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The Dtoid community's best blogs of April 2015!

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May 23
// CblogRecaps
Watching Destructoid's site reformat has been an interesting process. It is coming along nicely but just when I think things are done something changes and looks even better or briefly breaks entirely - then it's working...
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The Dtoid community's best blogs of March 2015!

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Apr 10
// CblogRecaps
So March has come and gone and, to be honest, it was a very sexy March. It was the kind of month that, for an RPG gamer like me, at least, starts to lose the will to resist buying a current-gen console. With Persona 5, I...
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The Dtoid community's best blogs of February 2015

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Mar 10
// CblogRecaps
[The Cblog Recap team's roundup of the best community blogs returns with a fresh coat of paint and an easier reading format. If you want even more granular data, be sure to check out the sister post, Luna Sy's community blog ...
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The Dtoid community's best blogs of January 2015

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Feb 16
// CblogRecaps
[The amazing Cblog Recaps team brings us a month's worth of Topsauces it thinks are worth another look for us! Want to you your stuff reach the front page? Join the community and start blogging! --Striderhoang] Just before we...

Cblog Recaps End of the Year Recap 2014 Super Ultramax: Tournament Edition

Dec 31 // CblogRecaps
Occams Electric Toothbrush's promotion to co-community manager has brought about a night-and-day change to the cblog community. His dedication to reading our rabble rousing with a generous mind to revise and promote is like the Renaissance to 2013's Dark Ages. And a community that's encouraged by seeing their own get recognized is a community that's better at interacting with one another. Last to mention is OpiumHerz, resident Germanic censorship history buff turned forum admin. What started as a simple series about Germany's draconian censorship was simply a foothold to really clicking into the Dtoid community at large. Now he helps reign in the madness in the basement forums. Kudos Jim! Hello everyone! 2014 was kind of a weird year full of ups and downs. I thought it was a great year for video game releases, but also kind of a not-so-great year for other aspects of the gaming industry. Destructoid had its ups and downs this year too, with some well-liked staff members leaving or being laid off, while some other awesome staff members were recently hired on or promoted. In my own life, 2014 was rather uneventful, as I took on a job that I'm slowly starting to hate, but I think things may begin to look up for me soon! I have a potential new job on the horizon, and plans to begin streaming on Twitch, which is something I've wanted to try for a while now. 2014 was also the year that I stepped down from my post as the Cblog Recaps team's Friday recapper. It's been a really fun three years providing recaps for the wonderful community here. I really enjoyed my time on the team, making friends with the other recappers and community members. But I thought it was time to give someone else a chance to shine on the Recaps team, so I decided to take a break from recapping and handed the reigns over to TheDustinThomas, your new Friday recapper, who has been doing a terrific job so far! So what did I think of 2014's community blogs? Sticking to the theme of the year, I do think the blogs had their ups and downs as well, but there are so many terrific writers here in the Destructoid community that there was certainly no shortage of awesome blogs to be found! Thanks to our new community manager, Occams Electric Toothbrush, many more of those awesome blogs are now being promoted to the front page, which makes me very happy to see! Many other great blogs may not have been promoted, but I think they still deserve some appreciation. So here are some of my favorite blogs from 2014 that never made it to the front page! Fellow recappers StriderHoang and Wrenchfarm (you may know him now as Nic Rowen!) both wrote blogs this year about their favorite types of characters to pick in fighting games. Strider prefers to roll with the grapplers, those grabby characters with powerful attacks but low mobility. Nic tends to choose low-tier characters, who may not be popular choices in tournaments, but can still be deadly if you master how to use them properly. El Dango began a new series this year called the Boss Fight Appreciation Zone! There have been four entries so far, full of the most awesome boss fights ever to be found in video games! El Dango took a lot of time to make this a quality blog series, creating animated .gifs, customized headers and images, featuring suggestions from the comments, and topping it all off with his own high-energy, enthusiastic writing style. UsurpMyProse has seen many blogs promoted to the front page, but even the ones that were never promoted are equally fantastic. One of my favorites was called I'm sick of saving Hyrule. It's a humorous look at the commonly used tropes of the Zelda series, where UsurpMyProse takes a moment to point out all of the terrible ideas that the people of Hyrule keep coming up with which always land them in trouble. On a similarly humorous note, new recapper Pixielated wrote a very entertaining blog exploring a popular opinion of internet commenters ("Politics and social issues have no place in games") and how really very wrong they are. Her satirical style of writing is always a joy to read! Lastly, Morty took the time to compile a huge list of all of the awesome "10 Things You Didn't Know About Me" blogs posted by various community members. And while Morty's blog itself may have been promoted, the compilation is filled with tons of wonderfully personal blogs that never made it to the front page, but definitely deserve some attention. Plenty of 2014 blogs are included, and hey, I'm in there somewhere too! Thanks again for putting this together, Morty! - bbain August 23th, 2014 was the day I was officially included into the Recappers, and it has been a pretty cool couple of months since then! Truthfully, it feels a little weird to go from someone who comments every once in