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by Tony Ponce   |   personal blog

Archie Mega Man vs. Bad Box Art Mega Man
Mega Man #33 variant cover is the dream fight
11:30 AM on 09.16.2013

The Weekend Hotness: Mighty Matsumae
Check out everything Destructoid did today
11:59 PM on 09.15.2013

World 1-2: Encore offers more world-class game arranges
Follow-up to the amazing composer collab World 1-2
1:00 PM on 09.15.2013

Make way for DLC!
I can show you the world...
1:00 AM on 09.15.2013

Nintendo eShop: A work in progress
NoA's Dan Adelman and Damon Baker lay out Nintendo's digital plans
4:00 PM on 09.14.2013

Celebrate 20 years of Gunstar Heroes with OC ReMix
Be Agressive! is the latest OCR tribute album
3:00 PM on 09.14.2013

This is the big one, guys: Orioto's Mega Man fresco
It's like it was made just for me
1:00 PM on 09.14.2013

The Daily Hotness: Best of luck, Max and Tara
Check out everything Destructoid did today
11:59 PM on 09.13.2013

Mega Man #29 sample pages and miniature anime conventions
A brief chat with new Mega Man comic penciller, Mike Cavallaro
1:30 PM on 09.10.2013

The Weekend Hotness: Wings of Freedom, baby
Check out everything Destructoid did today
11:59 PM on 09.08.2013

AVGN braves the unholy tide of Tiger LCD games
Attack on Tiger
1:00 AM on 09.08.2013

Rock and piano covers of the Mighty No. 9 theme
Since we can't call him 'Blue Bomber,' how about 'Mighty Mauler'?
4:00 AM on 09.07.2013

Link's Awakening's jams get chopped for MeowMeow & BowWow
A fresh Zelda remix EP straight out of GameChops
1:00 AM on 09.07.2013

The Daily Hotness: 'The Passing of the Blue Crown'
Check out everything Destructoid did today
11:39 PM on 09.06.2013

Keiji Inafune dropped mad Mega Man secrets on me
I met the legendary Inafking once more for an unforgettable interview
6:00 PM on 09.06.2013

Watch all of Keiji Inafune's 'mighty' PAX panel
Sorry, no T-shirt for you
2:00 AM on 09.06.2013


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