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Something more expensive than the PS3 -- The Wii

Nov 07
Yes, you read that correctly. I have just received an interesting e-mail from Gamestop, as I do on occasion. It informs me that I will, on Nov. 9, be able to pre-order a Wii Bundle from the Interwub. "B-b-but," I stumble, ... read

WTF? Blast Factor for the PS3

Oct 22
I don't know much about this game, but as I surfed along the interbutts to The Magic Box, a game known as Blast Factor piqued my interest. Mainly, the part about it being distributed on the now-nameless PS3 network. It als... read

The PS3 Sucks (And will come in third.)

Oct 18
The console wars are heated these days. Opinions fly about like... potatoes. Of the mashed variety. In a comical food fight. Every gaming site you visit, the fanboys and fangirls (let's keep this article PC to the max) jump... read

My Wii Pre-Order Story.

Oct 13
It's 6:30 AM, and my iPod is blasting "Yankee Bayonet," by the Decemberists as I bounce around the back of my bus on the way to school. Normally, my head would loll back and forth, fighting away my impending nap, but today?... read

E-Mail Confirmation - Pre Order that Wii!

Oct 12
You've heard the rumor that on Friday, the 13th of October, GameStop and EB Games will be accepting pre-orders for the hotly anticipated Nintendo Wii, right? Well, here's some e-mail confirmation. I'd write some more, but I need to go get in line... read

Spoil it for yourself -- FFXII's Opening Video

Oct 09
So, we all know Final Fantasy XII got leaked onto the interwub. But now, all you good samaritans who have not yet pirated FFXII can view the opening video for yourself. Don't thank me, though (well, thank me a little) than... read

On Oct. 10, pre-order your PS3

Oct 09
Are you one of those select few filthy rich potential PS3 buyers? Then boy have I got news for you. According to an e-mail I just recieved from GameStop and EBGames, they will be accepting pre-orders starting Oct. 10 on a f... read

Sheir's Big Blue Announcement - Contest + Contest Clue

Oct 06
Yes, you heard that correctly. I, of all people, have an announcement to make. It concerns me and you. All of you. And it's not a giant Man-on-Robot orgy. If you're into that type of shit, sorry man. The rest of you click ... read

Alice in Marioland - Gamer T Shirts FTW!

Oct 05
So, Threadless is one of my favorite T-shirt sites. Not only do they generally have kick-ass artwork, but I love how their designs are chosen by the community -- such an interesting concept. Anyway, that is why I bring to you Mario in Wonderland, a piece that those of us familiar with Mario and Alice in Wonderland will surely appreciate. Come on, what do you say? Show some gamer love and vote. read

The Wii Calculator -- How much money will you need?

Sep 21
$346.77 That is the amount of money I will need come November 19th, according to the handy dandy Wii Calculator courtesy of N-Sider. It looks like I'm going to have to rob someone of their Wii, Virtual Console controller, and Metal Slug Anthologies game. On that note, what's your total cost for all the Wii stuff you want? read

ARRR! There be Gamarrr Haikus!

Sep 19
Arr, mateys! I come here to bring ye the funny! Over on Ye Olde Forum there be a fun little thread about some haikus for us gamarrrs! Arr, where be a pirate haiku thread? Make sure ye click yonder "View Story" button fo... read

ARRRRR these Wii Browser videos cool, or what?

Sep 19
It be Talk Like a Pirate Day and I be Sheir postin' about this here Wii. Arr, if me noble lookout hadn't spotted it atop me crow's nest, it may not have caught my eye! Eye! Singularr! ... I have one eye. Get it? Hobble on over to this here German website and feast your eye upon the Wii BrowsARRRRRR! read

The DS will continue to own your souls -- 30 DS titles between now and Christmas

Sep 18
You know, I'm quite the die-hard, often-pissed Nintendo fanboy we've all grown to love tolerate. Thus, you may find me on our wonderful forum (and yes, I do link the forum a lot) berrating Microsoft fanboys and defending m... read

Wii have got games, and another Wii pun.

Sep 17
Well, damn. It seems that Nintendo has given us a list of all the confirmed game titles that will launch before Spring 2007. Not many by Nintendo, but quite a bit of third party games. Noticably absent: Metal Slug Antholog... read

JOYGASM! Wii games from developer of Final Fantasy Tactics/XII

Sep 17
Yes, you read that right. Yasumi Matsuno, the developer of great games such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story (and half of Final Fantasy XII), wants to develop new games for the Wii. While Nintendo was busy annou... read

Noob Toob -- Some nerds that can talk!

