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by Jordan Devore   |   personal blog

Cuuute: A weapon shop game about potatoes
There's even a potato pup
8:00 PM on 02.25.2015

I want more Warhammer 40K games, but not like this
~Not like this~
7:00 PM on 02.25.2015

Hybrid platformer/shoot-'em-up Velocity 2X headed to Steam and Xbox One
The goggles do nothing
4:30 PM on 02.25.2015

Answer Hotline Miami 2's call on March 10, 2015
$14.99 on Win/Mac/Linux and PS3/PS4/Vita
12:00 PM on 02.25.2015

Frictional says 'sorry for the silence' with a SOMA screenshot
The PS4 / PC beta should be here before long
6:00 AM on 02.25.2015

Cool Mario Kart 8 soundtrack, Club Nintendo Japan
If there's a smile on face, it's only there trying to fool the public
10:00 PM on 02.24.2015

I badly want to pop this wall of Dragon Quest slimes
Game marketing done right
7:00 PM on 02.24.2015

Kane & Lynch join the Square Enix Humble Bundle 2
Also Guardian of Light and Startopia
5:30 PM on 02.24.2015

Besiege brings its funny, sexual, weird medieval siege engines to Mac and Linux
Find one of each below
3:30 PM on 02.24.2015

Grand Theft Auto V won't make it to PC until April 14
Online heists will roll out for other platforms March 10
1:15 PM on 02.24.2015

What did they do to poor Charlie Nash in Street Fighter V?
Online beta in North America detailed
12:45 PM on 02.24.2015

Valve is showing its 'SteamVR hardware system' next week
New Steam Machines and the final Steam Controller, too
5:30 PM on 02.23.2015

Indie Megabooth is the place to be at PAX East
Say hi to Holmes and crew when you're in Boston
5:00 PM on 02.23.2015

Note to self: Replay Rez at least once a year
'The journey will begin anew'
4:00 PM on 02.23.2015

Axiom Verge debuts on PS4 in late March, other versions to follow
The spirit of Metroid lives on
3:00 PM on 02.23.2015

Killer Instinct is getting a multi-faced golem and a 'Ghost Girl'
Available Feb. 27 with the Ultra Edition, March 5 with the Combo Breaker Edition
7:00 PM on 02.20.2015


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