a while to someone who is more or less an active member in the span of a year, but I have no regrets getting to know some of you! Many of you guys are great, and it'll be too long a list to name you all... but you know who you are! I wish you some of you guys would do much more blogging though: I understand that time may not be as abundant for you as it could be, but I'd love to see more stuff from you! While I'm not able to read everyone's blogs, unforunately, reading as many I can has certainly opened my eyes to the community that has spawned! People have different voices to be hear, different stories to tell, different experience to share... and it's been great reading them! Don't get me wrong, being a Recapper doesn't mean I'm reading because I'm forced to... it just feels like a more natural progression of things. I will say this though: GamerGate saw an influx of blogs taking sides and stances on the matter, and those really soured my experience as any posted on Saturday means I couldn't really distance myself from it. As you know, I take the time to read the blogs, and some of the GamerGate ones actually feel quite informative and quite researched, and I don't want to disrespect the time they took to write it. So, I do my best to appear neutral about it by simply listing their blogs under "Wordtoid" with the same amount of "recap" I'd give to any other. This is clearly the best GamerGate blog though! I'll admit: I'm an absolute sucker for gimmick blogs like that. It's my weakness to see people put a live-action spin to their works, and that was seriously funny, even if it's not really a blog and more like an Instagram pic. Whatever, a laugh's a laugh, and boy did I! That also means that Marche100's blog also deserves mention: it was creative, funny as fuck, obviously had a lot of work put into it, strangely arousing, and was my very first Top Sauce! Hey, it's not too late to promote it! Speaking of arousing, how could I not mention the "Fetish" blogs to briefly surface? As some of you recall, Gajknight bravely details his top 10 favorite fetishes of all time, leading the charge for the weird wave to come! Some of us like your old pal StriderHoang and Dreamweaver went a little harder than we should've (no pause!), but it was a great time! I should also mention how much I love It's About to Get Gay in Here's satire pieces: so many articles being pumped out yet still retaining quality is a damn impressive feat! I didn't even link to a particular one: they're all so funny! Doesn't mean that you guys couldn't be so funny yourselves! Luckrequired had a couple of caption contests where he posts a screenshot for you to come up with something funny to say, and a lot of you were hilarious! He even made a brief but appreciated "choose your own adventure" blog as well! Speaking of adventures, Fenriff did an amazing Destructoid fanfiction called The Destructoid Saga where he takes beloved members of the community and puts them through one of the weirdest rides of their lives. Part 2 can be found here, and can't wait for the finale! Anyway, I hope some of you have been inspired to write something yourselves! Whether it's something funny, something meaningful, something heartfelt, or something like fanfiction (coughshamelessplug), I look forward to seeing what comes next! -Dreamweaver No offenses to optimists but personally I think 2014 sucked, at least towards the end where our memory is fresh. Not just in video games but in the world in general. Looking back on last year's recaps, it looks like things haven't improved all that much. In fact, 2013 was better than 2014 all things considered. There were dry spells, failed expectations, acts against social rights, unfinished games, and general failure all-around. But as always, nobody wants to end their year dismissive of the future. And I have a lot to be hopeful for in 2015: finishing a second degree, newer prospects for jobs, and a much more realistic picture of moving in with my girlfriend. Oh, and I bought a Wii U in November so I have all of 2015 to not only see Nintendo's anticipated line up but also to visit missed titles from both 2014 (Hyrule Warriors, Pikmin 3) and from the Wii (Okami, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom). This year certainly wasn't easy on the community side of things either. Like the year before, staff jumped around, members dropped off, and tons of crappy posts. I mean, terribad. Like, this post only deserves a reaction gif bad. But this year there was a lot to celebrate for the community too. Wrench McFarmins "Nic" Rowens became an official contributor and lots of newer members embedded themselves further into the community like Opium "Jim" Herz and Dream "Fetishes" Weaver. OpiumHerz started with his censorship series and went further with things like big, dumb game giveaways and joining forces with the likes of UsedTabe on the forums. Dreamweaver on the other hand fervently advocated a fetish blog meme that spread like wildfire but hey, it's not out of character for Dtoid at least. Luna "Elesa" Sy brought the Dtoid Community Trading Card game back from the obscure depths thanks to one mention from Oldtoid. She also invested herself in scouring the web for dumb plagiarism with her Google Playgairism posts. Speaking of new members making the impression in 2014, Benny Disco has been around longer than you might expect but this year, he was exceptionally active with his crazy stuff. However, he can prove that he's still the Benny Disco we know and love even when he's a little more serious, like defending our love of outrage. I can even remember the times when I first recapped the relatively new RedHeadPeak but he quickly found a unique niche: someone who doesn't just play games but isn't afraid to use his identity as a gamer to jazz up his position as an educator. Everyone starts someplace but over time, he's been FPed steadily. Even Brittnay Vincent, who's apart of Dtoid staffroll, is new to both staff and community. And boy, is she active in the community and really knows how the community is. She's even played shitty boyfriend finding games and reported the results with extreme prejudice. Being open minded an welcoming even pays off on reading insightful articles, like the UI design process for a cool game like Toto Temple Deluxe. Lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention some feel good material from older members, like one of Wrench's last community member posts about