo on it
It appeared overnight
7:00 AM on 09.17.2014

Sakurai confirms the 'Pic of the Day' series will continue
Was only supposed to be for two months
3:30 PM on 09.16.2014

Nintendo knows about the Smash 3DS Peach ban problem
And they're working on a fix
1:30 PM on 09.16.2014

Final Fantasy World Wide Words looks like fun for old-school fans
Level-up and play with chocobos
1:00 PM on 09.16.2014


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