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Preview: Munchables, kinda like Pac-Man meets Katamari  photo
Preview: Munchables, kinda like Pac-Man meets Katamari
by Dyson

So this game totally slipped past my radar when it was announced last year. At least, I was told that it was announced last year when I was asking about it. It's not terribly surprising that I didn't notice it, though. People aren't really on the up and up when it comes to Wii adventure-like platform games that don't start with the word "Super" and "Mario."

That may be too bad, since Munchables was actually kind of fun.

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9:00 PM on 04.29.2009

Preview: Food Network: Cooked or Be Cooked

In a perfect world, either Dale North or Johnathan Ross would have been on hand to preview this game. Not because I didn't think it was cool, but because all they ever talk about when we're all together is food. And the Food ...


Preview: Tekken 6 is ... well, Tekken photo
Preview: Tekken 6 is ... well, Tekken
by Dyson

I'm not really much of a Tekken player, but I've always seen the series as Namco's Lamborghini or Ferrari line of cars.

With every iteration, nothing much really changes except for the style, and every time a new one comes out the connoisseurs must have it. Tekken 6 is no different. Tekken players, like the rich people who buy new cars every year, will be clamoring to buy Tekken 6 on day one.

Why? Because it's Tekken, and there's a number 6 attached to the end of it.

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Preview: Katamari Forever photo
Preview: Katamari Forever
by Dyson

I tried to put something in the title about the upcoming Katamari Forever being a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and that in in being an exclusive it is making me slooowly come around to considering getting a PS3. But our character limit in titles won't let me.

So, the newest Katamari game is a PS3 exclusive. I do not have a PS3 nor want one. I want the new Katamari Forever game, though, so I think I may have a problem.

Find out why after the jump.

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Preview: The Strike. HOT BASS FISHING ACTION! photo
by Dyson

Honestly, the "HOT BASS FISHING ACTION" in the title of this preview has nothing to do with the way that the makers of The Strike are marketing their title. It would also do a disservice to game that is finally bringing motion controls to the Xbox 360. 

But if it was up to me, I would just write "HOT BASS FISHING ACTION" over and over again for this preview. Unfortunately, that really wouldn't encompass everything about The Strike that myself, Hamza, and our old friend King Friday were shown.

Hit the jump to hear more about The Strike other than HOT BASS FISHING ACTION!

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4:00 PM on 04.14.2009

Destructoid exclusive: Bionic Commando concept art

There comes a time in every person's life where they get the inclination to lop off an arm, replace it with a kick-ass bionic one, and save the world. Luckily for the mothers of arm owners everywhere, Capcom has been providin...


Preview: Dead Space Extraction photo
Preview: Dead Space Extraction
by Dyson

When Electronic Arts said it was going to bring Dead Space to the Wii, a lot of people thought that they were joking. As it turns out, they weren't, but the confirmation only brought about the usual two responses. The first and most prevalent one was the typical, "OMG, I can't believe they're porting it to the Wii. It's totally going to [negative term of choice]," since it's commonly known that anything that has to do with the Wii is absolute garbage.

The other response was more along the lines of, "Really? Wow, I want to check that out if I can, since Dead Space for Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 was my favorite game of last year. And since I like to play all my systems equally and don't have this Wii bias that's so cool with the kids ages 18 to 25, I won't form any opinions about the title until I actually see it in person." 

OK, so that was actually my response. But I did get to finally see Dead Space Extraction, and I did form some opinions, so follow the jump to hear more.

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Hamza Bullets! Death Tank super tank 'shoop and haiku of death contest winners! photo
Hamza Bullets! Death Tank super tank 'shoop and haiku of death contest winners!
by Dyson

Oh, Hamza Bullets, what can't they do? I know that they can help to pick out the winners of the Death Tank super 'shoop and haiku of death contest that recently ended.

Sadly, the Hamza Bullets didn't win. Not because they aren't awesome (which they are), but because there were entries that had just a little bit more of what I was looking for, and even some things I hadn't even thought of.

Leave it up to the D'toid community to take me literally and use fish tanks, dunk tanks, Left 4 Dead tanks, and even Thomas the Tank Engine tanks in their entries. Kudos to you, folks. Kudos to you.

So, which entries won the free Death Tank codes? Follow up after the jump to see if your entry was one of the winning ten.  Also, since there were ten codes to give away, I split it up into the top five haiku, and the top five pictures.

These were judged by how much they made me laugh, inventiveness, creativity, and whether or not the entry followed the rules (mostly me laughing, though).

But, seriously, some of you may want to look up the definition of haiku. Just saying. 

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Contest: Death Tank super tank 'shoop and haiku of death XBLA giveaway! [UPDATE]
by Dyson

This creepy old man on the bus was saying to me that there is nothing more awesome in life than death and tanks. Since he was wearing a shoe for a hat and smelled of old fish, I told him to take a hike, but he was right.

