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by Jordan Devore   |   personal blog

New map, AI bots headed to Awesomenauts
Looks like I'm coming out of retirement
1:15 PM on 07.28.2014

August Games with Gold: Dishonored, Crimson Dragon, more
Next month's Xbox One and 360 titles announced
12:45 PM on 07.28.2014

EVO's best moments are often found off-screen
Another heartfelt video from Richard Li
9:00 PM on 07.25.2014

You can wear a kangaroo codpiece in Sunset Overdrive
Strap one on, it's time to jam!
5:00 PM on 07.25.2014

Bat-Cow is an udder delight in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
Blame / praise Hamza for that headline
4:30 PM on 07.25.2014

More The Last of Us movie details out of Comic-Con
Game of Thrones' Arya Stark might be Ellie
3:30 PM on 07.25.2014

Modified 3DS hardware created for Twitch Plays Pokémon X
Watch Pokémon X starting tomorrow at 9:00pm Pacific
2:30 PM on 07.25.2014

BioWare's 'Nightmare' teaser trailer is unexpected
'You've been chosen'
12:30 PM on 07.25.2014

There are a ton of collectible Xbox Ones at SDCC
But most of them are ugly
9:00 PM on 07.24.2014

Ubisoft is sending someone to Mt. Everest to play Far Cry 4
Think I'll just play it at home, thanks
8:00 PM on 07.24.2014

Crawl is back with a new release date and an 'IRS MAN' monster
The dungeon crawler 'where your frinds control the monsters'
7:00 PM on 07.24.2014

Hardline 26: Do we even want another Last of Us?
A laid-back discussion of this week in gaming
6:30 PM on 07.24.2014

Trials Fusion passes one million sales
The editor now supports Supercross tracks
4:30 PM on 07.24.2014

Here's our debut look at Halo: Nightfall
Digital series streaming this November on Xbox Live
3:30 PM on 07.24.2014

Trine overhauled with new Enchanted Edition
Free upgrade for Steam, GOG.com, and Humble Store owners
1:45 PM on 07.24.2014

GOG.com now supports Linux with new and old games alike
And there's an obligatory sale
12:15 PM on 07.24.2014


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