reading novels about his greatest weakness and poison, MechWarrior #cantquitmechwarrior #neverforget. DustinThomas has also graced my Wednesdays with his weekly top 5 series, proving that the best contributors are the consistent and timely ones. I mean, go ahead and click on that and you'll find his latest one. The guy has been good for months. And one last special mention to Everyday Legend, who doesn't cblog often but simply had to after learning that The Last Guardian was still all quiet on the western front. The bevy of new members is extremely assuring. Here's to hoping that this year's newbies are next year's oldbies and next year's newbies are even half as good as this year's. - Strider 2014 has come and gone, and it feels like this year has flown by faster than any other. Unfortunately, 2014 wasn’t exactly the year for gamers (or humanity, really) to show the best side of themselves. It feels like people were at each other’s throats for most of the year, and more often than not forgot to just have fun with some video games. And now that the Game of the Year awards are hitting their stride, a lot of people have been complaining about how few great games came out this year. Well, not so for me. And hopefully not so for the Destructoid community either. Having fun with video games has been vitally important for me this year, and I’ll go on record saying that anyone who thinks 2014 was a bad year for gaming seriously needs to go out and buy a Wii U because you clearly don’t own one. For me, 2014 was incredibly special. It was the year in which I left homely Europe behind for 5 months in favor of Washington DC on the East Coast of ‘the greatest country in the world’. It has been an amazing experience all the way through. But going new places can be difficult too, so you always need some sort of anchor. You need something familiar to do, friends to talk to, or anything to not just be alone in a strange land for 5 months straight. For me, my anchor was video games and Destructoid. This year Destructoid was quite literally my home away from home. You guys continued to write great blogs, be super supportive of one another, crack jokes about dicks, and do all of the things that makes Destructoid what it is. So even while almost my entire life changed for a while, Destructoid stayed its awesome self. That’s very reassuring somehow. It’s like staring at the moon to remind yourself that you’re still on earth, only with more cocks. Doing the Recaps has been a joy from both sides of the Atlantic, and I’m very honored to be able to make that statement. - Destructoid here, Destructoid there, Destructoid everywhere So, what blogs did I enjoy from home and several thousand miles away from home? Well a lot of them, obviously. But here is just a quick sample of the things you all did.RedHeadPeak has been killing it all throughout 2014. As a gamer-teacher, he showed us how he turns video game music into a useful teaching tool. And then later this year, he thought us something too: gunblades were a real thing once. Voltech is also consistently one of the best bloggers we have. This year he asked the all important question: What are video games for? Many things, it turns out! Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon takes the time to thank all of his Pokémon friends who made the victory over the Champion possible. JoyfulSanity took one of this year’s Bloggers Wanted topics and ran with it. When asked what game he loves that everybody else hates, he answered: Final Fantasy: All the Bravest. And then the room just went silent. bbain left the Recaps team earlier this year. But that didn’t stop him from giving us some great blogs! Setting up a temporary jukebox in the Cblogs was a great idea that I very much wish to steal. Elsa has always been one of the community mainstays. She had some goings-on in her life this year that prevented her from blogging as much as we would all like her too. Yet she still managed to find the time to impart some important knowledge: If you want to be her friend, hold off on the lesbian porn for a while. The Scholarly Gamer was a new face this year, but he has integrated in the community like the best of them. For Canadian thanksgiving, he wrote all about the site and the games that he had grown to love over the course of 2014. He had to take a work-related Dtoid break shortly after, but he quickly came back after realizing how little Occam’s the outside world has to offer. Handy gave us the best E3 predictions of the year…and then asked his infallible fortunetelling devices whether they would come true or not. Finally, taterchimp shows that it doesn’t always have to be just video games at Destructoid. If you wanna tag your blog ‘NVGR’ and talk about some great drinks worth drinking, that’s fine too! And that’s it for my picks of 2014! A final shout-out goes to the Dtoid staff who have offered us our little place on the Internet. And an extra special one to our Community Managers Andy Dixon and Occam’s, who continue to keep up with all of our shit in order to promote the cream of the crop to the front page. You ragtag bunch of dicks are awesome all over the world. Happy 2015 everybody! PS: Speaking of dicks, PhilKenSebben loves his. That is literally all I need to say about that blog. - ShadeOfLightMay you always find water and shade 2014 was a very up-and-down kind of year for me personally. On the upside, my wife and I upgraded from an apartment to our first house. That was quite a feeling, as I had never seen myself as someone who would one day have his own home. I started a new job working for my church, which is the first time I've ever had a job that I didn't hate in some form or fashion. I took a couple mission trips to Jamaica, which was an awesome time. I started a podcast with a couple friends of mine, which is something that we had talked about doing for quite some time. And I took over the reigns of the Friday Cblog recap job from mainstay bbain when he decided to relinquish the title to a young upstart. I really enjoy being a part of the recap team, I finally feel like I'm doing something here at Destructoid other than just posting a blog every now and then. Unfortunately, you have to have a few rainy days to enjoy the nice ones. Luckily though, I had more good days than bad. I lost my long time best friend, my dog, Muldoon. It was a rough time for me, but I take solace in knowing I'll see him again one day. On the gaming front, it was mostly