Tanks, and death, especially when combined together, can be pretty frickin' awesome. For that reason alone, Snowblind Studios, Inc. and Flat Games made Death Tank: the tank that eats* ... Wait, no. Death Tank the game, now available for  Xbox Live Arcade!

Not only that, they felt that the wanted to give this game to the Destructoid community. Not up on Death Tank? Then read below.

Death Tank is a fast-paced action game requiring quick reflexes and cunning strategy. Devastating weapons and unique items give your tank unlimited destructive power. Eight separate landscapes react to tank combat, altering their shape when hit and providing an ever changing environment in which to play. Players can battle friends or the computer in single player combat. Through Xbox Live, up to eight tanks can simultaneously enter the Death Tank arena for exciting team play or a chaotic free-for-all. Crisp graphics and amazing effects, coupled with addictive game play makes each battle a visceral experience.

Now to get yourself one of the five free XBLA codes for Death Tank, all you have to do is win this contest. And since I couldn't decide what would be better, a Photoshop contest or a haiku writing one, I decide to combine them both.

For Photoshop entries, just make a pic that combines Death (death with capital D, not just things that are dead; think, reaper) with a tank. It must be a real 'shoop that you made and not something you ripped off of Google.  For the haiku, you must follow the 5-7-5 rules of haiku and use the words "death" and "tank," but you can only use them ONCE.

Contest begins now, and you have until 10pm PST on Friday the 27th to post your entries in the comments below. Haiku and 'shoops will be judged equally. One is not better than the other as long as they follow the guidelines, and are awesome.

*I couldn't resist making the Patton Oswalt reference, sorry.  

[Update: Check, check, check it out! Since the contest entries have been just as awesome as I hoped they would be, the fine folks at Snowblind Studious have supllied FIVE MORE CODES! That brings the contest giveaway total to ten free games for the awesome winners of the contest.

But here's the twist! They are loving the the crazy haiku and Photoshop action soooo much, that they asked for the contest to be extended until Sunday, 10pm PST, so that they can see even more 'shoop awesome and haiku of death insanity. 

I think that's fair, don't you? Show 'em whatcha got, guys!] 

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Preview: BattleForge's multiplayer photo
Preview: BattleForge's multiplayer
by Dyson

The other day, I had a chance to spend some time on EA and Phenomic's upcoming real time strategy game, BattleForge for the PC. If you haven't heard of it before, shame on you -- go eat some glass.

I'm just kidding, glass costs money. What you can do to make up for your lack of knowledge, though, is head right over here and read Samit’s devilishly handsome NYCC impressions of BattleForge. If you would like to hear some impressions about the multiplayer in action, then carry on past the jump. 

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7:45 PM on 01.13.2009

Hamza almost died so I could get you these Ride to Hell videos

Earlier today you may have heard about Hamza's life and death experience in the utter wastleland that is the California desert. Seriously, those ATVs are death traps, but it'll take more than that to kill Destructoid's numbe...


11:13 PM on 12.28.2008

Ride to Hell Event: Deep Silver shows us how to be in a biker gang

Not too long ago, the fine folks at Deep Silver (the development house that is comprised of ex-Rockstar Vienna folks who are also working on the Wii title Cursed Mountain) decided to take myself and Hamza “I’m a F...


2:44 PM on 11.13.2008

Developer Q&A: Deep Silver talks about their upcoming Wii title, Cursed Mountain

About a zillion years ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with Martin Filipp, Developer at Deep Silver, and discuss with him the company's upcoming survival-horror title: Cursed Mountain. Deep Silver, if you weren't aware,...


Destructoid review: Legendary photo
Destructoid review: Legendary
by Dyson

I'm pretty sure that everyone and their mother is playing a certain other game right now (rhymes with beers at four - poo), but, surprise, there are other releases that have come out that may be worth your attention, such as Spark Unlimited's Legendary.

As the only werewolf-hunting, griffin-killing, golem-destroying action FPS on the market, the title certainly has a big chance to bring something new to the genre. But does the game live up to its title? Hit the jump to see whether Legendary is, well, you know ...

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7:08 PM on 10.17.2008

[UPDATE] The Awesome Apocalypse now to support bewbs!

Not prepared for the impending Awesome Apocalypse? Find yourself lacking in 100% cotton garments of WIN and AWESOME? Fret not, my dear fans of RetroforceGO! The combined powers of retro, Splitreason, and Adam "The bitche...


2:23 AM on 10.06.2008

Destructoid Discusses! iPod touch vs DS, also DSi

In the "news" that the iPod touch will somehow trump the Nintendo DS Lite as the portable handheld of choice, we decided to discuss the merits of both of the systems and how they would effect each other's markets. M...