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by Steven Hansen   |   personal blog

Japan gets the best games again: Neko Atsume is the cutest shit
Cat game
6:00 PM on 03.25.2015

Senran Kagura sticks tongue through cheek with jiggling website, fake boob-based consoles
Fake fake-boob-based?
8:00 AM on 03.25.2015

Wow! TIE Fighter makes for a good Star Wars anime
9:00 PM on 03.24.2015

Escalator Pitch: Nina Freeman argues for perpetual Sailor Moon cosplay
I call Sailor Mars
5:00 PM on 03.24.2015

Fan-made Dragon Ball Z fighter still looks amazing
Butoden who?
4:30 PM on 03.24.2015

Man at Arms crafts Legend of Zelda shield
Wow, this thing HYRULES, GET IT?
5:00 PM on 03.23.2015

First brief look at Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden
Arc System Works 2D fighter needs a longer trailer
4:30 PM on 03.23.2015

More Dissidia Final Fantasy arcade details coming April 10
Cabinet and first demonstration debuting at fan event
3:30 PM on 03.23.2015

Well, at least the Bloodborne PS4 faceplate is better than the last two
I mean, it's still not good...but the other one is better!
3:00 PM on 03.23.2015

Someone rigged their Hearthstone turn to take over 40 hours
Live now
2:00 PM on 03.23.2015

Report of Netflix's Game of Thrones-style Zelda series 'not based on correct information'
There goes my Dream cast
1:30 PM on 03.23.2015

Donate blood in Denmark & your free copy of Bloodborne will be blood-born
Like, born of blood, as in that will be its origin
9:00 PM on 03.20.2015

Konami working on a new, likely Kojima-free Metal Gear
'Even if the Metal Gear franchise continues, to me, this is the last Metal Gear'
12:30 PM on 03.20.2015

God of War III getting PS4 remaster
More details coming in 30 minutes
12:18 PM on 03.20.2015

Mortal Kombat X punishes quitters with head-exploding Quitalities
10:00 AM on 03.20.2015

Microsoft-canceled Xbox One Phantom Dust reboot leaked, looks alright
Developer shuts down, 50 people lose their jobs
9:30 AM on 03.20.2015


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