good, although it wasn't without its disappointments. It seemed like most of the games that were really hyped turned out to be lackluster, or at the very least, didn't live up to the hype surrounding it, which is the biggest problem with hype to begin with. I picked up a PS4 this year, which is exciting. It's probably the earliest I've ever become an adopter of a new console. Looking back, I probably could have waited, as I still find myself with long periods where I'm not using the thing, but when I do, it's some of the most fun I've had this year. My biggest problem is that when I play games, I want to play the best version (well, the best console version, at least), and with games like Far Cry 4 and Alien: Isolation, I would have felt gypped if I played them on the last-gen consoles, regardless of if they're still good or not. I also got kind of productive this year but sitting down and finally knocking off some of the games on my backlog that had been nagging me for years now. Games like Super Metroid, Link to the Past, Castlevania IV, etc. I still have a huge backlog of NES and SNES games to tackle, but I'm up for the challenge. Overall, though, I probably spent more time playing my 3DS than I did anything else. As someone who travels quite a bit, it was nice having lengthy adventures like Professor Layton v Phoenix Wright and great time-wasters like Mario Golf: World Tour to keep me company during those long nights on the road. As far as Destructoid goes, I'm looking forward to becoming more prominent on the site, however that looks. We have a sweet thing going on here, and I feel like I'm getting a good feel for the writing styles I see from those who post blogs more frequently. If anything, I feel like I need to comment more, because I read almost every blog that's posted, and there's a lot of very intriguing stuff, even if I don't always agree. Anyway, here's to 2015 being the best year for the Destructoid community yet. My Life as a Catholic Gamer by Carlton McHardIn addition to being a great blog, I was happy to see how respectful the Dtoid community was with the subject matter and all of the different beliefs therein. The Worst Thing About Censorship is...-31- Resident Evil by OpiumHerzI'm a fan of OpiumHerz's censorship series in general, but I chose the Resident Evil blog in particular due to my personal affinity for the series. I love Pre-Ordering Games by The Scholarly GamerThe scholarly one is one of my favorite bloggers here on Dtoid, and it's nice to see someone who is so positive about something that most people are so down on. How Historically Accurate is Skyrim? by RedHeadPeakIf you're a history buff like me, then this blog and its follow-up is something you'll find fascinating. Our Halloween Costumes 2008 - 2014: A Destructoid Tribute by CraineumWhen my wife and I finally decide to have children, I hope I can make Halloween costumes half as good as these. How Shadow of Mordor Let Me Make My Own Story by Genki-JAMShadow of Mordor is one of my favorite games of the year for all of these reasons and more. If you needed a reason to pick it up, look no further. Getting a Gaming Tattoo? Here are Four Things to Keep in Mind by Chris GrayAs someone who got his first tattoo this year, I can vouch for these. - TheDustinThomas This last year my blogs took a turn for the weird and goofy. In a lot of ways, it was a return to form since I wrote really weird stuff back in high school and college. Some of that old stuff is still in some broken corner of the internet in a database so outdated its a headache to dig up. The paper it got printed on is likely all recycled by now. The serious or personal stuff can get hard to write at times. I'll draft and draft a blog and then this part of me goes "Screw this, I'm going to make it weird instead." That is where posts like "Operation Corgi Jelly Doughnut" really come from or maybe Commander Shepard gets an email from Solid Snake saying she can't have politics in her games anymore. Everything just becomes a bizarre satire, but I have more fun writing that than trying to be serious or controversial. Or I'll post the weird dreams about Bill Cosby, Michelle Obama, Mario and Luigi touring MGS2's Big Shell after my friends from Gamestop threw a party for Bill. Or that time Giganta and I went to a U2 concert and where the Pope David Cage turned up. Or when I made out with my android girlfriend in an orc temple and we found a porno that brought peace to Azeroth. It's possible that this is the result of over thirty years of gaming and pop culture consumption, lethal exposure to podcasts with Jim Sterling in them or all that root beer and ginger ale I drink. Maybe I just get too much fresh air with all that walking I do. Now I bring this silliness to your recaps every week and while its kind of left me wondering what to do with my personal blog, I'm happy to do it. I've come to enjoy going over each week of wonderfully weird, heartfelt or passionate posts about games, their stories, experiences and mechanics. And so I've looked through the roughly 3,500 blog entries from 2014. It took several hours to page through all that and I did some of it over overpriced hot chocolate at McDonald's. You guys owe me $3.50. I accept payment in pizza, too. Anyway, enjoy this trip down memory lane, days of futures past and some more recent offerings. I'm not alone in writing bizarre fanfiction, Fenriff also participates in this rare cblog pastime. It's About To Get Gay In Here has a real knack for writing gaming satire in an Onion-like direction. GlowBear gave us many lists of sexy things this year. Here she focuses on gaming's sexiest chins! Marche100 shares how Castle of Illusion gave him a connection to a family member he never knew. TouchOfKiel unearths the ancient horror known as the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES game. Never forget. Dreamweaver shows his appreciation for Persona 3. Strider talks about his favorite grapplers. SeymourDuncsn sees 2014 as the year he stopped worrying about staying current with games. Its a good feeling. Are you sick of saving Hyrule? You're not alone. UsurpMyProse is, too. Elsa explains how to be her friend. -Pixielated
Cblog Recaps for 2014 photo
You're gonna wanna bookmark this
[Note: I cannot thank the dedicated Dtoiders on the Cblog Recaps team enough for all their hard work. Here's to another fantastic f*cking year! --Mr Andy Dixon] Welcome to the Cblog Recaps 2014 Yearly Recaps Super Ultramax: T...

