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by Darren Nakamura   |   personal blog

Civilization: Beyond Earth trailer outlines the new features
Sci-fi strategy coming later this month
9:30 AM on 10.01.2014

Elegy for a Dead World makes a game out of writing fanfiction
Well, this is new
8:30 AM on 10.01.2014

Free update for Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare adds tweaked classes, tacos
Do you want to taco 'bout it?
12:30 PM on 09.29.2014

Destructoid's Dale North joins game music documentary Kickstarter as an exclusive backer reward
$400 for a videogame song cover (and other stuff)
10:45 AM on 09.26.2014

Civilization: Beyond Earth makes weekends disappear
Yep, that is Civilization all right
7:00 AM on 09.26.2014

Official Nintendo Super Smash Bros. tournament begins on October 4
64 entrants at each of 16 locations around the United States
10:30 AM on 09.25.2014

Follow Mr. Destructoid's Steam curation for great games you might have missed
An eclectic mix
8:30 AM on 09.25.2014

Reflex is a new challenger in twitch FPS gaming
The name says it all
12:30 PM on 09.22.2014

Poncho is a cute robot in a lovely open-world platformer
Looking for some Kickstarter loving
11:30 AM on 09.22.2014

A monster squat competition is one thing that happens in 24 Killers
10:15 AM on 09.22.2014

A quick guide to all four Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel skill trees
A gladiator, an enforcer, a lawbringer, and a fragtrap walk into a bar...
2:00 PM on 09.19.2014

First gameplay footage of Battleborn's cooperative campaign
'Destroy the hell out of it!'
7:00 AM on 09.19.2014

Spinning limousine game Roundabout is round-a-out today
Yes, I did just type that into the headline
2:30 PM on 09.18.2014

Bad dog! Outpost 13 basically lets you play as The Thing
Man's best fiend
1:30 PM on 09.18.2014

Remember Triple Triad in Final Fantasy VIII? Check out Eminence: Xander's Tales
Playing for keepsies
10:45 AM on 09.18.2014

Motorcycle combat racer Road Redemption on Steam Early Access
Attach a grappling hook to a helicopter just because you can
10:15 AM on 09.18.2014


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