Sep 16
I don't often listen to podcasts (I'm more into watching them -- Diggnation for the win!) but "Noob Toob" has recently come to my attention via our badass, superfly TNT forum. And let me tell you, these guys can talk. My ... read

CyberneticTigerZ gets the ban stick, and wants revenge (SUX2BU!)

Sep 15
Let's face it -- CyberneticTigerZ is a bag of douche. He is to douche what the Kool Aid Man is to Kool Aid. And by that, I mean he may in fact be a giant pitcher of douche. Oh yeah, I said it. He is the poster boy of do... read

Bored Out of Your Mind?

Sep 10
Of course you are! That's why you're surfing the blogs that you have bookmarked in case of boredom. Well, be bored no more (But still visit us. Please.) because I just found the motherload, the ABSOLUTE MOTHERLOAD, of th... read

Japanese Sales Charts: Aug 28 - Sep 3rd, sorry to interrupt "Summa," already in session.

Sep 08
Ahh, another week, another article about the sales of video games in Japan! With that said, let us get down to business. COMMENCE SALES! 1. Phantasy Star Universe (PS2, Sega) - 120,202 units 2. New Super Mario Bros... read

GameFly Gives a Wii Bit of Information.

Sep 04
If you're a GameFly user, you may have noticed the new Wii section on the top bar. If you wish to add Wii games to your queue, you also may notice that some have a release date. Does GameFly know more than we do? Accordi... read

Japanese Sales Charts: August 21-27 - Nintendopalooza

Aug 31
Not sure what Elmo has to do with anything, but he looks like he's having a good time, so I'm not going to bother him. Now for some Nintendo-centric sales charts. First, we start with the Grand Spanking, also known as the... read

"if i find out u put this on that fat ass site im gonna kick the sh*t out of u"

Aug 24
Ouch, man. Ouch. What'd we ever do to you? Oh, wait. So, what could provoke this young man to call us fat? Nothing. He's just an angry PSP fanboy. Click "View Story," and take a gander at his idiocy. This is a long... read

Genji 2 Attacks Sexy Weak Spot For Massive Damage!!!

Aug 18
God, that never gets old. On to more important things: PS3 trailers! Everyone wants what they can't have, so why not head over to PlaySyde and drool over the awesome E3 footage. These guys put a lot of work into getting it on their site, show 'em some love! read

Import Review: Every Extend Extra

Aug 14
So, I'm sure some of you have played that cool PC demo, Every Extend. If not, I will give you a few moments to download and play it. ... ... Done? Alright. So now that you've tasted the delicious fruit that is Every E... read

Charts GET! Sales Charts Straight From Japan. (July 31 - Aug. 6th)

Aug 11
Straight from Nippon, we have the game sales for the week of July 31st to August 6th, as well as the console charts. The Xbox has been resuscitated, but he's still in the hospital, with no hope for a full recovery. Ahh, X... read

SquareSoft to SquareHard - Innuendo or Cleverly Titled News?

Aug 08
Those cool cats over at Gamedaily BIZ have a particularly interesting article up regarding Square Enix. "The strategy behind Nintendo and the iPod, to create a new environment based on hardware, is completely valid. But, t... read

Monday Mind Teasers - August 7, 2006

Aug 07
It's Monday, August 7th, and you know what that means! Apple is announcing new stuff at WWDC! It's the Monday Mind Teasers! WHOOOO! But wait, where's Fronz!? He is currently sitting outside of some poor soul's hotel ro... read

ESA Confirms Smaller Show (Update at the bottom)

Jul 31
Yes, you read that correctly. According to Next Gen, Entertainment Software Association president Doug Lowenstein my cancel E3, or at least extremely downsize it. The announcement should be made within the next 48 hours. ... read

Japanese Console Charts - DS Destroys PSP, Xbox suffers heart attack.

Jul 30
Yes, indeed, it seems that Sony is losing their touch. With the recent controversy over the PS3 pricing, as well as the less-than-stellar 3rd party showings, one can only wonder: What ever shall Sony do? Without further a... read

Atlus attacks Sony's weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE!!! (Update 2!)

Jul 25
You may have heard of a little game called "Contact." This game is the newest DS title published by Atlus, and is said to be similar to Earthbound with its quirky, funny gameplay. According to 1Up's Jeremy Parish, it deli... read

Weekend Reading:
Is 'The Ship' a Shipwreck?

Jul 16
$250 dollars in hand, $2500 in the bank, an identity, a certain set of clothes, and the knowledge that you are not only expected to kill another passenger, but you are being hunted yourself - this is the premise of The Ship... read

Live in NYC? Feel like poisoning your body and mind? Head on over to McDonalds! Hell, there's one every quarter mile or so, I'm sure you'll be able to walk off your fries. And by "fries," I mean two, maybe three fries. ... read feature

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