Destructoid's community blog highlights of 2012

Jan 01 // CblogRecaps
It's been a weird year for me, but one of the things I really enjoyed about it was Destructoid, and specifically being on the Recaps team. It was my first full year, and it was lovely. There's a bit of work involved, but I love reading all the blogs and I think it's gotten me to interact with more people. I'm constantly blown away by the things I see in the community. The sheer amount of talent, creativity, and general awesomeness is astounding.  Gunpei Yokoi remembered. A well-written, well-researched tribute to one of the most important people to ever be involved with videogames. locketheleisz's wonderful tribute to Gunpei Yokoi. If you don't know who that is, then I suggest you read this blog ASAP. This might be my personal pick for Blog of the Year. Wondering how you could make this list? Maybe you should read this blog by nekobun. Or some of nekobun's other great blogs from this year, like this one about indie horror games, or this one about the unfortunate attitudes that still exist regarding women in the gaming culture. He's got plenty of great stuff to check out, including blogs about Halo 4, The Walking Dead, DLC, this surprising one about Tokyo Jungle, and a whole lot more, or you could just watch him eat Mountain Dew-soaked Doritos. There are some writers, that when you click on their name, you know you'll be getting something worth reading. Something that really has a voice. Something that most definitely sets it apart from anything else. With a somewhat unique perspective, a willingness to speak whatever may be on her mind, and some real chops, I think Elsa is one of the best writers at Destructoid. Period. Even her comments can blow up the 'net. Dark Souls enthusiast, virtual train rider, and PAX HostMaster General, knutaf is the dude with the sandwiches. And blogs. He once stole a pallet of decoder rings; he is Asura's wrath; he is my unknowing soul-sista, he is Occams Electric Toothbrush. A man of discerning tastes; a lover of crying babies; and a most competitive introvert; his name is Corduroy Turtle. If these 3 fine young gentlemen put their minds together, they could do great things, I think. Or at least talk about doing great things for our entertainment.  Dedication is something I see all over the Cblogs. We have many people dedicated in one way or another. The fine folks who do FNF as well as specialized things like TF2sdays, co-run by our beloved mann in hats, Swishiee. When dedication crosses a line, you people like Chris Carter, a.k.a. Magnalon, whose Quests make me wonder how he can still have time to be a regular contributor. In a similar feat, lostleader stuck with his new year's resolution, and finished 60 games in 2012!   Another great example of dedication is Altum Videtur, who was doing an impressive job keeping track of the Cblog stats, and blogging about them. Sir Tobii is all over the place, doing thangs, but many of us know him for his amazing Podtoid posters, which are hilarious. I mean, seriously. Go look at them.  The Biased Picks  Whether writing about writing, late night thoughts, Mass Effect 3, or just plain-old Recappin', StriderHoang is a ninja with words. Well... that might be a crappy analogy. But ya know ninja... Strider... whatever. Read him. Likewise, Wrenchfarm is always on point. His writing is consistently of high quality. I don't know how else to put it, the guy is damn good. It always floors me how open people are on Destructoid, and how supportive everyone is when we share. I wanted to highlight some community moments that stuck out to me this year, because I think it's part of what makes this place unique. PK493 thanked us for being a constant while he learned some moderation. Edd Strid found a home in the forums, while he was struggling with depression. vApathyv's time with Max Payne 3 made him realize that he had a possibly dysfunctional relationship with alcohol. Nihil had some family issues, but we still love him. Solar20XX felt like he didn't fit in at Dtoid, but people stepped in to tell him otherwise and give advice. KingSigy felt the same sort of way. PhilKenSebben felt life, and needed a place to vent. And don't forget Chad Concelmo's last post, about how Final Fantasy VI saved his life.  Destructoid is about videogames, sure, but the people are the important part. The fact that we can be people to each other and not just shitty Internet jerks is special. These folks were brave enough to open up, and the community responded in kind. <3 What would the Cblogs be without the funnies section?  How my face must have looked. A certain spam post, no? No. Thank you for making me laugh, Dao2-SKP. Ouch; I hurt my tongue trying to pronounce that. A sequel to the most popular choose-your-own-adventure game based on E3, by the comment watcher himself, Sean Daisy. UsurpMyProse had some humorous blogs, too, and more importantly, blogs with dads in them. Handy isn't just a funnyman, he's also a good writer. But he is one funny man. His blogs will have you rolfing and his Fanart Flops will leave you reeling. I'm still not sure exactly what happened here, but I'm glad to have been lured in by the most Orwellian writer of all time.  A few more bloggers for whom I couldn't think of a "category", but still want to highlight:  -crackedbat. His ode to the DS is sad and well-written, and his tale of what happens to promoted bloggers will have you laughing, as well as second-guessing. -Necron117, is, as he put it, just a stranger, in a strange land. His only blog on Destructoid was a monthly musing on Location. He then returned to The Void... -His blogs are few and far between, but Revuhlooshun is worth reading. -NickCull came up with the best idea possible for the next Duke Nukem game. -TheManchild writes goooood. -Nick Jones wonders why endings can still suck so bad. -GlowBear is one of those people who can just infuse her personality into her writing so well. Also, she accpets payment in the form of cupcakes. My kind of writer. -ManWithNoName was gone for awhile, but when he returned, he wrote like a whirlwind. Good to have him back! -MisterDonut had some good stuff this year, and it's always fascinating to see someone's first impressions of Metal Gear Solid games. Especially in 2012. -stubbleman discussed the Final Fantasy XIII series (why is that a SERIES?), had some t-shirt ideas, and did several blogs on games you should play but probably haven't. -Another writer with a penchant for second looks, The Gameslinger does a good job in explaining just why you should glance again. There are my overlong pics for the best of the Cblogs this year. Don't worry, you still have the rest of the Recappers for more cohesive thoughts. It's a difficult process, for several reasons, but the hardest part is definitely worrying about the people/blogs you left out. Just know that if you wrote something you think was good, it was probably considered for this post. It was a great year for the community, and I thank you all for making my time here enjoyable. I can't wait to read all the things you write in 2013! Cheers!  ~smurfee mcgee  Happy Holidays everyone! It has been a pleasure to spend another year in your fine collective company. Dtoid is my home on the Internet, and I consider you all my (very strange) family.  This marks my first full year as a recapper and I can't tell you how proud I am to be on the team. I love drinking your brain juice and breathing in the fumes of your creativity. Week after week, I continue to be amazed at the sheer dedication, imagination, and camaraderie that defines our community. I don't get tired of you guys and gals. At the end of every year I spend here at Dtoid, I just want more. I want to be more involved, I want to know more of you. I went from lurking to commenting. From commenting to blogging. From blogging to recapping. And this year I hope to do even more. I would love to make it out to PAX or a NARP and meet some of you awesome peeps in person. I hope I can find even more time this year to write and podcast and share with you all. Please keep being the awesome people you are. And if you are looking for inspiration on how to be even more awesome, take a look at some of my favorite blogs of the year, written by some of the coolest people on the interwebs. Handy – 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, Tears in my Eyes Handy's piece about 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand was one of my favorite blogs of the year. Handy knows how to be very smart about being very dumb. A lot of people make goofy blogs about terrible games, but rarely with this kind of precision. It doesn't surprise me that Handy can turn on a dime and go from writing goof blogs like his Fanart Flops to serious stuff topics like gender roles in gaming. Strider Hoang – A guy can dream: Mass Effect Multiplayer expansions I got super into ME3's multiplayer for a few months earlier in the year and always enjoyed Strider's blogs about it. He would write both as a fan of the series and lore, and as a ME3 multiplayer nerd, a very specific sub-species of gaming nerd I belonged to as well. I could understand his language of OP geth weapons, infuriating Wave-10 Gold wipes, and kamikaze Vanguards. Good times. Corduroy Turtle – The Binding of Isaac Instruction Manual Corduroy Turtle doesn't blog too often, but when he does he always creates something amazing. His Isaac guide is a crowning achievement in the fields of dedication, explanation, and obsession. The Buy-It/Avoid-It Report continues to be the best review:word ratio in the biz. Knutaf – Weapons in Dark Souls Aren't a Numbers Game I fucking love Dark Souls and Knutaf might just be Lord Gwyn's lost son. He wrote a few Dark Souls blogs this year and everyone of them was pure gold. My favorite pick would have to be "Weapons In Dark Souls Aren't a Number Game" because of the exhaustive detail and illustrative .GIFs. Also, it guest stars the Mask of the Child. Anglorum – It's not just that I rouge-LIKE you. I rouge-Love you! Some wonderful art in Anglorum's blogs. This year seems to have marked a huge resurgence for rougelikes and Anglorum puts his own stamp on them. Perfidious Sinn – I Suck at Fighting Games Perfidious Sinn's "I Suck At Fighting Games" series has been a constant source of chuckles and feels this year. I suck at them too man. MisterDonut - 007 Reasons Hideo Kojima needs to make a 007 game This is the best idea ever. I don't care how cool The Phantom Pain looks, take that money and do this instead. And lastly, some of my favorite moment from Dtoid this year came during the flood of "10 Things" blogs. Big ups to everybody who shared, it was great to get to know you better!  ~Wrenchfarm  So 2012 has come and gone and left us with all sorts of memories and lessons. Women in the industry were discussed at great length, roguelikes were all the rage this year, and Destructoid got a new face lift along with a new comments system plus the return of YouTube of integration! And all of this is apparent in the cblogs along with other things. I've followed some cbloggers over this year and as I look back on my archives, it occurs to me that there's a definite trend among who my favorite cbloggers and topics were. I'll play a little fast and loose with my choices because some of them go down rather nice and fast. First of all, I'll be the first to admit I'm a big fan of SephirothX. Or as I've called him across the recaps this past year, Sephy X, Seph T. Roth, Sephens P. Rutherfords X, SephyP, and the list goes on. For some arbitrary reason, SephirothX's name also fires off the parts of my brain associated with the East Coast fighting game scene which creates loads of unnecessary but hilarious jargon and nicknames. The East Coast is responsible for IFC Yipes and his infamous MAHVEL BABEE video featuring Mango Sentinel. And I think a good example of where this association comes from is his stupidly funny list of the top 5 games that could benefit from the inclusion of Robocop. I mean, seriously, comedy gold. I love good 'ol Seffles when he's poking the ribs, but he's quite a few serious, rebuttle style articles too, like defending EA against rash criticism and thinking through women in games. Speaking of people I'm a fan of, I've generally liked a lot of things Panzadolphin's put out. While he's generally concerned on the horror genre, he provides such fascinating analysis of the genre design I've felt is usually all about jump scares. TheManWithNoName is also quite the active blogger and I've definitely sauced him a few times. A high watermark from me for him is definitely his blog on what makes us the gamers we are. Him being Brazilian creates an interesting image of a gamer, contrasted myself as a lower-middle class 3rd generation Asian living in Southern California. And when it comes to TheManChild, I can define my choice in his OKCupid profile blog with his answer to his question: On a typical Saturday night, I am fat. Plus, I have seen Nathan around, but when it comes to following cbloggers with a style, I loved his abundance of graphs and bars in economic research and Guild Wars 2. Specifically, he has a nice broad cblog on the selling of virtual goods. A lot of my other favorites were also lighthearted in nature. A lot of people want to write quality stuff that will get them noticed. It's an eternal conundrum as to how serious you want to write your prose so that it gets promoted easily, since the actual promotion process doesn't appeal to our lazy community managers and the less work they have to do in editing, the better. At the same time, we all want to write like we talk so that our personality shines through better to make the writing more enjoyable and the reading more fluid. For example, Capm Trevmo pulls no punches in describing a satirical game of the millennium as Hello Kitty. With a wand with a badass heart on it, chill'in, maxx'in and relax'in before shit gets real, all real words he uses to describe a game that has no business being discussed on the same website that holds Ocarina of Time and Mega Man 2 in such high regard. Language like this doesn't fit so well in traditional journalism style guidelines but it's a blast to read when time is a precious commodity you don't want to waste on tough, thinking reading materials. Speaking of reviews, Renegade Panda doesn't come on often enough, but his own snarky