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by Patrick Hancock   |   personal blog

A new Tetris Grandmaster has been born
The sixth person ever to achieve it!
7:30 PM on 01.28.2015

Review: Legend of Grimrock 2
The perfect sequel
12:00 PM on 01.15.2015

Devs take note: THIS is how you do a press release
Also, Frozen Synapse is now on iPhones
9:30 PM on 01.08.2015

PC Port Report: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Smooth like Big Boss' skin-tight suit
12:00 PM on 01.01.2015

Patrick Hancock's personal picks for Game of the Year 2014
Year of the local multiplayer
2:00 PM on 12.31.2014

Dota 2 gets a 'Shifting Snows' winter update and a balance patch
Hancock: Posting about -> Dota 2
6:30 PM on 12.18.2014

Best song of 2014 gets a Dota 2 parody
Yeah, I said it
8:00 PM on 12.13.2014

SanctuaryRPG is now out on Steam Early Access
Best $5 you can spend today
4:00 PM on 12.13.2014

Review: Tengami
Pull-a pull-a pull-a
11:00 AM on 11.17.2014

Super Smash Bros. is the most fun I've had fighting online
Best community or bestest community?
5:00 PM on 11.13.2014

PC Port Report: Dragon Age: Inquisition
How does Varric's chest hair look on PC?
9:00 AM on 11.11.2014

Team Fortress 2 is getting bumper cars
Because at this point why not
7:00 PM on 10.29.2014

First else Heart.Break() trailer reminds me it exists
[insert crummy computer science joke here]
4:30 PM on 10.22.2014

Nothing is sacred
6:00 PM on 09.23.2014

The final four duke it out today at Red Bull Battlegrounds
I hope you like Terran
10:00 AM on 09.21.2014

The Red Bull Battlegrounds StarCraft II grand finals are live!
Some of the biggest names in SC2 are competing
10:30 AM on 09.20.2014


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