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Why fanboys are better than you

Mar 28
[Editor's note: The GHost shows us why fanboys are the best thing God ever created. -- CTZ] I’m posting today with one goal in mind: to set the record straight on some of the misconceptions surrounding fanboys. As much... read

The GHost's big Destructoid card wrap-up extravaganza!

Jun 11
[Editor's note: The GHost rocks. -- CTZ]For those of you that have been blissfully unawares: I've been a busy little bee lately, cranking out Destructoid cards as if Ron Workman himself was standing behind me threatening to... read

Katamari Damacy: The ultimate murder simulator?

May 18
[Editor's note: I lol'ed. -- CTZ] Horrifying. Malicious. Vile. An accurate representation of the real world. TERRORIST TRAINING TOOL. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when thinking of the worlds mos... read

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