comedy reviews of bad games like Hyper Fighters is exactly why I love satirical reviews so much. Straight, no frills thinking and debating couldn't have brought us Kyle MacGregor's PONYTA 2012. Or maybe another hilarious review about Revelations 2012 from shadow2398. And probably the lowest brow cblog I've ever loved on topsauce, Steve Hansen's tips on Halloween. While it was certainly a funny list in it's own right, I've already admitted to loving it simply because he posted a picture from the Scooby-Doo Halloween special where Shaggy turns into a werewolf. ZOINKS! In a more effort oriented point, Nekobun, often called the hardest working cblogger on Dtoid, also had a poignant blog on Ash Ketchum for Ash Wednesday. Something like that is funny and appreciated, especially as it's likely not for the hits but for the love. Of course, there are the blogs of 2012 that just hit all the right notes and were not only beloved by the cblog community but got promoted to prove their mettle. Corduroy Turtle's big fat cblog about leaderboards, the solitary multiplayer, just had it all. Snappy wit, competitive advice, analytical questions, all wrapped around one of this year's favorite games. Ramwar's cblog was also a wake up that cblogs don't need all the work done for the community managers to get a promotion. His blog about the weight of a gun didn't even have a header and community manager Andy Dixon, America's laziest sweetheart, went and got one for him because it was that good. It deserved the effort. Of course, there are the blogs that don't quite fit our beloved video game theme. Those blogs are few and far in between that most people forget about them after a while and recall only the game related ones. But I remember one worth remembering: Pangloss' introduction the tabletop game Legend. Not to spend much more time on it, it's a game with a flexible character creation system. A system that allows anything to be created with a meaningful purpose. For example, he confirmed with me that my at first satirical idea of a velociraptor who's also a demoman is totally doable. So you see, 2012 is about the optimism of writing what you want. Certainly, to get around in life professionally, you'll have to clean up. But there's always time for a curse word and a witty embellishment of how badass the stupidest thing is. Hopefully, 2013 is the year you can free yourself up a bit and talk about how gay Link is or something. Happy holidays, from this future ninja, to you!  ~ StriderHoang  So here we are. I’ve barely been a recapper for a week, and yet here I am writing an end-of-year  Cblog Recap for all the wonderful people of Dtoid. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it is truly an honor, and I hope to do you guys and gals proud in 2013. 2012 was…well… 2012 was a tough year for me to be honest. However, even in difficult times of my life and even despite the fact that I didn’t play a lot of games during those times, Destructoid was always my constant. I love this site to bits as well as each and every one of you. This truly is my home away from home, and I want you all to know that you have been a major support throughout my year, even if you weren’t aware of it. Because Destructoid is a special place. Warning, the following is going to be sappy as fuck. Shut up, it’s my first time so I’m allowed dammit! Dtoid is special because this is one of the few places on the webz where the people are so obviously genuinely passionate about what they do: in our case playing videogames. Sure, the guys at IGN like videogames, as do the people at whatever other site you want to name, but here at Destructoid, we luuuuuurve mudki videogames like nobody else can, and you proved it once again during 2012. Take Chad Concelmo’s farewell article on Final Fantasy VI, for example, a game which he claims has saved his life. It was not a Cblog, true, but it deserves a mention nonetheless. The same goes for vApathyv and Max Payne 3, which helped him overcome his drinking problems. VicYoungblood learned a lesson about commitment from Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, a game I myself also still really want to play at some point, not least due to his blog. Of course, you don’t have to have a profound story of self-improvement to have a passion for gaming. One particular Silent Protagonist decided this year to be not-so-silent, and instead filled our ears with lots and lots of win by sharing some awesome video game music, as did crackedbat earlier this year, as well as several others. Soundtracks are a part of videogames that I personally believe are often under-appreciated, but come to Destructoid and you’ll find several people who pay tribute to them as they so rightfully deserve. Moreover, both Nathsies and bbain wrote great blogs on Journey this year, on its unique take on relationships and on its anonymous multiplayer, respectively. These too, show that Destructoid’s love for video games is more than skin deep. Rather than just respecting Journey as a good game, we have members who look beyond that and go into what really makes such a game special. This is what makes Destructoid, and the Cblog section in particular, what it is. The people who come here don’t “just play videogames”, they have a passion for them that I’ve never seen anywhere else on the Internet. It is crystal clear that on Destructoid videogames are important to us on a personal level. And everyone who shares this passion is more than welcome with us. We were reminded this year that we also have a strong community of gamers by the flood of “10 things” blogs in which people went: “Hi. I love videogames, and this is me.” I can’t link all of them here but each of them is an example of what makes our site great. GlowBear too gave some love to the community by listing her personal underrated Cbloggers. I’m just going to go ahead and say that she herself deserves to be on such a list as well. Now, I only listed a few people here. The regulars, you know who they are, also all deserve recognition, and I have no doubt that the senior ‘cappers will cover me where I forgot someone, but there are many more awesome people on this site who exemplify our unrivaled passion for videogames on all sorts of levels, so don’t feel left out if you weren’t mentioned by name. If I look beyond the dick jokes, the firmware reviews, the indisputable fact that Fable: The Journey is on rails and everything else, this site makes me feel like I’m part of a group of people who love video games just as much as I do. That, to me, is what makes Destructoid truly special. A passion for videogames. Silly? Many would probably say so. “After all”, they claim, “they’re just videogames, you should just get over those once you pass 20 or so, at the latest.” But as it did in all the years before, in 2012 the Destructoid community looked down and whispered: “No.”  ~ShadeOfLight  Oh man. 2012 was a wonderful year for me. I feel like I've grown much closer to the Destructoid  community this year, for a number of reasons. For starters, I got to know so many things about many of you in all of your 10 Things blogs; thank you to everyone who contributed something! Then I was on my very first podcast! Shout-outs to the Secret Moon Base gang for having me on their show twice, it was a lot of fun! Finally, I went to my very first gaming convention at PAX Prime, and that was definitely the most fun I've had in a very long time! Shout-outs to everyone I met at PAX, and especially to knutaf for being an awesome dude and letting me stay at his place! It was a wonderful year to be a Dtoider, and I hope next year is just as great.  My favorite moment of 2012 :D And of course, I probably wouldn't be here if it weren't for the Community Blogs. You guys wrote so many amazing things this year! Coming across such amazing blogs on occasion makes being a recapper totally worth it! It's difficult to choose only a handful to commemorate, but here were a few of my favorites. My personal Blog of the Year award goes to SephirothX for his contribution to the Beginnings musing topic: Nobody dies on the first Goomba. It's a wonderful personal blog that almost any gamer can relate to, as it concerns a game which the majority of us have played. To me, it was theperfect response to the musing topic, and expertly delivered. Well done, Sephy! This year saw an influx of artists sharing their work with us, thanks in part to Andy Dixon for starting up the Artists Wanted topics! Two of my favorite community artists this year were BeatBeat and Roberto Plankton, both of whom participated in a few Artists Wanted topics, posted some extra artwork unrelated to the topics, and even took inspiration from the community by depicting some of our members! You two are awesome, and I hope to see more from you in the future! Another trend that I appreciated was the numerous blogs filled with helpful, detailed information about some of the games that community members seemed to be obsessed with this year. In particular, Dark Souls influenced several incredible blogs from members trying to help others to enjoy the game better, including knutaf's advice on being a jolly good fellow in co-op and Wrenchfarm's blog about the Drake Sword and choosing the right weapon for your preferred playstyle. Corduroy Turtle also wrote up an impressive instruction manual to help others better understand and enjoy his obsession of the year, The Binding of Isaac! 2012 also saw its fair share of gaming controversies, and while many people took a decidedly serious or angry approach, my favorite blogs on the topics were those that were more tongue-in-cheek. There will always be something for people to be angry about, but sometimes you can't help but see the humor behind such situations. That's why Handy's take on Capcom's treatment of Mega Man and mrplow8's take on the Tomb Raider debacle were my favorite contributions to those particular controversies. You guys cracked me up! A few more random blogs that I thoroughly enjoyed this year: Wrenchfarm took a moment to consider the greatness and mysteriousness of masks, TheManchild reminisced about his childhood gullibility and got everyone else reminiscing as well, and Corduroy Turtle wrote about leaderboards and how they affect his (admittedly impressive) gaming habits! Keep up the great work, everyone! Happy holidays!  ~bbain     Holy crap, what a year. What an amazing year. Being the new guy on the block was pretty scary for me. Silver Dragon was (and still is) a total boss of recapping and those are huge shoes to fill. As promised I did the worst possible job I could of it too. This year was really.... well shitty for me. Some of the hardest most painful things happened to me, but you all were here for me and lifted me back up (whether you realized it or not), with tons of support and a flood of awesome blogs. Destructoid felt like it had been become more and more segregated the past couple years, as people left, moved to the forums, Twitter, etc. But this past year (the past 6 months, especially) I feel that we (new and old, alike) have become closer and made this place better than ever. Destructoid has been a constant in my life for the past (almost) 6 years (damn, I'm old) and I am so proud to be a recapper now and to finally be coming out of the shadows and becoming part of this family. I love you all, so much that it's not even funny. Onto blogs and bloggers that I've enjoyed this year. First up is Zolani13. An amazing writer, with an affinity for shining the light on weird/unusual games, Zolani13 has sadly been MIA since August. Recapper Manchild had a fantastic anniversary blog for Ecco the Dolphin (who got no love). Manchild just has an attitude, that I absolutely love and I would totally give him a handy. Next up, would be ReeceH92 and his series of Resident Evil blogs, that shared a personal story, as well as love for the games. I really enjoyed the hell out his series and hope to see more in the future from him. Another game related series, that I fell in love with, was Bory Borham’s in-depth analysis of the MGS Ground Zeroes trailer and The Phantom Pain trailer. These two were fantastic reads (especially as a long-time MG fan) and were well thought out and detailed. bbain (aka the bastard who made love indie games) nailed us with this fantastic blog, about the indies at PAX. BBAIN I TOTALLY GOT MONACO NOW! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Going to throw out a couple bloggers now, that I just fucking adore. I'm sure you know them, but it wouldn't be right for me not to mention them: Gameslinger just draws in with his writing, GlowBear has an amazing, fun personality and way with infusing her blogs with all the feels, BeatBeat is an artist with no peers and a brain that probably needs meds (don't give them to him) and Panzadolphin56 always brings it, with very interesting and thought provoking blogs. These next three, need no introduction at all, but I still love them and everything they do: Elsa, Occams, and last, but not least, Corduroy Turtle Once again, what an amazing year for blogs. I'm honored to be able to recap all you awesome people and even more honored you let a long time lurker into your family. I'd like to throw a special shout out to Mr. Andy Dixon, who busts his bottom, along with Jon Bloodspray, to keep our Cblog home clean and free of spam and also promote you fine folks to the front page. Great job guys and I appreciate the hell out it. Here's to an even more awesome year, this next one!     ~PhilKenSebben That, ladies and gentleman, is our tribute to the community. All of us Recappers thank you for being completely amazing, and for continuing to make our volunteering worth it. There are blogs that we almost certainly missed, and we would like to encourage you to find them. The past year and beyond can be read at anytime; our archives get updated as regularly as possible. Please, if you feel like catching up, or just randomly delving into past Dtoid, read them. Our Recaps go up everyday, with Topsauces and all. It's a good way to see what happened if you don't feel like going through the entire roll yourself. We work hard to give everyone a look, but the more the merrier. So comment and fap all you can. Even one comment can help encourage someone to write more. Thanks for a great 2012. and here's to an even better 2013!
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